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The Mansion House, a bed-and-breakfast, is said to have two haunted floors, the bottom two of the building. However, reports say these floors are not open for business.

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170 Kenwood Avenue
Oneida, New York 13421
United States

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43.060279, -75.60502600000001
Madison County, New York
Nearest Towns:
Sherrill, NY (1.0 mi.)
Oneida Castle, NY (2.1 mi.)
Oneida, NY (3.2 mi.)
Vernon, NY (3.6 mi.)
Wampsville, NY (5.2 mi.)
Durhamville, NY (5.3 mi.)
Verona, NY (5.6 mi.)
Munnsville, NY (5.8 mi.)
Canastota, NY (7.5 mi.)
Westmoreland, NY (10.9 mi.)

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  1. My brother worked there as a young adult. I was able to tour the place with him in 1978. While he was leading my mother and me on the first floor towards the basement, my chest got unbelievably tight, I became light headed and just felt incredibly weird. We went down the staircase to the basement and my brother then tells of the tale of the gentleman who hung himself on the stairs. It was a creepy experience to say the least.

    • What you where told was no tale. His name was Eric Kinsley and he is a long relative of mine. He was only 16 years old when he had hung himself at the bottom of the baseman stairs. The reason he did this was because he had bought a ring for his girlfriend and she ended up returning it and breaking up with him. If anyone else sees this and is curious my email is

        • bretiss smith zacek  |  

          I did a term paper at the University of Richmond in Virginia many years ago about the Oneida Community. I was born in Oneida City Hospital and grew up in Madison and Ononadagua Co. People down here never heard of the Oneida Community. They were very interested I had heard about it when I was a kid. When I got the chance I researched it. Got a A.


  2. I am a former employee of the Mansion House. The house is indeed haunted. There is activity in the basement, as well as all four floors. The house is a total of 93,000 square feet in size, and I believe it is all haunted. I experienced many unexplained events there, and also saw what appeared to be the spirit of a deceased former resident.

    • I worked there for several years in the early 1990’s. It’s a wonderful place and I have many fond memories there. I became well acquainted with several of the decendents who lived there and am grateful to have known them. Yes, it’s absolutly haunted. I’ve seen and heard plenty while working there. I never found it frightening, it’s a peaceful place, but undoubtedly inhabited by quite a few people who probably aren’t paying rent.

  3. This place may or may not be haunted. It certainly has a connection to an unusual history including an area of incarceration and a tunnel to the Sales Office that was blocked years ago. This is a product of a Perfectionist Community and has many wonderful and tragic stories, The Community Cemetery is of particular interest, I just wish that I had known the significance of this sect while many of the inhabitants were still alive, The building is a wonderful landmark and it is currently in excellent condition. You should visit it now. The Sherrill/Kenwood area has lots of interesting shopping and night life, The Old Oneida order is diminished now though,

  4. My grandfather was a security guard at the Mansion House in the 1920’s. Doing his rounds one night, he was checking the basement and found that somebody had hung himself down there. I don’t know the name of the person that he found, but this is probably the spirit that is haunting the basement.

  5. Delaneyand halie  |  

    we were on the swings we looked up at the window because we heard a weird knock and then there was a little girl who looked like a friend of ours that had passed away and she had a big royal blue now and her blonde hair was like falling down from the window and we looked back at our friends house we were staying at and then we looked back at the window and saw the bow, just sitting there and then we ran back to our friends house that we were staying at and we looked at the swings once we got to the house and there she was on the swing without her bow, we told our parents and they looked out the window and there was a little girl walking back to the building who looked sad, and her bow was in her hand

  6. The place is absolutely gorgeous, but it is also very haunted. My boyfriend and I spent the night there and encountered many events. We went through the entire house, and then he went alone while I went to sleep. The basement is very creepy, as well as the upstairs of the house. We caught pictures of orbs and floating gray matter, and a clear picture of a little girl. The basement seemed to be never ending, but my boyfriend went to what seem like the “safe zone”. In the morning as he was about to tell me what he found in the basement, his camera flung down onto the floor. Now the floors are the fluffiest carpet I’ve ever stepped on, yet his camera (which you will see in the photos) had a clear puncture. I don’t know how this was possible, but whatever it was, didn’t want to known.

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