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The wooden “dead man’s bridge” is, according to local legend, where a man hanged himself in the 1960s. Other eerie things on the premises are a small cemetery and several caves that are rumored to be haunted.

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701 Silver Creek Road
Rochester, MN 55906
United States

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44.029667, -92.42840799999999
Olmsted County, Minnesota
Nearest Towns:
Rochester, MN (2.1 mi.)
Eyota, MN (10.3 mi.)
Byron, MN (10.8 mi.)
Oronoco, MN (10.8 mi.)
Elgin, MN (11.2 mi.)
Stewartville, MN (12.4 mi.)
Hammond, MN (13.6 mi.)
Dover, MN (14.9 mi.)
Plainview, MN (15.8 mi.)
Kasson, MN (16.0 mi.)

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  1. There is a giant cliff that the daring will free slide/climb down versus the trails. I did many times when I was there. And every single time I hit the large rock platform near the middle(directly over the caves) rocks to my far left would slide and I’d feel a tap on my left shoulder and all the greenery near that side would rustle. It was surreal and only happened three times of the repeated many I have been there in years. But I knew someone was there with me. Watching me down the slide. I later learned from my grandma, who had been a teenager in the 60’s that not a mile away, where RCTC main campus now lays, was all wooded and her and her friends would go out into that area and there were caves there as well. They found one with larger and smaller bones, as the tale would have it be verily likely men of Jessie James crew died there after an infamous hiest.

  2. My friends have been there at night when no one else is there, and rocks will literally fall from the sky believe it o rn not. I’ve been pelted with rocks and we’ve walked around with fully automatic airsoft rifles and shot into the woods there’s no inevitable there. To make matters worst we’ve had ghosts run right in front of us. If that’s not warning enough to get out then I don’t know what is.

  3. A couple of months ago I was hiking at quarry hill with my dad. While I was there, I took a bunch of pictures on my polaroid camera in front of caves and on the dead man’s bridge (before I knew it was haunted). I looked at the pictures when I got home and noticed that in every picture there was a ghost-like figure next to me that looked like an old man, so I looked up history about quarry hill and found this website. I asked my family about it and they said that there used to be an insane asylum in quarry hill when they were younger. And the people buried in the little cemetery there were people that died due to mental illness that lived in the insane asylum. (It also wasn’t because of my camera because the film I used for the pictures was brand new, and I took pictures at my house later that day and those pictures turned out fine.)

    • The Rochester State Hospital (where the Federal prison and the Olmsted County buildings are) used the caves to store food and they did bury patients who were unclaimed by family. People were sent to state hospitals for many reasons including mental illness, mental retardation, dementia, blindness, deafness, seizures, deformities, brain injuries, strokes, for being gay or women who were outspoken against their husbands. The horse thief caves are man-made caves that were attached to a farm (silo still stands) in the woods between RCTC & Hwy 14, which is on posted private property.

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