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One afternoon I took my nephew by the mansion as he loved haunted things. I pulled in to the driveway at the end of the street and he got out and walked around the house (I remained in the car). When he got back he stated that he wanted to come back after dark. What he didn’t realize was that I was unable to get the car started. It took about 5 minutes before it would start. Later that night my nephew and I along with my son (not a believer in ghosts) and his girlfriend went back to the mansion. This time I parked across the street. My nephew got out of the car and when my son realized I wasn’t getting out he stayed in also. My nephew walked around the outside of the house again. While we were waiting we were watching for him at the top of the driveway. After about 10 minutes we saw him just standing there not moving. Then all of a sudden he came running toward the car and jumped in and told us to drive off. We drove a few miles away with my nephew babbling about someone named Loretta in the yard that kept telling him to come visit her. We stopped and my son and I looked at each other and realized that my nephew was wearing a black t-shirting not a white one like we saw at the top of the driveway. To this day my son gets shaken up when anyone talks about Pharr Mansion.

(Submitted by Pilar D)

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    Main St
    Spenser Mountain, NC
    United States

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    35.30689080691027, -81.1109531520924
    Gaston County, North Carolina
    Nearest Towns:
    Spencer Mountain, NC (0.0 mi.)
    Ranlo, NC (1.8 mi.)
    Lowell, NC (2.7 mi.)
    Stanley, NC (3.7 mi.)
    Dallas, NC (3.7 mi.)
    McAdenville, NC (3.9 mi.)
    Cramerton, NC (5.1 mi.)
    Gastonia, NC (5.3 mi.)
    Mount Holly, NC (5.4 mi.)
    Belmont, NC (6.1 mi.)


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    1. It also know to be huanted by a lady named Sarah she has been seen wondering the ground at night and so say they have seen her in one of the up stares windows.

    2. It also know to be huanted by a lady named Sarah she has been seen wondering the ground at night and so say they have seen her in one of the up stares windows. This place also was opened as a haunted house but was closed after several employees claimed to see the lady

    3. My daughter, son and I took a day trip as I was dared by one of my co-workers to check this place out. This was back in 2016 and I have never posted regarding our experience. We arrived at the mansion and I parked across the street. I was driving my brand new car, that had a push button start. My daughter and I walked up the hill and entered through the back door which had a great hole about waist high. My son stayed by the car across the street as my daughter and I entered the mansion. There was a iron railing staircase on our right leading upstairs. My daughter started up the stairs and I immediately felt a chill run down my spine. We were in the house less than five
      Unites and I wanted out. I have never experienced any type of paranormal activity in my life so I sasn’t sure if maybe I psyched myself out, however, after nearly running back to the car, my brand new car wouldn’t start when I pushed the push button start. Additionally, when it finally started after I kept pushing it for about three minutes, my navigation system was not working. It started working a few miles from the house. Additionally, I totaled my car less than two weeks after visiting this mansion. We did snap pictures of the front of the mansion before entering, but I didn’t want any part or reminder of that place, so I deleted all of them. The place is eerie and I would never go back again. Crazy and maybe all circumstantial….

    4. Thomas G Mitchem  |  

      I really seriously have seen someone in a white dress in the upstairs window on the side of the house.I went there because people had always said it was haunted and I was like yeah whatever I’m not scared let’s go.Well,best believe it was haunted,There was a basement door open and I walked in it,I stepped in about 5 or 6 steps saying “hello” Hellllloooo” and 5 seconds later it sounded like a 2×4 fell into the floor off in the distance in the dark part of the basement and when I went to go running back out the door it was moving like it was opening up further.Being about 30 years old when this happened it truly was bone chilling for me not to mention when I was out in the grass on the property seeing the woman in the upstairs window.Creepy for real.I know my eyes are great and so are my ears.This place truly is or was Haunted..I noticed about 2 weeks ago that it has been removed from that property but I’m sure the property is still haunted…

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