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Redcliffe Plantation is said to be haunted by former 1800s owner Sen. James Hammond. Rumor has it that if you go near a certain field with only three trees, strange things will begin to happen.

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181 Redcliffe Rd
Beech Island, SC 29842
United States

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33.418367208905714, -81.86835309859816
Aiken County, South Carolina
Nearest Towns:
Clearwater, SC (5.6 mi.)
Burnettown, SC (6.8 mi.)
Langley, SC (7.0 mi.)
Augusta, GA (7.1 mi.)
Gloverville, SC (7.8 mi.)
Jackson, SC (7.9 mi.)
North Augusta, SC (8.0 mi.)
Belvedere, SC (8.9 mi.)
Warrenville, SC (9.9 mi.)
New Ellenton, SC (10.5 mi.)

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  1. I went there with my GiGi one day, the tours of the home were over and I went over to a picnic table under three trees and I heard voices….I heard whipping sounds and crying and screaming! It sounded like a whip like the ones from slavery……When I went on the porch, inside the house was dark but I was sitting in a rocking chair on the porch and I saw a ceiling fan moving or something in there moving, i started rocking in the rocking chair and it suddenly stopped, i stopped the rocking chair and it began again! II went down to the field behind the mansion and I heard like horses running and gun shots…There is like a huge tree over to the left of the house that climbed, i got to the top and i felt something pushing me but there wasnt any wind, the tree shook but there was 0 wind so i got down and i felt something pull on my arm! I never want to experience that again!!!!!!!!

  2. I was on a trip with a class and we were in the dining room. We went into the parlor and a student looked back and she said she saw something. I wasn’t worried but I thought about it. Then the students were near the three trees and they were holding buckets on their heads like the slaves did with water in them, but one of them fell down and said their back hurt. We were all confused about why then we left.

  3. Used to walk by here on the road that passes by. Once saw a young African boy walking with his dog. Or that’s what it looked like. He was wearing brown overalls and a white shirt. Thought it was a neighbor or something. I looked down at something on the ground and then looked back up and in that instant he was at the end of the road with the dog. They had moved way too fast to be at point A then at point B which wasn’t humanly possible. To this day I can’t make sense of it. Thought maybe it was the glare from the sun playing tricks on my eyes. I’ve gone to the Plantation itself and never witnessed any occurrences. But stuff always seems to happen on that road. One night a friend and I wanted to go inside for some scary fun. But the car stalled outside the closed gate. It was dark out and I kid you not, a fog appeared from the Plantation grounds emerging toward the car. The frigging car wouldn’t start and we locked the doors. As we both had flashbacks from the movie “the mist”. We panicked and called for help on the cell phones and neither had any signal. I bowed my head in prayer and refused to look up til the fog had cleared away from the car. After multiple attempts the car started. It was so dark out as there were no lights whatsoever up and down that road. It was freaky

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