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There are reports of guests seeing the apparition of a tall figure dressed in white standing on the front porch of the bed and breakfast inn.

(Submitted by Callum Swift)

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Geographic Information

301 Rittenhouse Road
Bayfield, WI
United States

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46.811178, -90.818825
Bayfield County, Wisconsin
Nearest Towns:
Bayfield, WI (0.0 mi.)
Washburn, WI (10.2 mi.)
Cornucopia, WI (13.7 mi.)
Odanah, WI (15.2 mi.)
Ashland, WI (15.4 mi.)
Herbster, WI (21.0 mi.)
Marengo, WI (26.9 mi.)
Port Wing, WI (27.0 mi.)
Mason, WI (28.4 mi.)
Saxon, WI (29.2 mi.)


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  1. My husband and I stayed in the Ballroom of the Old Rittenhouse Inn. It was in June 2012?? and we were the only ones in the house that night because it was during the week. Not a weekend.

    I am normally very sensitive to spirits, but I didn’t expect to experience what I did there.

    I saw a man in kind of a dark uniform walking in and out of the room. He would just look over at me with dark piercing eyes and kind of had a smirky smile. He wore a hat. At first I thought it was a policeman, But, I heard later that a lighthouse keeper ghost was around that area. I am not sure. He came in and out about 4 or 5 times during the night.

    But, during the night after midnight, before all of this started up, the room got very very hot. The temp just kept rising like the heater was on. After calling the main house for help, I went down the hall with a lady on the phone directing me to try to adjust the air. She said, “Are you by yourself down that dark hall?” I answered yes and that I wasn’t scared. She said, You are brave! I ended up having to open windows because it got so hot.

    Later, on I was lying in my bed and looked over and I saw a old lady beside my bed.. Her hair looked wet and stuck to her head. But, she was so beautiful for an old lady. She seemed to be saying HELP. and held her hand out to me. I started screaming.

    I looked over beside my husband and saw another lady beside him just looking at me. It was like they were sitting beside the bed in a chair or something.
    I screamed bloody murder to the top of my lungs. I felt traumatized all night long there with all three of them.

    Another thing is that I heard old music playing all night long and it sounded like a party was going on. I would get up out of my bed and go in all the rooms down the hall just to see where it was coming from and would see nothing.

    Remember, we were by ourselves with no other guests. I was exhausted from all of this and traumatized from it all.

    We were supposed to stay another night there and I refused the next morning. I started packing my bags and so did my husband. He knows that ghosts come around me and if I say we are leaving, he is on board and out the door. ha.

    He talked me into going to the other house where they serve our breakfast. He said after we eat breakfast, then we would leave. It took me a while to agree, but I did. I was shaking all over, Honest to goodness.

    The man that was at the front desk kept prodding us at the breakfast table asking us how we liked the bnb. He was looking at me like, what is the matter, are you OK.

    I DID NOT want my husband to tell him. I felt he would think I was crazy..But, he started trying to tell the man what happened and the man quickly got on another subject to avoid the communication.
    My husband told him that we were not going to stay another night there.
    He told me that I could choose any room in this other house that I wanted . I said No. I was too terrified.

    He kept offering and offering. So, I went in some rooms and didn’t feel anything bad. So, we stayed in that house where other people were and nothing bad at all happened there. I didn’t see a thing. But, it took me quiet a long time to calm down from the night before.

    As we were leaving, the man at the front counter came running out of the house out to our car.
    He told me that he just wanted to tell me that other guests had reported things in that house much like I was describing. I was so relieved to hear that it wasn’t me going nuts. ha

    He said he was a Johovas Witness and didn’t believe in Ghosts. But, he felt that he should tell me that others have seen things there.

    When we went to the little town there in Mayfield, we found out that this
    Old Rittenhouse Inn was on the Ghost Tour. I could not believe it.

    I used to pick and tell my family, Oh, they have a haunted house, lets go. NOT NOW> NO WAYYYYYYI was scared out of my mind.. I will never, as long as I live, forget the
    Old Rittenhouse Inn !!!!!!

    PS.. When I got home and thought about it, I thought of the music all night and party sounds of people. I forgot we were staying in the Ballroom. OH GOODNESS

  2. I did find out at the library that a lot of ships sank in this area during the years and some of the bodies would wash up on the shores. Could be related somehow.
    That made me think of the old lady and the wet hair.

    I would love to hear if anyone else had an experience there like I did.

  3. My husband and I recently stayed at Le Chateau, sister building to the Old Rittenhouse Inn. We slept in the “Turret Room” which is a lovely, spacious room with a large sitting area overlooking Lake Superior. I did not do any reasearch on the B&B other than to see if it had good ratings on Trip Advisor, which it did. I brought along my sound machine because I can’t sleep in silence. My husband was woken up by a young girls voice saying “Come on Grandma! Wake up! Let’s play! Come on, wake up!”. He told me the next morning that he thought I was talking in my sleep but he sat up and looked at me and I was sound asleep. He was wide awake when this happened, but it didn’t bother him overmuch because he went back to sleep. Next morning I googled it and found this page. The “Ballroom” that the lady above commented on was right next to our room on the 3rd floor. There was one other couple staying there the night we were there – no children. They were very quiet….

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