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The old jail is reported to be haunted by former inmates, especially in the women’s section of the jail. Those wishing to view it for themselves should be aware that the jail is owned by the GE plant next door and they do call the cops and prosecute anyone who is found trespassing.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    West 70th St.
    Shreveport, LA
    United States

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    32.44139180854908, -93.90749108773889
    Caddo Parish, Louisiana
    Nearest Towns:
    Greenwood, LA (3.8 mi.)
    Lakeview, LA (7.3 mi.)
    Waskom, TX (9.2 mi.)
    Blanchard, LA (9.7 mi.)
    Shreveport, LA (10.8 mi.)
    Bossier City, LA (11.4 mi.)
    Stonewall, LA (12.1 mi.)
    Mooringsport, LA (17.3 mi.)
    Keatchie, LA (17.5 mi.)
    Gloster, LA (18.1 mi.)


    Please note: It is your responsibility to acquire appropriate permissions before investigating any location listed on this site. Private property should be respected at all times, as should all posted signs concerning trespassing, hours of operation and other local regulations. Many "ghost hunters" have been arrested because they failed to contact property owners and/or local authorities ahead of time.

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    1. I live in Bossier City and have been to the Pea Farm a few times. Once we took some pictures, and the face of a woman could be seen in the picture we took in front of the women’s section. The entire jail has a really eerie feel to it.

    2. This place is one of the few places I’ve been to that I believe are actually haunted. I’ve been several times and each had odd events happen. The most common being that my eyes never would adjust to the dark in there. Even in rooms with windows and a bright moon outside, when we turned our flashlights off and it would just get darker and darker. We’ve seen shapes moving, heard noises and voices, and just had a generally off feeling about the place. Haven’t been in a few years though.

    3. I grew up out in that area and have spent a lot of time in the pea farm and the woods around the pea farm. it is by far the most haunted place I have ever been around. I did not believe in ghost or the paranormal until I saw and experienced some of the things ive witnessed in the woods along the pea far. I destroyed my truck oneday getting out of those woods due to what I saw out there.

    4. Don’t bother. You can’t get I’m and people who do manage to jump the giant barb wore fence get arrested. The plant that owns this takes this place too seriously.

    5. Wonder if that plant next door that owns it would allow someone permission to go and visit it at night? Like during the month of Samhain/Halloween…. The closer it gets to the 31st, the thinner the veil gets between the living and the dead, but I am AT HOME that night for providing tricks and treats for the kids in the neighborhood, but that doesn’t remove the nights before the 31st that I am free. Has anyone ever developed a headache while out there…like all of a sudden?

      • Nope. They won’t let you in, BUT there is a hidden drive and the end of the fence going towards Greenwood on W70th. You can pull back behind the trees and park so you can’t be seen from the road. From there there is a trail that goes through the woods and brings you to a “crossroads” (where two trails intersect), take a left an the jail will be on the right. It’s a short spooky walk. Go at night and don’t let the cars see your flashlight. Also make sure nobody sees you pull into the hidden drive. Least that’s what I’ve heard.

    6. Since the GE plant is denying access, then it is for legal reasons. They don’t want to be sued if someone does something stupid. I wonder if they were offered a notarized “hold harmless” agreement that states that no action would be brought against GE for any accidents or injuries, if they would agree? Even provide a $1,000,000 bond (they are surprisingly cheap) and pay for a security guard at our expense would they allow it? One has to approach the legal department. Those are the suits that say yeah or nay. Let’s just say a miracle occurs and they say yes to these terms, how far is the prison from the road? Are there drive through gates? Any roads? Or is it all a long hike through the woods? A generator would have to be used. Is that possible to get back there? Again, if they say yes. One can always ask but I am not going to waste my time if it is practically unreachable. Anyone?

    7. i went with a couple of friends and there was someone sitting in a car in the woods waiting for people to go to the jail. we saw them and stopped and they turned on their car and tried to hit us. luckily i jumped in the woods to where they couldn’t see us. my friends went ahead of me to get away and i was lost in the woods for a good 30 minutes. it was scary. got my leg all cut up and tangled from thorns and stuff.

      • prob some idiots not wanting to get caught. they may have thought that y’all were like the owners or the cops. or just doing something bad and didn’t want a soul to know

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