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This hotel has been in operation for well over a century, so it is more than likely that some of the spectres in this hotel were guests who never checked out. The owners and staff are displeased with the paranormal activity in the hotel, as they receive various reports of ghostly occurrences on a weekly basis. The first commonly reported apparition is a thieving entity, who has been known to remove guests valuables during the night or else move them around their rooms. The apparition of a well-dressed elderly man has been seen wandering through the hotel lobby into the bistro before vanishing; an incident reported to the owners by patrons and staff alike. On the upper floor, there have been various reports of loud disembodied footsteps and lights flashing on and off in unoccupied rooms.

(Submitted by Callum Swift)

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Geographic Information

35 West Jackson Street
Millersburg, OH
United States

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40.55391400000001, -81.91781400000002
Holmes County, Ohio
Nearest Towns:
Millersburg, OH (0.0 mi.)
Martinsville, OH (4.9 mi.)
Holmesville, OH (5.2 mi.)
Killbuck, OH (5.4 mi.)
Berlin, OH (6.5 mi.)
Fredericksburg, OH (8.8 mi.)
Glenmont, OH (9.7 mi.)
Walnut Creek, OH (10.3 mi.)
Shreve, OH (10.4 mi.)
Nashville, OH (10.6 mi.)


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  1. My family stayed at the Millersburg Hotel in August, 2010, unaware of its ghostly reputation. As we stood in the hallway outside our room preparing to go in, we all saw the glass doorknob shake violently as if someone inside the room was trying to open the door. When we worked up the nerve to go inside, the room was empty.
    My daughter woke up that night to similar sound, except it was coming from the hallway.
    In the morning, we noticed one of our son’s shoes had been moved across the room and was next to the bed at the window. My daughter’s cell phone had been plugged in all night to charge, but the battery was dead. The staff person behind the desk was quite evasive when I asked her if there was any ghost activity at the hotel; “I won’t say yes and I won’t say no”

  2. We stayed at the hotel recently, Oct. 20, 2016. My husband put his visa card on the oak counter as we were checking in and it slide across the counter and off on the other side. I looked at him with a glare wondering why he would do that? It looked like he slide it on purpose. He apologized and said I honestly just put it down. The check in clerk could not find in on the floor and invited us behind the counter to help look. We found it inside the counter in a bowl. We had to open a door similar to an oak cupboard door to find it inside. I asked is this place haunted? The clerk laughed and said sometimes strange things/jokes happen here that we can’t explain. Loved this place and we all laughed about the joke.

  3. I was eating later at night at the hotel bistro with my husband. It was emptying out as we finished our food. A song came on the radio and I started to sing softly to it. I do not sing that well. I stopped then when I started again, I heard a disgusted moan right behind my head as if to say (“Oh no, here she goes again”) I was embarassed as I thought there were other patrons in the booth behind me but my husband said, “There is no one behind you anywhere, there is not booth behind you and no one has been there for a while. It was the voice , groan of an older man. I had not known of the spirits in the hotel but read about an elderly man walking in the hall to the bistro. I did tell the waitress that I think I just met her ghost. I guess I should stop singing or the man can wander an entire hotel and does not have to sit near me!!!

    • Lynne, my wife and I ate here tonight and I read your comment to her. When we were finished eating she asked me if I heard someone say ‘get out of my house’. I said no. She said it sounded like an old man speaking in a distressed voice just said it as clear as day. There were people around, and an older guy behind her but I’m sure it wasn’t him. He was pretty quiet. Thinking about it later we realised it was very odd and not easily explained.

  4. I’ve stayed at Hotel Millersburg multiple times on my trips to Amish Country. On our first stay, my family and I had no clue about the history of place. We just thought it was a unique place to stay during our visit. I myself have always been able to speak with spirits and energies since I was a little girl, and as soon as I stepped into the lobby I knew
    something was off.

    The energy in the lobby alone felt quite strong and I found it hard to focus on anything else. After reaching our room and walking down the halls I began to feel a bit light headed. I got the same heavy feeling on my chest and shoulders when I feel an energy. It’s a kind of smothering feeling almost.

    We left the hotel and came back later that night to settle in for the day. I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was being watched while I sat in the courtyard in between the back entrance and the tavern. I could hear someone walk around me and at one point I heard an older man speak to me as most people account as well. The following night I didn’t sleep much. As I was laying in bed I heard a small noise, almost like somtheing had slid down metal. I ignored it for a while until I sat up to see the shower curtain in the bathroom slide across the bar it hung on to the other side. At that point I forced myself to go to sleep and we left the next morning.

    Like I said, we’ve gone multiple times. The following time I’ve saw figures on the third floor, had someone walk into the bathroom while I was showering, and heard three pistol round clicks get closer to me each time, and then hearing someone walk away. Of course this time in a different room.

    My friends and family have their own experiences too, but it seems I get bothered the most. I’m heading up there again next week, this time to do an investigation. Wish me luck and please let me know if you have had similar or the same experiences. They would help a lot!

  5. Like many others, I had not heard or read any ghost stories about this hotel. When I read of its age the thought crossed my mind that there could be a ghost but not that I would experience anything. The hotel felt very welcoming and I gave no thought to any paranormal or ghosts. We stayed 2 nights. The first morning I woke up to a slightly painful pinch on my ankle. In my stupor I thought a spider must have bit me and went right back to sleep. The next morning (being this morning as I type this) I woke up out of a dead sleep to a fairly painful pinch on my ankle again!! I flipped back the blankets to look for a bug. The spot on my ankle was slightly tender but no mark. I got out of bed and checked the bed and sheets. Nothing. Then I remembered that I had had the same thing happen the previous morning. I said to my husband I think it was a ghost. He doesn’t believe in them. We went to check out and I asked the lady if anyone has ever complained of having their ankles pinched. She said there are different things that happen, what floor were you on? I answered the second. She told us of the story of a family who lived in and ran the hotel. The 2 sisters used to run and play on the second floor. During their play they fell out the hall window to their deaths in the courtyard. She said the one girl is pretty feisty and was likely the one who pinched me. What a tragic and heartbreaking story. I can say honestly I never felt any malisciousness or evil and we would definitely go back and stay there again.

  6. When I booked our room I had no idea there was a history of ghost encounters. When we entered the hotel we found it warm and welcoming. The first morning I woke up from what felt like a pinch on my ankle. In my sleepy stupor I thought a spider must have bit me and fell asleep. The following morning I woke right up from the pain of a hard pinch on my ankle. I whipped the blankets back expecting to find a bug or a spider. Nothing was there. I then recalled the previous morning having a similar but less painful pinch and said to my husband it must have been a ghost and laughed.
    We were leaving that morning and I asked the lady at the front desk if anyone has complained about having their ankles pinched. She replied by saying there are different things that happen. She asked me what floor I was on. I told her the 2nd. She proceeded to tell us that years ago there was a family that lived there and ran the hotel with 2 little girls. The girls would play in the hallway on the 2nd floor. On one dreadful day they fell out of the hall window to their deaths in the courtyard. I can not find this story online so I can only take her word for it.

  7. Checked in March 23, 2022. We were to stay on the 3rd floor, room 312. After parking the car I looked up at the 3rd floor and seen only 1 room had a light turned on. I thought to myself, “It’s going to be nice and quiet here.”

    When we finally got up to the 3rd floor it was obvious that we were the only guests on the 3rd floor. When entering the room there were no lights turned on. I looked out my window and could see my car so I knew this is the window that had the light. Who turned it on? Who turned it off? There was no sign of any staff on this floor.

    All went well for a while. The bed is so comfortable that I dlept like a baby until 2am. At 2am a woman was singing, very badly, in my right ear. This woke me up. Then I could hear a conversation going on in the next room (room 312 has 2 bedrooms).

    The whole thing only lasted 15 minutes but I still have goosebumps. If you are looking for a haunted hotel you really should plan a visit at the Hotel Millersburg.

  8. So My first love lives right up the street from there and when we would walk near it or in it we’d see a old man formerly dressed . This was the summertime of 2018 when we would go to turn around he would bs gone

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