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This historic station is falling apart, and is long past its former glory. However, one exciting aspect remains. Passer-by’s driving through late at night have seen a ghostly train heading straight for them which vanishes suddenly and reappears on the other side of the railroad crossing.

(Submitted by Callum Swift)

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Geographic Information

130 East Smith St
Kent, WA
United States

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47.3831093, -122.2331246
King County, Washington
Nearest Towns:
Kent, WA (0.2 mi.)
East Hill-Meridian, WA (3.4 mi.)
Lakeland North, WA (4.0 mi.)
Des Moines, WA (4.5 mi.)
Lea Hill, WA (4.6 mi.)
Auburn, WA (5.2 mi.)
SeaTac, WA (5.3 mi.)
Covington, WA (5.5 mi.)
Federal Way, WA (5.6 mi.)
Fairwood, WA (5.7 mi.)


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Comments (9)

  1. I have lived in kent all my life and never ever heard of this I know the building well it’s been there abandoned forever but no ghost trains…

  2. I live in the building overlooking this site. Yes it is extremely haunted. I’m on my phone right now but if you would like some more information please email me. I’m a clairvoyant among other things and have felt their presence as well as this is the first time in my life seeing ghosts. My 5 year old has seen them as well. I do not like living here at all. There are many lost souls attached to the trains as they go by, the real trains. I grew up in auburn hearing these haunted trains and have always known this to be haunted. It’s a feeling I’ve had deep in my gut for as long as I can remember. Kent is also haunted as this was the original dumping site for the Green River Killer. It gives me chills.

    • Jennifer Molloy  |  

      I’ve never been to the station itself but I’ve lived in Kent since 2000. I live very close to the station. I’ve had personal experiences with the ghost train multiple times. I’d love to check out the station but not sure how since I’m in a wheelchair. I’m not clairvoyant but I do have other abilities & gifts. Pls keep in touch.

  3. went here with my friends. if we found the right place, it’s not abandoned. it’s been repurposed as a bike shop. please update because my friends hate me for wasting their time

  4. I work at this bike shop. The building has been partitioned into many different areas over the years. The bike shop occupies maybe 15% of the space in the building. Some areas are dilapidated with water damage and condemned (for safety reasons) in a couple areas. The silos are filled with pigeon shit and it’s hard to stomach over the stench of stale ammonia riddled air. I have explored the building, unusually shaped rooms, doors in weird spots and it’s pretty creepy. Abandoned artist lofts. People have lived, and squatted in areas of the building. A previous tenant (in a different area of the building, zoned for business but would occasionally sleep there) never made any mention of any unusual activity. Once when I was getting some stuff from storage, I left the door open and had a path cleared (for another quick trip) minutes later after returning the door to storage was shut, locked, and a rather heavy box was moved in front of the door. It’s dark and has a solid cement foundation, so it’s always cold. THIS IS NOT A PUBLIC BUILDING AND WE DON’T DO TOURS OF IT. Maybe I’ll do a walk thru tour on video sometime.

    • I think you guys are talking about 2 different places. No silos. This is the old train station. My mom used to work there (about 40 years ago). I don’t have any info as to whether or not it’s haunted, but the ghost train makes sense due to all the deaths that have occurred on those tracks.

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