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Built in 1859, this plantation is said to be haunted by the ghost of a coachman. During a Civil War attack, the coachman stood at the front of the house making sure that all the folks got from their carriages to the house safely. Folks say his presence is still felt at the front of the house.

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31025 Louisiana Hwy. 1
White Castle, LA 70788
United States

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30.186192344576167, -91.16708081943216
Iberville Parish, Louisiana
Nearest Towns:
White Castle, LA (1.6 mi.)
Bayou Goula, LA (1.6 mi.)
Carville, LA (4.8 mi.)
Saint Gabriel, LA (6.4 mi.)
Plaquemine, LA (8.2 mi.)
Crescent, LA (8.3 mi.)
Gardere, LA (11.1 mi.)
Donaldsonville, LA (12.0 mi.)
Belle Rose, LA (12.0 mi.)
Oak Hills Place, LA (12.9 mi.)

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  1. I was on a field trip in middle school to this plantation. We made it into the music room and as they were explaining and showing everything. All of my energy drained from me and I fainted. My cousin was recently married there and I felt the same way. Just didn’t faint this time. I had to leave early and as I was driving away I started to feel better.

  2. My husband had always insisted he was a NON-believer in anything paranormal, that was until our 1st trip to Louisiana. In Aug/2013 we stayed for 2 nights in the mansion at the Nottoway Plantation. Our room was at the top of the staircase and had windows looking out onto the Mississippi River. Like other rooms, it had a 2nd exit door that would take you outside of the main house and into the open air of a back wooden corridor/staircase. We knew as fact that the 1st night of our stay we’d be the only 2 people inside the main house (54000sq ft of house), the night watchman was located in a detached building and we knew we could reach him by phone if we required. At about 3am I was still awake reading, several hours earlier my husband fell fast asleep as usual. He went from being very comfortable and sleeping like a baby to wide wake in a spit second! I pled that he not do something stupid like open either door but instead he just telephone the night watchman to come. He kept repeating “what is that, what is that”. We were experiencing something that sounded so loud it woke him and what we heard was so unnatural that he is now a 100% believer in the paranormal. This went on for more than 30 seconds, at least! My husband grabbed the phone after we struggled to locate the number and a few minutes later we heard the night watchman come up the staircase and move throughout the halls, we still didn’t open either door, then we heard him leave. Soon our phone rang and I answered it – he explained he found nothing out of place. I asked the man to check the wooden corridor area too b/c the sounds were so massive and fierce, IF it was of this earth I didn’t want to see the gore from that level of violence we heard. He phoned back again to say all was normal, it was clear, he didn’t see anything anywhere. This was something we’ve never heard before or since. The only way we can come to describing the sounds are like something from a horror movie. My husband now admits he was terrified too, he was processing how he’d deal with this force he was certain would be soon coming through the walls, he had no plans of opening the doors he was only wanting to position himself between the sounds and me. When the sun came up we opened the doors and saw nothing strange. We told the staff all about it and they acted rather aloof. We did stay the 2nd night, we knew other guests also checked into the main mansion so that was more comfortable and b/c ‘it’ didn’t come in our room we played it cool. Nothing else paranormal happened other than many-many random photos of orbs and strange squiggly lights. My husband doesn’t talk about it much except he’ll say he believes that was supernatural and he has also now admitted that he has a heightened curiosity for historical homes and locations. Since that adventure we’ve stayed in many historical B&B’s and Hotels. I do want to go back again to Nottoway.

  3. This week I went on my school trip and we stayed at the plantation. We stayed in one of the cottages. There were two rooms. One room had me and my friends and the other room had two chaperones. The rooms connected with a door but were locked on each side. We were all going to sleep, we had the lights off and the tv was loud. We were about to go to sleep when we all heard a door open and slam shut. This happened at about 12:30 A.M. None of us said anything for a few seconds but then I said did y’all hear that and they all heard it we were all just to scared to say something. It was like deep down we didn’t want to believe it actually happened. We started calling the chaperones names to see if they were awake and none of them answered. After about thirty minutes we all calmed down and told my friend to turn the lamp off. The lamp has a button that you press down. When she pressed it the lamp flickered for a couple of seconds and then popped back on. We were so scared but we kept trying to come up with explanations for it. The next morning we were talking to the chaperones and they said they heard the same thing. They said they thought it was us. They also said that they kept hearing stuff move in there room after it happened. They were also very scared. After that experience I truly believe in ghost. The workers even told us that night that the cottages weren’t haunted. None of the other students had a ghost experience but we definitely did. Believe it or don’t

  4. Feb 14, 2019. Stayed at the Grounds Keeper building next to the house. Was woke up by violent shaking. I tried to open my eyes but could not. I tried to say my husband’s name and could speak, I tried yelling and nothing. I could not move at all.
    I kept seeing shadows coming from the bathroom on the door frame.
    I took video while I tried to sleep again.
    I propped my phone on my pillow. You see the covers move at the bottom of the bed.
    I stir and adjust my phone. While adjusting my phone I caught a figure behind me.
    I took a screen shot from the video.

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