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This abandoned mental hospital, now in the planning stages for restoration, is said to be haunted by Manuel A. Bookbinder, or Old Book. Old Book was a patient who worked with the burial crew at the hospital until his own death.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    Off Constitution Dr.
    Bartonville, Illinois
    United States

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    40.638295543657875, -89.66125971081055
    Peoria County, Illinois
    Nearest Towns:
    Bartonville, IL (0.8 mi.)
    Bellevue, IL (2.7 mi.)
    North Pekin, IL (3.2 mi.)
    West Peoria, IL (3.8 mi.)
    Creve Coeur, IL (4.0 mi.)
    Marquette Heights, IL (4.0 mi.)
    Norwood, IL (4.4 mi.)
    East Peoria, IL (4.8 mi.)
    Peoria, IL (5.2 mi.)
    Pekin, IL (5.6 mi.)


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    1. This place is absolutely haunted. I’ve been there 7 times and had personal expereinces and also EVP’s of knocks, footsteps, kid’s screaming, all kinds of things. everybody should go all nighter if they really want to get best of the building.

      • the child you hear  |  

        You are correct. You DO hear child screams don’t you? You hear footsteps. That was most likely HIM. You know what I mean by HIM. Don’t you? YOU SHOULD ILL BE BACK

      • Me and my buddies went there a few years back. The cemetery was so wild we heard all kinds of noises. The tombstones with no names; just numbers. Super creepy. Couldn’t get in! So bummed! There’s small holes on the side of the place that goes into the basement but we couldn’t fit! Stuck my hand in there with my camera phone and snapped a few pics. Saw what seemed to be ecto but could have been dust reflecting light from flash, but I captured the room pretty well there was a white bed with straps, metal table, marks on the walls, papers on the floor(would have loved to read them!). So much I wanted to see inside it’s such a big place. Spent good amount of time dodging cops. I think we got spotted by someone but who knows. How can I get in this place undetected?!

    2. There are small cemetaries around the local area that you can visit if u can find them that are haunted as well. Across the street my friend bartends and her bar is haunted. I’ve seen an apparition of a slim blonde woman as I pull up and no one is there but her. Very creepy place. There are also tunnels under the ground going from the main building to other buildings.the whol are used to be the state hospital but people have bought the buildings for businesses. I live 10 min away from bartonville. Nice town. Definitely creepy on Constitution Dr. They are going to open it for a haunted house this holloween season!

    3. I loved in bartonville in 34 and as teenagers my friends and I snuck into the main building countless times as well as the other buildings we have crawled through the the tunnels in the basement until they got to small to go farther. I have been underneath behind the main building and also fell part way through the floor in the very top I guess you would call an attic but in the buildings me or numerous friends have never seen it heard anything accept maybe some bars across the street in the graveyard is a totally different story though I’m a skeptic and never believed the buildings were haunted but I and many other people have seen or heard who is supposed to be Book by the big tree in the cemetary

    4. I went to the Bartomville Asylum last March (2015) to partake in a documentary. I was not aware of the basement being full of paranormal activity. I did not see anything that day besides some orbs in a picture I took. Anyways, we were down in the basement doing a scene. Of course it was cold down there being a basement and it was mid March. I kept getting an uneasy feeling. Although I was surrounded by at least 5 people I felt the urge to bolt out of there. Of course the crew came looking for me. It is sad that this historical building will be torn down next year (2017.)

    5. Dark Interactions Paranormal went to Bartonville, we had several encounters. the most interesting thing to happen, we were in the kitchen area, where the spirit of a young lady is said to reside. we both walked into the next room, after a couple of minutes someone came in and said the on there spirit box they were getting bring back Dave & Dave. That happened several times. when we went back in the room, on the spirit box we herd please sing, which we did.

    6. Dennis Mcguire  |  

      Would love to investigate who do I contact to investigate before the it’s demo…Im related to George A zeller

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