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This establishment was built at the turn of the century, and is believed to be haunted by one of the many workers and visited who stayed at the hotel during the weirs construction. Known to staff as ‘Paddy’, he has been known to break bottles and glasses from time to time.

(Submitted by Callum Swift)

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Geographic Information

Mundaring Weir Road
Mundaring, Western Australia

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-31.95225812723947, 116.16704124142416
Nearest Towns:
Mundaring Weir, AU (0.2 mi.)
Karda Mordo, AU (0.5 mi.)
Darlington, AU (5.5 mi.)
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South Kalamunda, AU (6.1 mi.)
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  1. Not there but at the little backpacker hostel opposite the Mundaring Weir Hotel. On arrival we heard a woman’s voice loud and clear when we were in the kitchen, but brushed it off jokingly and attended a concert at the M Weir Hotel, then returned later and stayed in the room at the end of the hallway on the left. But we never slept a wink it was so bad, and we left early in the morning. When we handed back the keys to the caretaker we were told that many visitors had reported things happening especially in that same room. I don’t usually scare easily but whoever it was didn’t like us being there. The easiest way I can describe what happened is to say it was like having a group of invisible 10 year boys in the room. Climbing & rocking the bunkbeds, jumping all over things, switching the fan on and off all night and throwing things everywhere, it was just horrible. Other people staying there joked that they’d seen a woman in the corner of their eye. We didn’t think anything of it until we remembered the woman’s voice we’d heard earlier.
    Interested to hear if anyone else has had the same exprience there??

  2. I worked at this hotel 20 years ago and had multiple haunting experiences. Although weekends were busy and full of live music and visitors, and or wedding parties, weekdays were quiet and I often locked up the hotel without another soul (living) present.

    One night I went down to do the lock-up rounds in the ballroom, which included restrooms that could be accessed from inside and out, and after walking into the Women’s lav to lock the door and then the Men’s, I heard a loud gushing sound from the Women’s (where I’d just come from) and both taps on the sink were on FULL BLAST. I turned them off, just washed in a feeling of dread.

    Another night I got as far as the heaviest wooden ballroom door that required a shoulder against it to get the bolt-lock in place ( hard to ‘forget’ if you locked it) then just about on my way out I felt a breeze and went back over to find the door was open. Not just unlocked, but ajar. Ugh. Needless to say I would have my boyfriend take the 35 minute drive from Kalamunda to meet at lockup time whenever he could after that.

    Another time me and my boyfriend stayed the night in guest rooms at the back of the property. The guest rooms were newly built, at the time, so I felt much more comfortable staying there as opposed to the historical hotel itself. In the night I felt something physically grab my foot and not let go, I panicked and my mind raced trying to comprehend the situation, then I pulled it in and tried to wake my boyfriend, who was so asleep he wouldn’t even wake to me loudly calling his name or shaking him (he wasn’t drunk), which was even more freaky. I turned the lights on and laid there heart racing until sun up.

    The next day I told the old bar manager (who’d been there for 20 year, lived in the hotel, and never batted an eye over the ghost stories I’d relay… he’d seen and heard it all over the years), and he just quietly thought about it, then asked if we’d stayed in a particular unit (we had). Then he said, “makes sense. those units are built over an old railroad track where a jaded lover had tied a woman to the tracks, back in the day.” ???!!! what?!

    So the main building was haunted because the engineer of the Mundaring Weir to Kalgoorlie Pipeline project had committed suicide there (his calculations were off by a few days, so he thought he’d failed when it was merely delayed). And then the other accommodations were haunted because of a murdered woman, apparently (I’ve never heard train-track story verified by others, though). So as beautiful as that place was, I never stayed there ever again.

  3. William Barnett  |  

    Hi i work at the weir hotel for 3years as head chef i seen paddy on 3 or 4 times but felt him around me a lot of the time he didnt like me at all . At night when every one was gorn or early in the morning .

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