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This mammoth upscale 1930 hotel is home to its fair share of haunts. In 1930, a rich family, one of the hotel’s finiancial backers, moved into Room 864. Reports say that one night their nanny awoke feeling ill, suddenly collapsed, and died. A few days later their adopted daughter Helen died suddenly in the suite as well, some speculate as a suicide. Since then, mysterious things have been known to happen in that suite. TVs and lights turn on by themselves around 4 a.m., the time when the nanny died. Loud noises come from the suite when it is unoccupied, and guests have witnessed an eerie presence there. Called the Ghost Suite, this room is reported to $3000 a night.

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2500 Calvert St NW
Washington, DC 20008
United States

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38.923025, -77.05370700000003
Nearest Towns:
Washington, D. C., DC (2.1 mi.)
Friendship Village, MD (3.3 mi.)
Friendship Village, MD (3.4 mi.)
Chevy Chase Village, MD (3.5 mi.)
Chevy Chase, MD (3.5 mi.)
Somerset, MD (3.7 mi.)
Brookmont, MD (3.8 mi.)
Martins Additions, MD (4.0 mi.)
Arlington, VA (4.0 mi.)
Chevy Chase Section Three, MD (4.0 mi.)

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  1. i was there one time on a church retreat when there was a little issue. a group of my girls were in our room when a certain just fell out of nowhere and something possessed us all to look in that direction that time it fell and many noises were heard that night. it was very scary because we heard it was haunted but we were on the second floor, not the floor that the ghost suite is on. this hotel is indeed haunted.

  2. Just found out that this hotel is haunted!!!!!!!!!!! Just got home from a stay there which I kept characterizing to my co-workers at the convention as “A fight between good and evil in my room”!!!! Never have a stayed a hotel where the hallway was dead silent but the room made more noise than a LaQuinta on Spring Break!!!!!! I complained of getting absolutely NO SLEEP every night. I was in room 118. There was this tapping every night that didn’t appear to come from outside of my room because it wasn’t muffled and I couldn’t attribute it to plumbing because it would come from different walls every evening. My closet light would come on while I was sleeping with an audible tick and go off randomly, but the door was CLOSED and the switch was INSIDE. The light would show around the edges of the door. The lights continued to flicker and when washing my face I wholeheartedly felt that someone would be in the mirror behind me. I just kept dismissing everything as “it’s just an old building”, but another co-worker who was staying there for our convention mentioned that he was having weird things happen in his room, too. We both concluded that it was odd and irritating that we were not getting any sleep but didn’t press the issue. However, one thing I absolutely could not figure out was why I was awakened around 4 am by one of these weird things happening. I am NOT, and I stress, NOT a morning person AT ALL!!! It’s mission impossible for me to make a 7 am meeting let alone getting up at 4 am. Every night that I was in this room, something crazy would happen around that time that would just “put the icing on the cake” on a night filled with noise and I would just get up and work!!!!!!!!! It wasn’t until after our flight was cancelled and me and my co-workers made the executive decision to drive home, that one of my co-workers who stayed at another hotel told me to Google the haunted history of this hotel. I can no longer act like this wasn’t the weirdest hotel stay of my entire life!!!!!!

  3. We had a terrifying experience here. We were booked in a room on one of the lower floors and asked to be moved up so we were not disturbed by the street noise. The front desk guy said, “All I’ve got is on the 8th floor.” We had no idea this place was haunted so we said we’d take it. He said, “sure?” Long story short, we were up all night with noises in the bathroom and halls. We had put the Do Not Disturb sign on the door and it blew off and came under the door and into our room. The doors and windows rattled off and on despite calm weather. Nope. Never again. Lovely place, but nope.

  4. I just stayed here in room on 2nd floor I was awoken in the night with manic type movement over my bed – I was paralysed couldn’t scream it was like something or someone was presssing on my body ( I do realise this could be sleep paralysis but I have had that before and this was different ) my arms were pinned above my head and there was like a whooshing air manically going around my head my sheets were pulled tight as if bed being violently made with me in it- I saw a dark shadow like womanly small figure shoot up the wall and across picture and all went calm. I looked to the other wall and could see 2 orb like lights floating around at first I thought maybe fire sprinkler system then one light disappeared and one stayed floating around the area – I managed to pluck up the courage to turn on the light and the orb like light disappeared – there was nothing on the wall no sprinkler pic nothing.
    Suffice to say in slept with Tv and light on the best I could for rest of night . Won’t be hurrying back ( have stayed before but in the annexe type wing and not had a prob there)

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