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Housed inside an 1880’s mansion, this historic inn was formerly a bordello and gambling parlour before its conversion to bed and breakfast accommodation. Guests staying in the Princess Louise Room have reportedly come across the apparition of a brothel madam, who has been seen and heard in the early hours of the morning. Others staying in adjacent rooms claim to have heard the whistling of a train, although the association of this recurring noise with the building is not clear.

(Submitted by Callum Swift)

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Geographic Information

102 Ocean Street
Cape May, NJ
United States

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38.9316755, -74.9207768
Cape May County, New Jersey
Nearest Towns:
Cape May, NJ (0.8 mi.)
West Cape May, NJ (1.2 mi.)
Cape May Point, NJ (2.6 mi.)
Erma, NJ (3.5 mi.)
North Cape May, NJ (4.0 mi.)
Diamond Beach, NJ (4.1 mi.)
Wildwood Crest, NJ (5.6 mi.)
Rio Grande, NJ (6.1 mi.)
Villas, NJ (6.8 mi.)
Wildwood, NJ (7.0 mi.)


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  1. Veronica Lassiter  |  

    Yes, From our experience Cape May is haunted!! I just stayed at the Queen Victoria Bed and Breakfast this August 2016 for the first time. I stayed in the Prince Albert room with my son and his girl friend. It was a rainy thunder storming night after we arrived to our room after a late dinner. I went to turn in around 1am. Between 2-3am something woke me up. As I looked at the end of bed there was a slender figured long haired gray lady looking at me. After realizing what I saw I screamed and my son woke up. The apparition then just disappeared. My sons girl friend right then started crying and shared that something was poking her 5 minutes before I screamed. We were all pretty shaken at that point! We decide to put the television on and sleep with it on the rest of night! I shared this with our host at breakfast the next morning. Our host of the Queen Victoria said they haven’t had any one share any experiences in that one room before this. Also this was my first experience seeing an apparition,

  2. Joseph Pagano Bklyn N.Y.
    House of Royals , Princess Louise room
    Was there with my wife last Oct 2015.
    Here’s the short version of what happened .
    We both witnessed our bathroom door being slam shut with no one near it , I checked for opened windows or drafts found nothing and I checked everything .I played with the door to see maybe it was loose or something , Nothing wrong with the door , So I jokingly said out loud because we heard this room was haunted by a lady or two , that if they did it , to close the door again , well within less than a min it slammed shut again all by itself .We couldn’t believe it , We both nervously laugh at each other , realizing what just happened . It was a weird feeling but we weren’t scared there was no sense of fear. Later that evening I switched on a Electro-magnetic detectors (EMF) which I bought for $20 on ebay just for this stay, at about 3:30 am it goes off and loud , my heart was racing , I got my iphone and started taking photo’s all around the room ,that’s what the emf booklet said to do , low and behold I caught small bright orbs traveling through the room and going into the next adjoining room through the connecting doors . it was a great experience. Something we”ll never forget . We had a great time , Queen Victoria B&B is top notch we been there twice on our anniversaries and can’t wait to go back, the people are great , the breakfast in the morning is fantastic and Delicious. they really keep the place immaculate and beautiful .
    I have the photo on file if you want to see the orbs .

    • Princess Louise Room has been redone beautifully and it has a new named it’s now called the THE CROWN PRINCE room .

  3. My boyfriend and I stayed there this past June 2016 and while sleeping, I felt someone hugging me, and finally tugging on me from behind. I opened my eyes to find my boyfriend was on the other side of the bed(in front of me) and I saw a shadow of what appeared too be a male. I screamed like heck and my BF woke to find me in a state of nervousness. I believe perhaps, the paranormal person did not appreciate me sleeping on his side of the bed. I would like to add, the overall experience at the Queen Victoria was wonderful.

  4. We stayed in the Prince Albert room at the Queen Victoria. We had tremendous amount of activity. Doors opening to closet , cold spots. Smelling fire, ceiling fan going on by itself, drawers open . The last day I asked the Inn keeper if anyone ever mentioned ghost and she said ohhh you met Madden Lucy.. mind you I’m clairvoyant my whole life , I never knew prior of this story if Madem Lucy., we are going back for Nee Years although we are staying in Prince Albert hall building for first time our friends are staying down hall from Lucy and we will definitely come and say Hi to her . She didn’t scare us but definitely wanted us to know she was there.

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