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Locals tell a story that this building once was occupied by a young girl, Molly, who died in the 1930s or 1940s. Molly was bittem by her puppy, which had contracted rabies. Her ghost is said to look down from the upstairs window.

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Geographic Information

472 North Court St
Florence, AL.
United States

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34.805287, -87.67909939999998
Lauderdale County, Alabama
Nearest Towns:
Florence, AL (0.4 mi.)
East Florence, AL (1.7 mi.)
Sheffield, AL (3.0 mi.)
Muscle Shoals, AL (4.2 mi.)
Underwood-Petersville, AL (5.1 mi.)
Tuscumbia, AL (5.3 mi.)
St. Florian, AL (5.7 mi.)
Killen, AL (9.0 mi.)
Leighton, AL (11.2 mi.)
Littleville, AL (14.8 mi.)


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  1. Saw Molly at the off-campus bookstore in Florence, Al
    She asked me to help find her dog. After I asked her if she lived there, she said she did. And then I asked her where her mother was and she said, she is around somewhere. I told her I would help find her mother. I went to the register clerk in the other room she gave me a funny look and seemed not interested in helping this girl find her mother. When I went back to talk with the little girl, she was gone.

  2. One day while riding my bike to school I past the off-campus bookstore and heard crying coming from behind the building. The cry’s sounded like they came from a little girl being hurt by something as I walked around the building I could hear growling and the girls screams becoming louder. I past the corner and witnessed a very large dog dragging the little girl kicking and screaming blood pouring from her neck. The dog dragged the little girl’s unconscious body into the bushes. I ran to the bushes to try to get the dog off of her only to find nothing in the bushes. The blood had disappeared and any evidence of a dog attack was missing.

  3. I saw Molly when the owner allowed me to go investigate the second floor after I said I saw a young girl waving at me. He was not aware of the story at the time apparently. I go up there and she asks me “Can you help me find my dog? He’s big and furry and brown.” So I say sure and find a dog around back, I go back upstairs and she’s nowhere to be found and the owner said I was the only person who had entered or exited all day.

  4. destiny bevis  |  

    I believe molly is real because one day I walked by and one blind was open and 20 minutes later walked back by and two blinds was open and nobody was there at the time one night after I left Huntsville rode back by to see if molly was real or fake turns out shes real because saw molly in the middle window and rode back by 5 minutes and she was gone and the blinds was shut

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