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Residents have heard footsteps in the showers, scraping chairs, and cabinets opening and closing inside locked, unused rooms. Reports have said that at 2 a.m. the oven and all the stove burners have been turned on at full heat. There has also been unexplained cold in a wing where a suicide was committed. In the auditorium, shadows have been seen acting out a play, and folding seats have been found folded-down and too heavy to flip up again.

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Geographic Information

231 W 6th St
Powell, WY 82435
United States

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44.75952300000001, -108.76091980000001
Park County, Wyoming
Nearest Towns:
Powell, WY (0.4 mi.)
Garland, WY (5.1 mi.)
Ralston, WY (5.9 mi.)
Deaver, WY (12.0 mi.)
Byron, WY (12.7 mi.)
Frannie, WY (16.0 mi.)
Cowley, WY (16.6 mi.)
Lovell, WY (19.0 mi.)
Cody, WY (21.7 mi.)
Burlington, WY (27.0 mi.)


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  1. I have lived in Powell for most of my life. Many of the alleged experiences happened to custodians. The most infamous claim involves the auditorium where the “custodian” allegedly sees shadow figures performing a play and finds folding seats in a down position that won’t change. Other reports involve changes in water temperature in buckets, and of the course the obligatory “footsteps.” Mt mother was a custodian at the college about 15 years ago, and at that time this story was already circulating. My mother asked the custodian who cleaned the auditorium (who at that point had been cleaning the auditorium for over 20 years) about this stuff. The custodian laughed and said she’s heard all the stories, but that she can’t figure out she became the “witness” because she has never anything remotely resembling a paranormal occurrence in the building. In other words, the most interesting story is complete B.S. since the person generally identified as the “witness” denies any experiences ever occurring.

  2. I was in the music tech program at Northwest College. One night at 2 am, I went on a tour of the music building with a friend who had keys to the building ( so he could open it up for students to practice on weekends) I wanted to check out the auditorium to see if any seats were stuck down and climb up the ladder that will take you on too of the roof.

    We were walking back towards the band room where the back stage entrance is. We heard a harmonica and sheet music rustling coming from a dressing room with its light on. This noise went on for about 20 seconds then stopped. With the door being locked and curious to see who was in there since no one should have been there, we peeked under the door only to find no one in the room.

  3. I live in colter hall and there have been 4 instances of doors closing by themselves. The first three times, my cabinet doors closed themselves right in front of me. They had been open all day in each instance, and I hadn’t touched them at all. The most recent instance was yesterday. I had to pee so I walked into the bathroom, which was propped open all day for maintenance, and entered a stall. Shortly after, the bathroom door closed by itself and the automatic toilet in the stall next to mine flushed (no one was there). I went back to my room to tell my girlfriend what had happened, and she informed me that she saw something move in the corner and then a very cold and dry thing touched her face. 10/10 is haunted.

  4. Saw this pop up as I was reading about another place and thought I might as well share my story (which no one believes). So last year I lived in the newest hall, Simpson Hall. My roommates and I complained constantly about the dressers (which have rolling wheels) on them sliding back and forth in the empty room above us. And to this day no one believes us. The RA crew even tried to pull a prank on us with it and had us all scared even more. I can guarantee you that Northwest College or atleast Simpson Hall is haunted!

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