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Cockrum Hall at Oakland City College was built 1876 and is haunted by namesake Colonel William Cockrum’s wife. Legend has it that she hanged herself in the tower. Those who peek into the windows in the night may see doors opening and closing by themselves and a bright orange glow that shines out the windows.

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Geographic Information

Near 697 W Oak
Oakland City, Indiana 47660
United States

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38.3395197, -87.3523528
Gibson County, Indiana
Nearest Towns:
Oakland City, IN (0.4 mi.)
Somerville, IN (4.6 mi.)
Francisco, IN (5.1 mi.)
Mackey, IN (6.4 mi.)
Spurgeon, IN (7.9 mi.)
Winslow, IN (8.1 mi.)
Lynnville, IN (10.4 mi.)
Petersburg, IN (11.3 mi.)
Princeton, IN (11.7 mi.)
Patoka, IN (13.5 mi.)


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  1. Jennifer Ellerbrook  |  

    Drving by at around 9pm December 14th 2015 and saw a woman standing on the well lit wrap around porch wearing a long white old time looking nightgown or dress she had brown hair and it was pulled up. She was very solid, thought an actual lady was out there. Turned around and drove back by and she was gone.

  2. Definitely haunted about 2 months ago me and my buddies walked from my grandparents house to the former Underground Railroad mark because they lived only 2 blocks away. We went and got some drinks and simply sat in front of the hall. About 5 minutes into sitting there, a woman appeared in the window with a white nightgown. She had brown hair and she was just looking at us. About 2 minutes later after that occurrence me and my 4 buddies heard something hit the floor, a scream, and then a struggling noise. We assumed it was her hanging herself but who knows we weren’t inside but I would like to go inside. I’m currently resided in Oakland City and this small town has a lot of paranormal hotspots for sure

  3. Wednesday May 24th 2017 10:06 a.m. Central Standard Time. There is a huge saucer shaped disturbance in the cloud cover directly west of Fort Branch. Can be seen clearly with any weather app or radar. I know it could be a radar station itself but see for yourself.

  4. Use to work for OCU in the housekeeping dept. Yes this place is haunted, had bad feelings about cleaning this place every may at the end of school year. We always cleaned this old house with a group of girls and every one of us had seen things there. Myself and the lady I worked with for several years ran into the lady in the white gown upstairs in the room to the left at the top of staircase. Scared the cap out of me and her .

  5. Ronnie Lee Dill Jr  |  

    The Diplomat Hotel on South State Road 57 where me and my girlfriend was staying for almost six months was incredibly haunted. The reasons you may ask why i might think so? All you have to do is just ask the Hotels caretakers Joe and Trina Flanery. There are numerous tales of different accounts. To a photo taken by the daughter of Trina herself of a demon. Actually, i have a copy of it on this phone of mine that i currently use. There is also a tale about a depressed man who shot himself in the head im Room 23, To hearing late at night of very old 1920s Music as it had been heard by the nearby Renters and the Hotel Staff themselves. There was also tales and accounts of a old grumpy man who lived in Room 1 and was just seen on the surveillance cameras just outside the back part of the hotel. He was seen walking through the door! Tales of Trina cleaning various rooms in the past and hearing somebody saying “Hello?”, “Hello?”, But nobody would be currently inside the Room but only Hotel Staff Trina herself. We also had somebody rattle our doorknob from the outside our Room, (” Which was Room 6″), Plus the hearing of our shower curtain opening and closing at all hours of the night. These accounts are absolutely true and we have proof if you need any additional information. Thank You!

  6. Lucretia Cockrum did NOT commit suicide in the tower. She died of pneumonia in 1917. Source: death certificate. Geez, people will believe anything.

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