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The historic Red Coach Inn is said to be haunted, particularly in the Victoria Suite where, in 1927, a man bludgeoned his new bride to death. Guests have reported temperature drops and creaking noises. The inn was featured in an episode of TV’s Celebrity Ghost Stories, talked about by actor Bernie Kopell of “The Love Boat” fame.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    2 Buffalo Avenue
    Niagara Falls, NY 14303
    United States

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    43.08426994032794, -79.06297338009153
    Nearest Towns:
    Niagara Falls, NY (0.8 mi.)
    Lewiston, NY (6.3 mi.)
    Grandyle Village, NY (8.2 mi.)
    Sanborn, NY (9.7 mi.)
    Tonawanda, NY (10.2 mi.)
    North Tonawanda, NY (10.5 mi.)
    Youngstown, NY (11.3 mi.)
    Tonawanda, NY (11.6 mi.)
    Kenmore, NY (12.7 mi.)
    Ransomville, NY (13.2 mi.)

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    1. My daughter and I stayed at the quaint Inn on October 11th and 12th, 2014. In the midle of the night on the second night, ( on three separate occasions), I heard dishes rattling, and being clanked with flatware. I simply said, “knock it off!” It immediately stopped. When arising in the morning, the dishes and flatware had been moved apart. It was not frightening to mre…just annoying.

      • I stayed in the Victoria room on Nov 19, 2020. Shortly after 3 AM a loud knock woke me up. Soon after, I heard a woman’s voice, but I didn’t recognize the words. The words didn’t sound like an organized language. I fell back to sleep, but later woke up when it felt like someone got in my bed. This happened a few times. Soon after, the bed started shaking, I’m from California, so I’ve experienced many earthquakes, and that’s exactly what it felt like. I screamed and the shaking stopped. In the morning, I found photos on my phone that I don’t remember taking. In one of the photos a strange ghostly figure appears. Also, before going to bed, I took a video of the entire suite. When I reviewed it the next day, strange orbs and lights appear in the video. I don’t know what I believe, but I can tell you, I was scared out of my mind.

    2. Last night we spent the night in the Bristol suite at the Red Coach Inn. Shortly after going to bed, I could hear someone whisper in my ear, “what are you doing here?” I immediately opened my eyes, turned to my husband and asked him what he said. He was a sleep. Through out the night I heard scratching on door, and doors opening and closing. I woke my husband up on more then one occasion, to have him check that the main door was locked. This morning when we checked out I mentioned to the front desk what had happened. They said that they have heard rumors before about guests hearing things in the Victoria suite, which was directly above our suite.

    3. Stayed in the Victoria suite on Oct 20th. While out shopping we talked to locals who had a look of terror in their face when we mentioned the room. Saying they wouldn’t stay there. Took Nyquill to pass out and sleep through it….at 4:00 am I heard plates moving in the kitchen. I woke my girlfriend up and we laid there a little longer….heard it again she did as well. Then we heard what sounded like a tea kettle going off. I thought maybe my grandpa was up drinking tea already…went in the living room and he was fast asleep. I asked my parents and him if they experienced anything. He slept in the living room and heard knocking on the door all night long…

    4. My cousins stayed in the same building as the victoria suite. they stayed on the second floor, and my 7 year old cousin said he woke up due to someone knocking on the door. i asked my parents if there were janitors working the night shift and they said ‘no’.

    5. My friends and I stayed in the Cambridge suite and we heard someone walking above us and the floor creaking. We figured that someone was staying in the room above us. When we went to bed my friend told me about the hauntings in the inn that she had found on the internet. When we woke up our friends staying in another room in our suite said that when they were in bed the shade rolled up making a lot of noise. They got up and pulled it down again. We later found out that the Victoria suite was right above us and we asked the clerk at the desk if anyone was staying in that room and they checked and no one was in that suite.

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