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The hotel gives off an eerie feeling all around. Guests experience weird noises, being pushed or shaken, and seeing light anomalies. Ghosts of a little girl, nurse, and a woman in a black dress have been reported.

(Submitted by Chris)

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506 S Grand Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90071
United States

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34.0498126, -118.25393759999997
Los Angeles County, California
Nearest Towns:
Los Angeles, CA (0.6 mi.)
Boyle Heights, CA (3.0 mi.)
Vernon, CA (3.5 mi.)
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Huntington Park, CA (5.0 mi.)
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  1. Andrew R. Romero  |  

    Me and my twin brother worked at the biltmore hotel,I believe the year was 1986.We were asbestos removal specialist. We were working in the basement, around early in the mornings we would hear a little girls voice ,echoing and sounding kinda far away,yelling out”help me”.I would turn to my bro and be like “you hear that”and he would be like”yeah i hear a little girl yelling”we reported it to the security but they said they checked around and there’s no little girl anywhere around. We heard the yells every so often for the next year or so.
    . We

  2. Sadly this hotel has been torn down but I use to work down the street and we would take clients there for lunch and when walking by the restrooms I had heard a little girl playing and thought why would a little girl be by herself over here but never saw anyone.

  3. I stayed at the biltmore the week after valentines day 2016 i would here little kids in the hall of the 9th floor about 1: 30 am everyday ,the last friday i was there while taking a shower the shower curtain moved inward towards the shower in a shape of a person i pled the name of jesus and it stopped. And the sat morning while waiting for my van to take mr to airport somebody knocked on door at 7 am and there was nobody in the hall or at my door ,then i was speaking with my on my cell phone and the lamp started shaking and then it sounded like someone was scratching at the wall ,i was so glad to get down stairs to lobby the head bell hop told me after i told him what had happen i was in a room that ended in a 3 wasnt i i replyed yes 953 he said that most activity happens in rooms that end in 3 i thought this was kinda cool ez
    Experiance i wasnt worried just claimed jesus name each time and it would stop imediately

  4. I just shared at the Biltmore for six nights. I did explore the entire hotel, requesting access to the locked second floor, since elevator cannot get you there either. The option is even removed from the guest elevator and the freight doesn’t even up. I am a believer but very hard to convince. I am convince. I felt three sessions of tapping on my right shoulder. I saw, felt and smelled other things as well that I do not wish to share. It is very true.

  5. This is what happened to me and my mom, we were staying on the 7th floor and we came back from The Grove to put our clothes that we got up in our room and we were going back down to the main floor to get dessert. We took the elevator and it was just us two in the elevator and it slowed down at the third floor and at the second floor it stopped but the doors didn’t open, mind you we hit the main floor button, and the elevator dropped down to the basement and we hit the bottom and the doors opened in the basement and no one was there it was just me and my mom alone. We both ran up the stairs to the lobby then up to the main floor and looked at the elevator key that shows where all the elevators are in the hotel and the one we were in was back up towards the top of the hotel. I’ve tried to do some research on the elevators in the hotel but I haven’t found anyone else reporting on weird occurrences similar to mine. Maybe it was an elevator malfunction but it was still weird and freaked us both out.

  6. I stayed here in 2014 and the elevator started violently shaking on the 10th and 11th floors while me and a friend were exploring. Also we kept feeling cold bursts of air and seeing orbs of light. It was terrifying. Not to mention the blood stains on the carpet of the 4th floor hallway.

  7. I was staying at the Millenium Biltmore back in August for the 2018 Labyrinth Masquerade. I only knew of the Black Daliah and WWII soldier stories/sightings and thought that was neat. My husband and daughter stayed with me on the first night of the event, Friday August 24th and nothing out of the ordinary happened. We stayed in room 861. On Saturday, August 25th, my best friend came to stay with me while my husband and daugher went home (we only live 20 mins away, but for an event like this, it is so much more nicer and convenient to stay at the hotel if you’re attending both nights). The evening was filled with fun and so on and I was in bed by 1am. I don’t drink, so I know I wasn’t out of my right mind when this happened… I woke up suddenly around 5am (Sunday morning) to what sounded like a child playfully running above my door in the hallway. It sounded like they were giggling and the running sounded as if they were on a hardwood floor. If you ever lived in an apt building and neighbors had hardwood floors and young kids, you know what I mean by that distinct sound. Anywho, it was loud enough to wake me and all I thought was, “dang, someone’s up super early for a Sunday”. My friend was asleep. The playful running went on for a bit. I only got up to use the bathroom and I soon fell back asleep. On Monday back at my home, my friend and I decided to look up the Biltmore’s haunted history and I was floored when I saw multiple stories of what is said to be a little girl on the 9th floor running the halls and playing around…. I was so excited to read that. Then it dawned on me… the entire hotel with rooms, every floor, is wall-to-wall carpet. How could it possibly sound like running with shoes on hardwood floor?? I may never know, but I wasn’t freaked out by it.

  8. I worked at The Biltmore for 8 years. I have a ton of story from guest , employees and my own personal experience. This place is amazing even if you don’t believe. I should make a video on you tube telling stories. Also look up Dudley Town. I have you tube vids about that place.

  9. I worked Security at the Biltmore in downtown L.A. back in 2012 to 2013. In that time I had actual contact with the “little girl ghost” on the 11th floor while collecting breakfast lists. Our encounter lasted maybe 2-3 minutes while I tried to get her back to her room. She never talked but was still an eerie experience. My 2nd encounter was with a lady by the Security Command Center. Between the hours of 1230am-430am she would peer out at the loading dock seemingly mesmerized by how technology had advanced. I could see her only through the corner of my eye, but she would vanish if I looked head on. She was dressed like a flapper with pearls around the neck. My third encounter was some type of “entity” in the human resources/accounting department late December ’12 early ’13. There were whispers going around of some type of presence down there and Security began escorting employees after 1200am. On patrol one night in accounting I began hearing noise that sounded other worldly. It was a “person” sitting at a desk but dialing the phone, slamming a coffee cup on the desk, opening file drawers, etc. all at the same time with speed a human just cannot do.

    There are many other stories i have during my time there. Hit me up if you wish to know more.

  10. I worked Security at the Biltmore in downtown L.A. back in ’12-’13. I had many experiences such as making contact with the “little girl” ghost on the 11th floor Halloween night ’12(full torso apparition and conversation), seeing a “flapper” on the lower garage between 1230am-430am, the freight elevator that would open when you were halfway to it, then close only when you had turned around and pressed the button for your floor( it was believed that it was haunted by an old time elevator operator). Lastly, there was an “entity” in one of the departments that got so bad escorts were needed by the Security team between the hours of…..1200am and 430am.

    Hit me up for lots more stories. There are plenty encounters that I and others experienced 🙂

  11. This was the place Elizabeth Short, also known as The Black Dahlia, was last seen before her widely publicized mutilated corpse was found in Leimert Park in January of 1947.

  12. I had the creepiest encounter of my life when I stayed in a room on 10th floor where Black Dahlia was most sighted. I stayed with my 3 best friends. So around 2:40 AM we left our room to lookout for any ghostly sightings. As we left the hotel room and had crossed the more than halfway. Eloise (one of my bestfriends) had to go to the restroom so i went with her in the lobby washroom.So she went in the WC and i waited right in front of the toilet where she went. when she came out she went to wash her hands and literally out of nowhere the toilet at the corner of the ladies restroom flushed. As soon as it flushed the door opened by itself and there was no one in there. We both could see that in the mirror and went pale. We ran out of the restroom at the top of our speed. And went back to the room thinking that it was enough for ghost sighting. So we all slept. Around 5 AM I felt a shortness of breathe. It was like someone was grabbing my throat. And then I starting shouting and suddenly I was woken up by Griffin(Another Bestfriend) and he turned the light on. What he told made us all leave the hotel that very time. He told me that he saw a black woman like figure sitting on top of me and strangling me. I had chills when he told that. I wondered, “Was that the reason of my shortness of breathe that night? or was it just an illusion?”
    These things happened on the second day of our stay. And the only thing I have to say is that this place sure has something.

  13. My story is actually for three of us, me, my wife, staying in a room on the 11th floor of the Biltmore, and my brother, staying in a different room there as well, but on the same floor. We were meeting my brother for a reunion of sorts in 1999 as he was only there for one night leaving the country the next day.
    After having a wonderful time eating at the bar, using the Roman pool, reminiscing, we retired to our rooms. The gals at the bar with the street side entrance told us they always work accompanied by other workers or in pairs because of weird occurances there. After midnight in the early AM hours my wife and I heard furniture being moved above us, feet moving, and it progressed to stomping and what sounded like furniture being dropped, thrown or worse. We thought a wedding in one of ballrooms had moved upstairs and got out of hand. By about 3AM or 4AM it crescendoed to what sounded like furniture being trashed above us. We were pissed.
    We ended up getting up and got coffee as the sounds finally stopped. We were at the front desk later and were talking to the clerk about what we expected to be a big cleanup for them above the 11th floor. My brother joined us from his room at checkout and get this- he had the same experience in an entirely different wing on the same floor! The clerks said this was impossible. There was no one on the 12th floor. No guests that weekend. The wedding ended at 8pm on the ballroom floor with no overnights. They told us only an elderly couple was staying in the tower but many floors above us. We never could understand what this was and we feel this was paranormal in nature. We all work for government and do not seek experiences that we do not expect in hotel stays.
    We love the historic hotel but we will never stay there overnight again.

  14. I spent 4 days at the millennium Biltmore hotel and went to the basement just by myself for quite a while. past two kitchens. past a hardhat area I eventually got to a hallway with wooden padlock doors labeled 1 through ten on either side. I am quite the adventurous type but as I looked down this hallway, I sensed a man in a suit or a tuxedo at the end. I didn’t actually see him but as I entered this area I could tell he was startled by my appearance. I felt a cold rush down my spine and I immediately turned around and started running back the way I came, even getting lost for a second because I had gone too deep. my adrenaline literally caused me to find the right stairwell back up towards where the pool area was after another few twists and turns. this was by far, and coming from someone who explores places I shouldn’t in the south eg. Atlanta abandoned insane asylums or Wisconsin native American scalping sites which I will jump the fence for or find my way in. This Hotel still causes my blood to run cold and I recomend if u are an adventurer. go with someone else. the deep basement of this place is difficult to find and should be. Be careful if ur daring enough to explore the basement alone and please do not linger. this is an extremely haunted lace where even a skeptic is lost for words. Venice beach was pretty though. – buzz lightyear

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