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This park is said to be haunted by Jennifer, a 14-year-old whose body was found on the grounds in the 1980s. Her killer was never caught. Her bicycle can be heard on the 5-Mile Drive in the dead of night. One witness reports seeing the girl’s smiling ghost, but she had no eyes. Another spirit that roams the park belongs to a man who may have committed suicide after his wife drowned in the lake. The pagoda seems to be a hotspot for spectral activity: People have reported hearing footsteps and sighing, and feeling unexplained cold drafts.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    5400 N Pearl St
    Ruston, WA
    United States

    Get Directions »
    47.308501211542875, -122.53129708530275
    Pierce County, Washington
    Nearest Towns:
    Ruston, WA (1.3 mi.)
    Gig Harbor, WA (2.7 mi.)
    Wollochet, WA (3.7 mi.)
    Artondale, WA (4.2 mi.)
    Fircrest, WA (4.8 mi.)
    Dash Point, WA (5.0 mi.)
    University Place, WA (5.1 mi.)
    Canterwood, WA (5.3 mi.)
    Tacoma, WA (5.6 mi.)
    Rosedale, WA (5.9 mi.)


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    1. I’ve had many experiences in this park and one of the most memorable happened about 8 years ago. I kept looking in the rear-view mirror of my car as I was driving through the park and behind me appeared the ghost of a young girl. I felt her with me, which is why I kept looking back. Whether this was the ghost of “Jennifer” or not, I’m not sure, but this has never happened again after that day. She stayed with me (in spirit) in the backseat of the car the entire drive through the park. It felt to me as though she was attempting to communicate but really didn’t have much to say. I believe that joining visitors of the park is not too uncommon for her. In addition, I have often sensed other interesting pockets of energy while exploring the park and it’s trails. Another place that has some pretty interesting energy is the Port of Tacoma, especially along Marine View Drive.

      • Douglas Jay Holden  |  

        that’s nice. Point Defiance. I knew Jennifer. Everybody loved her. She was younger she seemed like a pixie and 🙂 so maybe she did ride with you. SHe was usually quiet in class and I never really knew her, a teachers assistant in linear timeline. So I would grade her papers classmate my reply belows says- not exactly,two years older. She was a seventh grader, super blond hair, cute as a bugs ear? ANd her parents were nice and I didn’t know them maybe after she was missing before they did allocate to find the man that was bad and fifty now- were we ever a body mind in time. No i thinks all I does hold a thoughts memories all fade- see you on the internat
        Barefoot Douglas Holden Cliff trails Point Defiance
        Peace feel like saying howdy to a fellow Tacomite i don’t? know maybe? ite.
        greta share. n:) thank you. Jennifer has blue eyes pixie hair cut and about like five four height? 5’6″ 🙂 aloha Washingtonion’s se you at the Park.
        OM Namaskar.

    2. I’ve been to this park a few times, and the last time I visited I went over towards the pagoda with my good friend, and as I was walking it kept feeling like someone was breathing right into my left ear, and my hair would even blow in front of my face, although there was no breeze. I did feel lots of energy throughout the area of the pagoda, but didn’t physically see anything.

      • I live right next to the park and go to it regularly, overtime i go i also get a weird feeling when i go near it. Ive also seen a homeless looking man with a radio come out of the bushes when i take my dog for a run. He has very weird vibes.

        • Doyglas Jay Holden  |  

          Born raised Tacoma, Bah. Pagod the old cop black park one he was they all so hard core and extreme, accused three of us we were like 17 piucking mushrooms on Tacoma waterfront I say i left a bad vibe in the bathroom that day and he came into that likely had a heart attack and well my that was food from uh ANtique Row tacoma Poor Boy aboard Ruston washinton’s New Town a Sunk SHip. 🙂 Thanks for the tell snowy and I killed my FORD all colors red blue white DOuglas Holden You Tube that huh Thanks TACOMA Ruston FOND you beaches rites Lakewood too killed me two in uniform so TaCOMA tried and did too so what AM I Tacoma der de oder das die dah Only Ghost is Tacoma huh thanks bro se you there barefoot run from lakewood 1:51″51 p.m USA peace

    3. I totally get how this sounds super crazy but one time me and my friend were at the beach here and it was almost night time and summer time. It got super cold out of nowhere when we walked past this one area we had to crawl over that had a lot of branches. We both heard something move in the shadows of the tree to our right and something started chasing us and we ran and looked back and nothing was there. No we were not on anything. It was pretty weird

    4. I was in the same classes as Jennifer bastion, and spent a lot of time at Pt. defiance park. Even when my parents told me not to go, I still went there. I never felt anything. Maybe because I knew her personaly? Idk.
      Try walking thru the train tunnel from Ruston to salmon beach….now that’s got some weird vibes.

      • I’ve read a few books that talk about her ghost. I always feel like it might not be completely appropriate to talk about her ghost haunting the park because it is so recent and her friends and family are still alive and in the area. It’s already bad enough but to know she is not at peace must be devastating.

        • Douglas Jay Holden  |  

          Very well said. balling my eyes out for her our friends hers were not mine. But as a Teachers assistant I vied to be in the same classroom as she was. I mean I begged Mr. oliver to let me be his teachers assistant, I just now remembered that. Just so I could be around her enegy. 🙂 thank you yes. Her family and those who knew her and friends we are still here, so is she, everywhere. we are not these bodies minds so the ugliness of the
          some say she … eyes beautiful full of light and bluest softest I remember and dang 50 yet- close I AM no body- Lakewood made their charges and killed me for doing the two handi-capped peoples yards maybe I mean i died for four minutes that just one close call. oh no death . but we do not I can’t noe of us had the chance to see or be with her and realizing this thread, releasing a lot of pain here daily at the point some daiys and years daily like as much as possible… even if living in lakewood or … I wish they would sort of remove this threads so ugly and yet? I just go of a lot of pain I didn’t even know i was holding so, bite lip
          leave ne more reply to a Truman Junior Hi high
          Drove school buslater and now bum at mothers 80 fts life WE ARE LIFE ITSELF ALL GHOSTS IF NAMES. huh Thanks JENNIFER for showing us all THE WAY NO WAY. hey hey 😛

      • Douglas Jay Holden  |  

        hey who is this?
        DOug Holden Truman T/A Mr. Oliver haha who is this I walked through the Nelson Benett Train Tunnel With David Cason, Anne Cason'[s older brother. Douglas Holden You Tube now check me out Tacoma. I was her T/A in Mr. olivers class spose I was eighth grade maybe ninth and she was seventh the cutest from oh dang it- we all miss her. i was that older boy who was like- can’t even , not in the same CLASS like Society same classroom, Mr Olivers Get out Cher Penzzz and Yur Papepers? Pencirs ah hahaha Thanks made me smile. SHe always no got A’s I mean I graded a few of hers then in? 88
        then she we knew she was I wanted to ride with her
        If i had Maybe she’d still be here or maybe dang it talk about a breakdown I really miss her why? cause she is such a beautiful spirit. hers is everywhere all the time and she misses her family as they miss her it seems always here her message if I know feel sense anything at all I sense her pure loving soul right here next to mine now and
        it’s all okay” thanks
        Classmate Chad Gallant Saved my life from some would be bullies he’s gone too. so many nothing dies we just transcend some know we still everywhere and come back soon for the no next aloha
        Douglas who
        Truman Rams no Truman wildcats? Then Wilson RAMS I Flip off WILSCUM each time I pass like let that go to grass. greener where am i … lakewood they killed me did i say that 4 minutes other side many times PEACE Tacoma
        se you there.
        I AM.

    5. a group of friends and i went to 5 mile Drive at around 10pm, we were goofing off asking if there was any spirits around and we stopped off before the 3 and a half marker to take our dogs out to go to the bathroom and drink some water. there we decided to start audio recording the rest of the way because a friend in the group and i were both feeling like someone was watching and following us. as we finally hit the 3 and a half marker and stop by the small dog park. we start hearing noises in the forest, like foot steps moving faster and faster towards us, thats when we immediately started moving on, we still felt like someone was following us so my friend who is a woman by the way and myself also a woman started asking questions and i would speak on the past , of the horrific deaths that happened in the area. as we felt chills and more feelings of something is watching us, we made it out of the 5 mile drive and headed over to the gas station near by. the scariest thing is when we got to the gas station we decided to listen to one of the recordings. it is about 10 mins long and there are voices telling us clear as day ” get out”, “Help me” “Save me”, and the last one that scared is all is when my fiance yells out ” jennifer we got you a new bike, and we found your killer !” seconds after saying the first phrase. the finally thing this deeper male voice says is ” I said get out nooooow” like he was trying to yell at us but it came out as a whisper. we did not hear any of these voices as we were talking and goofing off, but they will forever be in my memory. now we feel like we need to research more on this matter and want to find more information on the deaths and haunting that happened. how clear this audio is no one would believe but when you start listening to it you notice that the male voices are always talking over us and it sounds like he is talking right into the mic, but my friend had her hand out of the window with the audio recording. one thing i can say for sure is that who ever the person is. he wants us to leave and these occurrences started around the 3 and a half mark around 10:20pm. we legit thought it was my fiance playing games with us, but i didnt hear him once say anything like this and the phone was out the window while the voice sounds like it is right on the mic speaking. if any one has a follow up on something like this i would love to hear more on it, and if anyone wants to hear this audio uncut i can send it through email , but i will be posting it on youtube, or somewhere once i bleep out the cuss words and such. thank you all for reading

        • Doyglas Jay Holden  |  

          just upload it cussing no need edit no violations channel? Douglas Holden Tacoma Born and Raised BAH Ruston Jenny Bastion’s T/A Mr. oliver’s class Truman like 88 i guess sounds creepy- 10:20 P.M late summer gate in a car? not closed? okay… late night sun out but ten twenty p.m in a vehicle in the park os odd. thanks where’s that you tube ch. thanks!
          Oh meant to mention the civil war camps there and so, that came into mind. 2019 after heavy rains I the whenever pandemic began as I parked at the back gate past dog park there that spot the civil war stuff and military then – ah found me a silver dime there … anyhoo. Internet Point D see you there Douglas Holden Peace!

      • Damn elan I remember that day. And the crazy shit is Monica and my phone after a week lost all power so we lost the audio clips. If you still have them please let me know. It was a creepy night but best evp we’ve ever had.

    6. My husband and I recently went to the pagoda near the five mile trail to picnic and take pictures. I didn’t even know until later that it’s considered one of the most haunted places in wa. Well, I walked off on my own and did my own thing and I was feeling so peaceful and calm But My husband walked along with Our daughter another way and when he came back to the car and we did the 5 mile drive, also haunted come to find out, he developed 3 scratches along his leg in a line and turned white pale and was acting weird. Not like him at all. He wouldn’t tell me what was going on. Then today I find out he got an eerie feeling and these marks developed. He said he didn’t walk through any bushes or anything and it didn’t hurt but burned. Anyway then I learned about all the haunted stories of that area. But what stood out was how simply calm I became like silent and at peace like in my own world. And he had the total opposite feeling and experience. He still has these scratches on his leg two days later and says they burn, not itch or hurt. They looks terrifying.

    7. Douglas Jay Holden  |  

      Jennifer Bastion was a classmate. What you are saying about her here is very ugly. ANd NOT COOL. She has a family and a sister and a mother and a dad, that I know of. ANd she was in my class when in this so called linear timeline you drones believe is yours stop. JUST STOPPIT. Jennifer Bastion is (Her family upon last knowing is was very religious. Believers theirs is she is safe and in heaven( my own is we are all I AM THAT I AM. ANd TTHE PARABRAHMAN is everyone of us.
      Her killer was caught you lying bastards) They caught the killer and it was not that crazy cyslist Greg authorities have the man who hurt her and another Noirth-End girl you all are bastards for talking so badly of Jennifer and her family- whatever they believe. SHe has Eyes They are Beautiful Blue and she was so bright. I was shy so I barely ever if at all, spoke to her.
      Everyone who was ever around her felt better because of her presence lit up a room. Please delete this is UGLY That says she is a ghost and has no eyes. SHE is everywhere and beautiful we no body ever was as I mind I body No I dies. We just transcend. As Jennifer did. So Sorry you have brought me or not- healinga as I never let her go
      many haven’t and I came across this on 1/2/22 and they found who they said did take her life.

      As she cycled through a very safe place I rode there about every day still go there often. When I see and feel her ( I don’t se her body but her pure essence everywhere as the tree’s the fresh air, the flowers and the birds squirrells that she loved how do I know she loved the squirrels?
      SHe is right here right now it seems asking me to blow my nose, and she loves us all her classmates TRUMAN The RAMS the day she was training for a ride on The San Juan Islands I maybe with the YMCA
      I did that two years in a row. Thank you for seeing the truth in this message if it even posts. Jennifer and her family were are beautiful. Not Ugly scary ghosts you are ugly for this very post that no I so I AM PARABRAHMAN ALL IS PARABRAHMAN ALL IS never changing what is UGLY as
      Thank you.
      OM Namaskar
      Jennifer Bastion. I graded her papers a teacher was her and my another class time era timelines shift and I AM What am I I AM THAT I AM> Thanks timeless LAKEWOOD, WASHINGTON FOR ON FALSE CALL FIVE FALSE CHARGES KILLED ME I’m A GHOST YOU FFaces Bastards that posted he has eyes blue beautiful full of light and life.
      I KNOW I was her Mr Olivers Teachers Assistant in like? 1988. peace. bastards.

    8. Douglas Jay Holden  |  

      So upon reading some of the threads still She is and her family beautiful. Blue eyes pure heart of Gold. Jennifer Bastion.

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