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During a visit to this museum, you may hear unexplained voices and footsteps anywhere on the grounds. The prison was built in 1871 and operated until the 1970s, so it has seen many executions, riots, and violent deaths. The solitary confinement area underground is known to be especially active. Guests there have reported being touched or even pushed by unseen hands.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    Conley Lake Road
    West of Deer Lodge, MT
    United States

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    46.384187265414695, -112.80548681960448
    Powell County, Montana
    Nearest Towns:
    Deer Lodge, MT (3.7 mi.)
    Garrison, MT (9.6 mi.)
    Avon, MT (17.6 mi.)
    Anaconda, MT (18.8 mi.)
    Maxville, MT (21.2 mi.)
    Elliston, MT (21.7 mi.)
    Philipsburg, MT (23.6 mi.)
    Drummond, MT (25.4 mi.)
    Basin, MT (27.0 mi.)
    Walkerville, MT (27.4 mi.)


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    1. My grandpa, who is still alive today used to work there, and I’ve been there several times and have always got the chills. When we were there my first time, the power went completely out in the prison old thing we were in the gift shop not the actual prison itself. The recent time I as there to get research about the place. My grandpa was a guard and worked by the tunnel and before I went in the prison for a tour but I asked if this place is haunted and she said yes, and that a lot of people get sad and feel overwhelmed sand start crying all of a sudden, anyway so we walked bye the tunnel and my grandpa showed us were he worked and stuff and my grandpa started crying, he has dry eyes but he NEVER starts crying. So that’s my ghost story.

    2. I went to this prison last summer, and I actually went down to the solitary confinement area and went into one of the cells down there. Actually I’d gone and sat down in a couple of the cells throughout the prison, taking pictures with my sister in them. I hadn’t really noticed it until recently, but ever since I came back from there I’ve been experiencing strange things. I believe that some kind of dark entity may have attached itself to me and followed me home. Every now and then I get extreme vertigo and nausea, that’s usually followed by cold spots on my body and a massive drain of energy. I haven’t held a proper investigation here but I definately plan on it.

    3. I went here a while back ,and as soon as I walked into the jail house .The guards cage on top hade a dummy in it .when I entered with a few others the dummy’s arm was raised up fast and dropped quick. we have ben locked in a cell, even photographed a man walking down the stairs into the mess hall in front of me .BEYOND HAUNTED. I even get cat calls there when no ones around

    4. Grandfather worked here and came in during the 1959 riot to assist, sister worked here, and brother worked here briefly. I have been on the tours, and I worked on the newsletter for this site for a couple years, helping the museum curator with formatting and the annual classic car raffle. I believe every old prison is haunted since so many things go on there and the entire experience of being imprisoned is traumatic anyway. I have never had anything happen to me there, but I did take the pictures at the grand opening of the tunnel in the early 2000s, and the pictures are filled with orbs. Dust or spirits? You decide; I say spirits.

    5. I was followed home by a malicious spirit, that attacked me every night, i was sctratched, blood was drawn, i have been punched, i have seen shadows, and i have had multiple cases of sleep paralysis, i exorsiced the spirtr, but those expiriences will never leave me.

    6. While out of state on vacation, my partner & I stopped in Deer Lodge, MT. to visit the prison on 9/7/2018 in the late afternoon. We did the self tour and went through the entire facility. While in the old chow hall I made a comment inviting spirits to show themselves. We left the facility around closing time. The next morning when I woke up in a hotel in Spokane, I discovered that I had 3 long scratches (about 1/3 of an inch apart between each scratch line) running down my arm from near my shoulder to my elbow. They looked like scratches from an animal such as from a cat with large paws. I never felt any sensation of actually being scratched, and only noticed it the following morning, then I realized the strange coincidence in relation to our visit to this haunted prison. It really weirds me out!

    7. I worked in the Prison as a museum. I have seen a lot of pictures of the little girl that stays there. She was supposedly killed by one of the cars in the show room or in one of the cars. Many times the hood of my sweatshirt was tugged on. I went nowhere alone in the Prison

    8. Yes, back in 2005/2006 during Halloween night. My daughter and I did a tour with other people and A Ghost Investigating Crew.
      As we walked into the mess hall, to your left, they had the cells, I believe it was 3 floors of them.
      Anyway, while the ghost crew were talking about that particular place, other people were taking pictures, everywhere…
      I was shocked of what I was seeing, every camera that went off, I was seeing lightening ropes, or rods??? I had never seen anything like that before, and I felt thick air in the area… I started getting goosebumps, I asked my daughter if she saw them, she said no???
      When the people were done taking pictures, of course, no lightening ropes…
      I decided to ask one of the investigators if they seen it, and they said no as well??? So I explained to him what exactly I saw, he told me, that type of paranormal is seen when there is spirits or entities in the area, Wow!
      One day I would love to go back again.

    9. I didn’t see any ghosts during my visit in 2021 but a place saturated with so much negative energy from prisoners, some possibly wrongfully convicted and others very dangerous to be around, as well as murders and other violent acts, will leave something behind. Yes, there was a certain feeling of thickness or pressure, but nothing overwhelming. It was the same feeling I’ve encountered in other places that have experienced numerous traumatic or violent events.

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