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Piney Grove Church was established around the turn of the twentieth century and has four ghosts, according to reports. Witnesses have described strange lights, mists, shadows, and photographic anomalies.

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Geographic Information

700 Piney Church Rd
Concord, NC
United States

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35.352445, -80.564479
Cabarrus County, North Carolina
Nearest Towns:
Concord, NC (4.0 mi.)
Harrisburg, NC (5.5 mi.)
Mount Pleasant, NC (7.9 mi.)
Midland, NC (9.4 mi.)
Kannapolis, NC (9.9 mi.)
Locust, NC (10.1 mi.)
Stanfield, NC (11.3 mi.)
Mint Hill, NC (12.8 mi.)
Red Cross, NC (13.2 mi.)
Enochville, NC (13.6 mi.)


Please note: It is your responsibility to acquire appropriate permissions before investigating any location listed on this site. Private property should be respected at all times, as should all posted signs concerning trespassing, hours of operation and other local regulations. Many "ghost hunters" have been arrested because they failed to contact property owners and/or local authorities ahead of time.

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  1. Becky Richardson  |  

    Just got back from trying to find this church and ended up getting stuck in the mud. A cop ended up stopping us and told us that the church is no longer there and that a new fence has been put up to protect the cemetery that sat in front of the church. Impossible to find and considered trespassing.

    • W here you guys arrested, and did he tell you who to contact about the property should you want to place flowers or visit the graves? I see someone was buried there as late as 2011, but since the place is locked, who must you contact to visit?

    • I live about a half mile form here and passed the church almost daily, didnt know it was supposed to be haunted but they tore it down about a year and a half ago because kids were it as a party place

  2. I live in midland and have had strange experiences of my own in my home and am wandering about the area. I’ve heard it called hells half acre does anyone have any insight or comments

  3. I actually visited here back around 2007 twice when it was still up as a church.. Just to let you know the cemetery is very different and heavy by itself. I am a person who does not get scared and doesn’t believe in haunted locations..

    I do however believe in demons

    I will never go back there near that land again and I have 3 friends who witnessed the entire set of events. After which I went back to our apartment to use a Quija board which also for the first time actually worked although literally all of us went to the point we were not touching the guide. Needless to say I swore those off after that night.

    After visiting I became obsessed with wanting to know what I saw and experienced and learned the church was used for Voodoo at nights back when originally built. There are accusations of the preacher murdering a boy there and more. The church dropped attendance in the 90s and was just left abandoned, for years it sat literally untouched until vandals came in and turned it into a disaster.

    The experiences I had matched others, Flashing refusing to work at one main location, bring light shinning out of top church window onto the cemetery then turning off– no electricity to the building or cars on the road (we had a watch) Literally I started screaming and the guy beside me thought it was be shining the flashlight on him.. it wasn’t.. 2 college kids hauled ass into a car faster then you can possibly imagine. The other two were to the side at the truck, saw a light but were not looking. — Excited they wanted to continue .. I on the other hand felt something very dark and know to get the hell away if you ever feel that presence.

    Glad its gone, Just realized I moved literally right near it. I just never go that way..nor will I now.

    I am a photographer just wish I would have had a camera that night.

  4. Also in 2007 the graves were basically made up of pebbles outlining them, if there is a new cemetery along with that fence that means they upgraded. There are pictures online of how it used to look, I walked through it

    • Wow, So you think the place is really haunted? What time of the night did you guys go there. When I finally found the place, the church was already torn down and the fence was already there, locked. I guess relatives of the dead and anyone else are completely forbidden from going there.

      I wish I had some info on the place. I see as of recently, they have torn down some of the fence and looks like they are clearing off the land beside the church. I don’t know how to go about trying to find out what they are doing, but I hope they leave the cemetary alone. Hopefully its not a house they are building there, epsecially with the history behind the cemetary being haunted.

  5. Went back in 2005, didnt see or hear anything. Friend claimed little clear bubble thing in pics I took were orbs…but I saw/heard nothinh

  6. Ok so where are some other haunted places to explore in concord, kannapolis, midland, etc etc?? please let me know at in case I don’t see it here! wanna start doing local haunted exploration vids!

  7. Crystal Martin  |  

    I got to explore before the fence went up. Although i did not get to see the church () the graveyard was not a letdown. It feels very heavy there. I have pics of orbs and actually ran away feeling like I was being followed.

  8. For any of you that are interested in haunted places around Concord:
    I grew up down the road from Sally’s Bridge in Concord. It has been developed all to hell now, but I assume at night- it could still give off a creepy vibe. We used to do the inane ritual all the time- yelling “Sally, I got your baby” and then all the deviations of turning lights on and off and before all the new housing developments- there was a thick fog that would settle over the bridge and water late at night and early morning which lent the place a pretty spooky atmosphere.
    But nothing ever happened. I lived around there until I went off to college and spent plenty of time there. I even used to fish in the creek. Although nothing paranormal ever happened, one morning when I was on our school bus around 8th grade, I believe- our entire bus saw some for real crazy shit. Someone or some people over the night or the weekend had some serious cult stuff going on- there was a bleated goat cracked in half with its ribcages opened and exposed inside of spray-painted symbols and the ubiquitous pentagram, symbols written in blood as well, a huge circle of what I now assume was salt, wax candles leaking over the guard rail- it was nuts! I guess it could have been phonies, but it looked pretty intricate and made such an impression on me- I remembered the symbols and looked them up later on- finding out that there was serious mythology behind them(contact me via email if you want to discuss-too much for this).
    It was no joke- our bus driver even tried to make us look to the other side as she weaved her way through that mess, but everyone saw it! I have no idea how that occurrence ties into the Sally’s Bridge story, but it’s the truth. Probably be cool to check out for thrill seekers

  9. The church has been gone for 6 years. The people who purchased the land next door keep an eye on it. If you do go do not park on the property next to the cemetery, they charged several people with trespassing.

  10. I live so close to the cemetery and my name is James and once I was getting ready for school and heard my name being called and I believe it was from the cemetery

  11. Back in 2009, me and my husband at the time along with our friends visited the location on Halloween and we saw other visitors there checking out the place. We didn’t think too much of it and kept taking pics and entering the church and walked around the cemetery. A friend of mine was dressed as a paperboy from old times and I took some pics along the side of the church or him, but when I checked the pictures I saw what appeared like a young boy (full silhouette) walking behind him like he was following him everywhere. I saw the same figure in 3 pics all in different walking positions. I hate that I lost the SD card during a move so I can’t post it but that was our paranormal evidence.

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