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Strange noises and shadowy masses have been reported by numerous visitors to the hospital.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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Geographic Information

3001 Scenic Hwy
Gadsden, AL 35904
United States

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34.072325140969994, -86.01971125550335
Etowah County, Alabama
Nearest Towns:
Reece City, AL (0.8 mi.)
Gadsden, AL (4.1 mi.)
Ridgeville, AL (4.9 mi.)
Attalla, AL (5.3 mi.)
Anderson, AL (5.6 mi.)
Edwardsville, AL (5.8 mi.)
Whitesboro, AL (6.9 mi.)
Ivalee, AL (7.6 mi.)
Lester, AL (7.7 mi.)
Egypt, AL (7.8 mi.)


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  1. I was a patient here and the paper towel dispenser would go off and there would be a person pacing around in the bathroom

  2. This hospital used to be a tuberculosis hospital. Many people died in agony there. Even back then people would hear and see strange things. I used to go there when my grandfather was there. I never heard or saw anything strange.

  3. My mother was a nurse here for many years. She would deny any rumors of “hauntings” up and down, until one day…. She was watching the video from the nurses station and saw someone walk into a patients room, which everyone was in the recreational room at the time. When the patient came and requested her to unlock the bathroom (it’s a psych hospital, they keep them locked for safety reasons) my mother asked who went into his room just a moment before. He replied that, to his knowledge, no one had. Upon entering the patients room, they were surprised to find the main door locked. The ONLY person with a key was my mother. The room cannot be locked from the inside. And of course, no one was in the room or bathroom when they entered.
    She also said that patients would complain about someone disturbing them while in the shower in that particular room.

    • I was a patient there three times and each time I saw something….on the third floor I was on the girls unit in the room at the end of the hall next to the stairwell….I would always see someone at night going in and out of the stairwell then I was looking in my mirror on the wall once and there was like a black shadow standing behind me and I turned around and no one was there

  4. I was a patient there for 9 months and I had many experiences. I was listening to music and thought my roommate was calling me. I would reply and kept getting no answer I finally put my earphones back in and a woman screamed my name out from the earphones. A nurse in a all white uniform would walk from the last office on the right hand side off the 4th floor into the last 3 rooms to check on her patients every night. Me and several others have seem a man standing at the door looking in from the stairway on the 4th floor with a head wound. Like I’ve said I’ve experienced many incidents there and not just me but with other people witnessing it too.

  5. I also was walking in my room to get my CD player one day and my roommate Chelsea was in the shower and she stuck her head out asking if it was me and I said yes. We laughed and went back to doing what we was doing. She came flying out of the shower screaming. I asked what’s wrong and when she called down she said a man’s arm had came through the side of the shower curtain and grabbed her arm.

  6. I worked there for many years. There is an older man in a black suit with a black hat that sits in the waiting room near the doctors offices on 2nd floor. Also there is a red headed lady that has been seen many times getting off of the elevator on the 3rd floor and walking back toward the classrooms. The basement is extremely haunted because it once held the morgue. Also at night lighs can be seen in the back yard.

  7. I also worked there for several years as psych tech for the residential teen girls. I personally witnessed several things I could not explain. You can hear the voice of a male in the stairwell which is no longer used. You can see lights in the fenced in back yard at night that are not really there. I was conducting a group session and a taped piece of paper fell of the wall and tore itself into two pieces. I worked third and would often hear someone whistling in the front bedroom. The client would be sound asleep. There was one client that would wake up with random unexplained scratches. We cut her nails down as far as possible because initially I believed she was doing it to herself. After monitoring the situation and the location of the scratches it was my conclusion there was no way she was doing it to herself. There is a sub-basement that not many are aware that houses a cremation machine from when the hospital was a tuberculous center. A co-worker and I decided to investigate one late night. While looking around we both heard GROWLS coming from the corner of the basement. I never went back in the sub-basement again. I have never witness such things other than being at Mountain View Hospital. It made me a believer of the supernatural. These are just a few stories, so much happened in the few years I worked there.

  8. I was once a cutter I went Mountain View is where i went seeking help with my depression my angry and my cutting problems i was 18 but i was in with the adults not the teens and i stayed in the one room at the very end on the left hand side and for the fews day that i stayed i had a single room with one bed to myself and the room infront of me was empty and i had happen to have trouble sleeping one night so i laid awake and i kept seeing a shadows of a couple different humams two men and a women i got really scared started to close my eyes not long after I have my eyes close my paper towel dispenser was going off I started shaking and as I mentioned not long after I have my eyes close my paper towel dispenser was going off I started shaking and as I mentioned I was the only one in there and no one was in the room while shortly after I was the only one in there and no one was in the room well shortly after that how does the paper towel dispenser went off I started a really really scared voice it was a woman voice that said softly but deeply Brittany Brittany I started to cry and I went to try ice cream it was like a lost my voice so the next morning I checked myself out and never return I had some many different encounters like when in the shower a figure was behind my a lady would take my cover at night i would see a man in the doorway of the stairwell

  9. I use to work there and was on the bottom floor and my patients were at dinner and the light switch was being flipped up and down and I was severally flipped out. And you could also hear a man screaming in a closed staircase that no longer was used.

  10. William Thomas  |  

    I was here today visiting a friend who had attempted suicide, and as I was signing in I heard odd noises coming from the staircase by the sign in table that leads to the basement that I assume held the crematory machine at one point. Could’ve been the staff but from what I heard, the staff don’t really go down there to the sub-basement

  11. My best friend’s momma works there on night shift. She tells us cool stories all the time. I think it is the top floor, that nobody has a key too, it is locked and the lights cut on and off by themselves. Also she said she has been on the opposite side of the hall with an old woman ghost walking with a walker. They don’t go pee there, or at least she doesn’t and she never walks anywhere alone. She told me it was a tuberculosis hospital back in the day, when they didn’t have a cure and that would be the building everyone would die in. Her and her co-workers told me that there is a machine still on the top floor that they used to burn the dead bodies with. She said it will cut on by itself. It’s creepy and fascinating. I didn’t believe her at first but now that I get to go and do a session with the teenage girls there I am kinda scared and starting to believe.

  12. Anonymous climber  |  

    My boyfriend and I used to go climbing in the woods behind the hospital. Sometimes we would drive there at night cause we had the code for the gate. Most people who go rock climbing back there smoke the ganja, so it wasn’t out of the ordinary to go there at night and see other cars. One night we went and we’re the only ones there. We stayed in the car and were just hanging out about to smoke a cigarette when I saw a blue-ish little girl figure ahead of me. I told my boyfriend I was spooked and we needed to get out of there. He shrugged it off but we got in the car and started to leave when we both at the same time noticed the “blue girl” moving as fast as the car. We have never been back and will never go back.

  13. I was admitted into this hospital back in November of 2016. I was kept in the adult unit for 16 days. While i was asleep my heater would cut on almost every night, once I saw a shadow standing outside the hospital on the steps leading to the 2nd car lot. And i literally watched walk into the front entrance, i shit you not 30 minutes later two police cars came and left without anything. When i asked the nurse what was going on she said someome was seen on our floor who wasnt suppose to be here. Nobody was ever found

  14. I worked here for about 5 years on night shift. Had a bunch of things happen but theres one that made me feel sick it was so creepy. I was doing paper work at a table we would pull into the hall to keep an eye out on the children. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a patient run out of her room and into the seclusion room. I saw it so plain as day I yelled her name and told her to quit playing. It was time for bed. When she didnt come out I headed down the hall to get on to her. When I reached the seclusion room it was shut and locked. (Only lockable with a key from the outside) I checked across the hall into the girls room and she was sound asleep. I KNOW I saw a blonde girl run across the hall. Lots of coworkers had plenty of stories. I really do believe it’s haunted.

  15. I was a patient there a few years ago, and it did seem at night to have a empty air, like, real empty and dark feeling to it. Especially when it was completely quiet.

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