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Pay a visit here and you may encounter a ghost with a limp, who may have been a former cemetery caretaker. Folks say the small iron bridge here is haunted as well. Local legend has it that if you stop on the bridge, turn off your headlights, count to 10, and then turn your headlights back on, a man hanging from a noose will appear. It is believed that he hanged himself after failing to save the life of his girlfriend, who drowned under the bridge. A phantom truck is also said to appear here, driven be a man who committed suicide by driving his truck off another nearby bridge.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    Wolfridge Road
    Maxdale, TX
    United States

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    30.986713131536302, -97.83010929817465
    Bell County, Texas
    Nearest Towns:
    Florence, TX (10.3 mi.)
    Copperas Cove, TX (10.4 mi.)
    Fort Hood, TX (10.7 mi.)
    Killeen, TX (10.9 mi.)
    Harker Heights, TX (12.1 mi.)
    Kempner, TX (12.1 mi.)
    Union Grove, TX (13.5 mi.)
    Nolanville, TX (14.7 mi.)
    Jarrell, TX (17.4 mi.)
    Salado, TX (17.5 mi.)


    Please note: It is your responsibility to acquire appropriate permissions before investigating any location listed on this site. Private property should be respected at all times, as should all posted signs concerning trespassing, hours of operation and other local regulations. Many "ghost hunters" have been arrested because they failed to contact property owners and/or local authorities ahead of time.

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    1. Another local story i’ve heard id of a school bus that was washed over during a flash flood, killing the driver and all the students. If you stop on the bridge and sit quietly with your lights and engine off you can hear giggles(or screams, i’ve heard both) and eventually the children will push your car safely off the bridge. I’ve done them all and have camped/fished under the bridge several times and have never experienced any haunted activity.

      • Me, my husband, and 3 teenage kids went out to the Maxdale Bridge on July 11, 2019. We walked out to the middle of the bridge and stood quietly with our lights turned off. 3 of us saw the shadow of a man standing at the entrance of the bridge. As we were leaving we heard a women screaming. Walking away from the bridge we turned around to look and saw the same shadow standing in the middle of the bridge in the moonlight, he seemed to follow us at a distance…. While standing on the bridge I took 3 pictures and actually caught what looks like a women in a blue older style blouse standing at the side of the bridge near the rail… Also caught the shadow of what looks like a man’s feet and legs and a face in the picture… Our opinion is YES this bridge is most definitely haunted…

    2. Well for my senior trip we convinced our teacher to drive us there. It was the middle of the day but the sadness/eerie feeling was so heavy. I decided to walk to the other end of the bridge completely alone and I heard someone whisper my name from the woods/trees next to me. It scared me shitless. Not to mention the next few days I was hone I relapsed back into ny severe depression ways. I just felt like being alone and I was just so down for no reason. I got blessed at my church and after that I was back to normal.

    3. I have experience paranormal activity myself with a group pf friends and i never thought anything could scare me, but being out there gave me a whole other perspective and outlook of What is out there. I learned something out there plus my friends too…..there is such thing as paranormal activity…not the movie. Thats nothing all acted out. Go to an actual haunted place or historical event and experience it. Its scary maybe, but at least you can have memories and say you have experience paranormal activities.

    4. maxdale bridge is where three deadly events happened there was a school bus full of elementary aged kids a boyfriend and his girlfriend and the grounds keeper for the graveyard located directly across from the bridge anyhow the story goes the grounds keeper was drunk and fishing from the bridge as he was known to do the boyfriend and girlfriend were driving to the bridge its not clear in the stories ive heard but I do beleive the boyfriend was drinking as well and also driving to fast the school bus was coming to cross the bridge to take the kids home from school it was from what i hear later in a summer afternoon stormy cloudy and a little dark anyhow the bus came from the cemetary side to cross the boyfriend and girlfriend from the other the grounds keeper stumble out and the school bus swerved to avoid hitting him at the same time the guy and girlfriend were speeding to cross the bus then swerved back the other direction smashed the grounds keeper and lost control and went over the bridge as well the girl and guy the girl was knocked unconcious and the boyfriend tried to save her all the while all the kids were screaming to save them and begghing for help the guy kept trying for his girl friend instead of trying to save any of the lives on the bus this river is known for flash flooding heavy fast waters this day it was very stormy lots of rain the waters were high and fast from what they say all the kids drowned the girlfriend as well the only survivor was the boyfriend the grounds keeper is said to have died laying on the side of the road crippled from being smashed buy the bus and had to watch in his last minutes all the kids that he seen daily since he was known to fish from the bridge on his breaks drown which is why he haunts the bridge the boyfriend is said that later on he could not deal with the agony and depression of what had happened that day so he returned later and hung himself from the bridge the kids were never found they only found the bus driver inside the bus so the legend has it the grounds keeper is seen leaving the graveyard and walking to the bridge between the hours of 5 and 8pm daily the boyfriend will appear to you hanging from the bridge screaming and crying for his girlfriend and begging the kids for forgivness it is said the kids haunted him until he was drove to suicide and the legend behind the kids is that if you put babypowder or any powder on the trunk hood or windshield of your car some say its the hands and feet of the little kids pushing your car away from the bridge to keep you safe however others have parked on this bridge before they closed it off and it felt as if they were trying to push the car into the waters below all the while laughing and some even say they are saying your name followed by come find us or you belong here with us some even say they have heard them say stay off the bridge it is not safe and others have stated they have heard them say you will never join us unless you go faster when the bridge was open and you could cross it was said you had to cross it at 60mph pretty fast for that old bridge however when this all took place that was a backroad so there was no posted speed limit signs and no suggested speed warnings of any kind so its said the bus and the boyfriend were driving 60mph or faster these are the true stories of maxdale bridge I have lived here in cove and have been to that bridge all my life however as you see when the story gets passed around the legend and the truth get twisted and new endings are added hell ive even heard this story completly changed many of times with several different outcomes again I know this place very well hell I even had gotten married in that cemetary two days before my actual jp marrige funny thing was when I did that I could swear I heard voices saying NO NO NO it is a mistake childrens voices warning me I wish I would have taken their advise that marrige did not last but 8 years and it was a nightmare for the most part of it I still return to the bridge and thank them for the warning to this day I have never heard the voices again so I do not beleive the ghost of the poor kids are bad ghost I leave candy on the edge of the bridge everytime also that is another thing you are suposed to do is at night leave candy on the edge of the bridge in babypowder and turn your back and count to 60 turn around and the candy is suposed to be gone with little hand prints in the powder I however do not tease the ghost of the kids I just leave them the candy because I know they are there and I know they are real ive never actually seen them however i hear the voices and ive experienced the babypowder on the car and felt the rocking and pushing of the car

    5. There are numerous stories pertaining to Maxdale.
      I’ve heard the stories about the drunk bus driver and the children. The old caretaker, The witch. The phantom pick-up truck driver. Also of the satanic rituals that happen out there. I’ve been witness to a group of 10-20 people coming out of the darkness of the bridge and scared the pants off my bestfriend and co-founder of the BCGH and myself. I’ve had my hair braided, had the children push the car away from the bridge, upon inspecting the vehicle we found fingerpainting type words in the dirt on the car that said “—— was here” we couldn’t ever figure out the name, caught pictures and had a incident where my sister, her ex and I all almost fell into the same flash back. Very creepy stuff. Most definitely haunted. And my favorite place to be.

    6. A while back, I think it was around August of 2013. One of my friends and I went the the maxdale bridge. We tried the head light thing and we went to the middle of the bridge for a while and saw and heard nothing. As we went to drive away, a truck came out of the bushes to our left and took off at a high rate of speed. We thought it was just someone else who got spooked so we attempted to follow it. When we turned the corner just moments after we saw it, we couldn’t find it. I was the driver and I looked for a while trying to maybe catch up to it and never did. I don’t know iif it was the ghost truck or just unlucky and couldn’t find it but either way it was pretty spooky. And I haven’t been back since.

      • My sister and best friend in the early 90’s had a similar experience except of the truck just vanishing, it continued to follow us at high rate of speed. She was driving a hatchback and the rear window had recently been busted out by a break in.
        I was in the back seat and they were in the front. The windows on the black truck were so dark you couldn’t make out the driver or passengers.
        I was screaming at the top of my lungs terrified and crying. It was the most intense feeling I have ever experienced with anything like that to this day and I will never be back.
        We hauled ass outta there as fast as our little car could go and the next time I looked back the truck had vanished.

        • Holy shit this happened to me as well! Back in 1997 I’m serious it stayed on my ass super bright lights all the way to the highway then poof disappears.. I mean it tried to kill me for reals

    7. i leave on FM 2670 or maxdale old road i have been in the brigde many times at diferent times of the day or late on the evening and have no hear or see anything all thought i do belive in this leyends or stories i have seen a lot of people visiting the brigde, but i will like for the Mayor of killeen do some maintenance of the place to keeps this leyend alive, the place is very quiet and peaceful and very beautiful and the water is so clear, more people should visit the place so they can see for their self, and to keep this leyend alive, dont forget to leave candy for the kids because they still there. i go there once in a while and pick up trash that people leave there, i have never been in the cemetery cause i repects the place, or maybe cause i dont like cemetery i have bad experiece in my childhood in cemeterys, and i dont want to experience one here. so come and visit the bridgde so i do with my kids often.

    8. The cemetery is beautiful with old graves said to be a few witches buried there its sad how many baby graves are there but they are unrelated to the bus incident I have gone to the bridge too many times to count beautiful place! Great for photos! You can no longer drive on bridge though. I have had the finger print thing on the trunk totally creeped me out tried to come up with reasons for it but IDK the best I could say is maybe the oil from the fingers when touching the car IDK but general unease there but definitely a lovely place during the day!

    9. I visisted Maxdale cemetery and bridge on Halloween night at 3:00am with my daughter and step-son. Let me tell you, I wont do that again. As soon as I took one step away from my car I heard a drum slowly playing. It was like an Indian drum. We were going to walk down to the bridge but when I heard this….I quickly got right back in my car.

      We then decided to DRIVE across the street to the cemetery which is only a few feet across the road. At this point we were already freaked out. We parked at the gate and shined the headlights into the cemetery. We definately did not want to go in!! We saw shadow figures, things low to the ground and things that were tall. There were shadows where there was nothing to cast a shadow. It was almost like looking thru a mosquito net with holes in it. We saw a human type tall figure leaning up against a head stone. It was standing with its arms crossed like it was just waiting for us to step one foot into the cemetery. I would not have done that for any amount of money.

      Before we went, the light in my bedroom blew out and could not get it to work at all after that. Tried new bulbs and the breaker. Was still not working when we moved out months later.
      Then after we went, I kept finding screws all over the house. I kept checking the cabinet doors to see if they fell out somehow. Would find them standing on the counters and floor like someone placed them there. Still dont have any idea where they came from.
      Woke up in the middle of the night while my husband was at work with a feeling that something was right in my face. It scared me so bad. I got up and turned the light on, calmed myself down, called my husband and then tried to go back to sleep. I had left the bathroom light on and I started thinking…. please don’t let that light go out. Then it did!! I was totally freaked out….

      Then about a year later we went out to the cemetery during the daytime. I have heard its really pretty out there. I was fine until we went to the bridge. I walked a little ways on the bridge and started having a panic attack which is not in my character. Started feeling sick and dizzy. I have a feeling that something very bad happened under the bridge. I would advise people to stay off of that bridge!!

      Later that night, I was putting sheets on my bed. I was tucking the sheet under the mattress and something pulled my hair!!!! My cell phone was charging on the kitchen counter and I saw the light flashing on and off. My son and I walked over and looked at it and the time said 3:33……

      I think very bad things have happened out there. Satan worshippers may have opened portals that allow spirits to manifest. The energy is very bad and sad. I feel such sorrow for the spirits that may be trapped and are being toyed with for amusement.

      This is a dangerous place and is definately haunted. I recommend people stay away and let the spirits rest in peace. Someone should do something to stop people from “ghost hunting” there. There is no telling what all has gone on out there. There could have been murders out there for all we know.

      If you decide to go dont be surprised if something follows you home…. “ghost hunting” should be made illegal in my opinion. I think its terrible. Is it possible that when you die someone could call your name and trap you somewhere you don’t want to be and make you do things you dont want to do?? What if we are disrupting the peaceful afterlife that we are supposed to have in the next world….

    10. I had a friend who died there in the late 90’s he was helping the sheriff’s department watch over the cemetery. As several people have been known to try to raise the ghost of the witch who is buried there, the witch has iron throughout her grave and over the casket to keep her in the ground. She was the worst of the worst dealing on black magic

      • Jason didn’t die of black
        Magic… Nor ghosts, witches, and such. He died protecting the grounds from stupid people who would ghost hunt and wreck the place by spray paint, litter, and such. Some drugged out man ran him off the road on Halloween after he chased high schoolers out of the grounds… He would still be around if people weren’t so ignorant and sloppy.

    11. I’m not entirely sure how one of the commenters even went out to Maxdale bridge or cemetery on Halloween considering there are police that do shut both roads down leading to both sides of the bridge to keep people out that night, like the people that want to swarm the place hoping to find something, or the satanists that are more likely to try and go to perform rituals out there seeing as how halloween has pagan roots to begin with.
      And furthermore, the only legitimate death I’ve ever found was the truck driver that drove off the bridge back in 2009.
      I’ve never been able to confirm that there ever was a bus of children or a boyfriend and girlfriend that died out there, no news articles not a peep about any of it, which I found odd so I’ve led myself to believe that it’s rubbish locals sort of made up and wove into its haunted history to make it seem more scary.
      With all that being said,
      I’ve been out there at least three times, and the first time I ever went, I was shaking before I ever even got to the bridge. My friend was in her car when my brother, myself, her brother, and my coworker got out, she starts yelling at us all of a sudden that she’s seeing orange lights and we got scared and ran like hell back to the car.
      Then we drove to the other side of it. And walked across the bridge, I think alot of people’s fears with the place is hearing it’s haunted to begin with, I was scared out of my mind, but it’s a dark bridge, it’s a virtually undeveloped area that’s got little to no lighting and the only people out there are all the locals and just people new to the area that have heard of this place and want to go sightseeing for themselves.
      The fact it’s so dark though I feel can lead people to think that they’re seeing things on the bridge, but of course you will when your eyes are really straining to take in everything around and in front of you, I’m not saying everyone that claims to see something is full of it, but I’ve also sworn I’ve seen something because it’s hard for your eyes to really focus on anything in nearly complete dark. (Think about trying to pick one thing out in your room at night when your room is completely dark and you’ll see what I mean by how hard our eyes have to focus.)
      The bridge itself I feel should be better maintained because surely the city officials have to know whether the area is technically private property or not, people are and do go out there all the time. So that’s a legitimate concern, there’s literally a wood board over what I assume to be a hole in the bridge and for the brave trying to come off as badasses, don’t walk down the bridge without some sort of illumination. It’s old and you don’t want to fall through.
      Now that I’ve said all that, I try to debunk alot of things that people claim happens out there. My first time on the bridge and I could have sworn I heard a far off woman’s scream, it was enough to make me rush back to the car, which we found out later upon sitting in a walmart parking lot that her car was COVERED in little hand prints, we didn’t even know about people claiming to have hand prints on their cars that went out there, so we didn’t out powder or anything anywhere.
      But sure as hell, when we got out to go in walmart, I turned and looked at the car waiting for everyone to get out, and BAM. I see all these little hand prints but they’re everywhere, they’re even on the very top of the car and they’re legitimate, they weren’t there when we were picked up to go, but here’s all these handprints the size of a 5-7 year olds, and you can see the oil deposits that come with leaving a handprint on something.
      So we’re in awe and shock. 1. If no one was touching the car, which I know to be true because my friend was in it the whole time so she could attest to no one touching it, then how do you have oil deposits? You’d think ghostly hands wouldn’t be capable, so my mind is blown, 2. If these prints are this small, no child of that age range would be able to reach the top of that vehicle and leave perfect prints like that. How’d this happen? I can’t debunk that.
      As far as screams people hear, there are also wild hogs out there, and possibly bobcats, which I know can be found out there. And Bobcats CAN make screaming noises that sound like women, just so everyone knows, don’t believe me, check it out online, it’s eery, but it happens so please don’t be so quick to assume you’re hearing a ghost. My second time going out there, I went out there with my brother and his roommate. We walk onto the bridge only to see a girl clinging to her boyfriend, who suddenly walked off leaving her for his own amusement just so she’d run right back to him because she was scared out of her mind. I rolled my eyes and leaned back against the railing not scared in the slightest. There are some nights you go out there, and you don’t feel anything. I just felt like I was standing on a piece of old history that night, nothing weird at all. And then the guy with his girlfriend tells us about how there’s a witches house around there and so we’re interested. Where is it? And he shows us that across from the church there’s a fence that clearly says keep out, and he says there’s a bunch of old abandoned houses back there but he didn’t want to come back there to show us, just point out the fence we had to jump. So we park behind the church and jump the fence. He says theres a trail, but it seemed we were following it and not finding anything but more field surrounded by trees. At some point we find an opening on the left side of the trees and there was a random step ladder sitting right next to a tree. Kind of odd to find something like that in this abandoned and pitch black field that had a huge keep out sign on the fence, but okay. And we never found the “witch house” this guy was talking about, but we don’t know where we’re going or what we’re looking for either, although one thing I can say about that field, was it was in June or July and texas gets annoying with the sound of cicadas and crickets even at night. You couldn’t hear one bug making a peep in that field. Maybe my brother and his friend didn’t pick up on that, but I did and the feeling was just off. Not only can you hear the dry grass crunching as you move, but no bugs? We got out of there as soon as I pointed that out, that’s not normal in my opinion.
      Which concluded my second trip.
      The third and final trip, it was once again my brother, his roommate, but now their other friend.
      We go on the bridge together and my bro and his roommate run off it to scare their friend.
      And then we go back on again, and maybe like I said, it’s so dark our eyes were playing trucks on us, but we all end up seeing what looks like someone standing on the opposite side of the bridge, he’s just standing there though so were thinking maybe he’s too scared to come up here, and when we walk down there, there’s nothing. So we’re off to the cemetery. We’re wondering around checking out headstones and I come across the multiple baby headstones all from one set of parents and my heart sank, at some point all three of the guys leave me to “find unmarked” graves. Lol. If they’re unmarked, which we discovered around 200 are out there through research, you’re going to be standing on them and not even know it, so that was a no brainer, but I let them go anyways, and I come across a grave for a 3 year old with an iron gating type fence around it, and toys that were left in the fence. I was pregnant with my daughter this third time I was out there, so it just hit me, I can’t explain what came over me, but I just sat down beside that grave and didn’t want to get up, i had been hit with this severe sadness I can’t explain. And then I hear a scream coming from the wooded area in front of the direction I’m sitting. It was far off and I was like okay, Bobcat, I’m going to continue being sad. None of the guys hear it, so whatever.
      And then I hear it again, but it’s loud and alot closer and by that time all three guys heard it and are running back up to find me.
      And we decided at that point something doesn’t feel right like something did not want us there and I can’t explain that feeling any further than that, but we got out of the cemetery as fast as we could and left. I haven’t been back since and I don’t want to. I shouldn’t have been out there anyways taking the chance on something following me home or attaching itself to my then unborn little girl, but that’s one of those places you get addicted to being out of curiosity and out of the rush you get and trying to understand things that are way beyond our comprehension.
      I’m still not sure if it is haunted, because I can’t prove or disprove of the screaming when I was in the cemetery, but it was enough to make me not want to go back.
      In addition, I have a screen shot of a photograph from a Jacob Hill that had went out there with his friend to investigate not long before I went out there, it’s not my picture but something appears to be crawling out of a grave. So it’s up to you to decide.

      • Me and about 4 others, went to this bridge around midnight. We were walking up to the bridge and before you start to step onto the bridge it smelt as if something was dead, terrible smell. And we all stood around talking about it for a sec and then disappeared. (And no! No one farted) Anyways, so we continued to walk on the bridge and noticed all the writing on the bridge “God is Dead”, “The pentagram star”, and names. Which tbh freaked us out a little. So we kept walking slowly and we started to hear hogs and stuff so we took it easy. Well after about 10 min we started walking back to our vehicles, I was talking to my friend, when all the sudden my bf was telling everyone to turn off their vehicles, so they did so. We noticed the was light on on the bridge as if a vehicle was turning left on the bridge because the light had only showed on the left side of the bridge. My bf flashed his headlight towards the bridge, and whatever was on the other side has flashed their lights, So again my bf flashed his, and so did the other, he once again flashed and the lights vanished. Now we’ve tried and tried to debunk this but we can’t. Because we were close enough to the bridge to where if it was another vehicle we would have heard it. And the way the lights were it had to have been some kind of vehicle. But from the other side no one can get their truck in like that and be that close the railing of the bridge like it was. And their lights were of an amber colored lights. So we think it might have been the phantom truck. If anyone has had the same or close to what we experienced, let me know please! My name is April Campbell, you can find me on fb.

    12. I just visited here again today and once again the children were up the their usual. Pushing the car away from the bridge, leaving tiny hand prints. We also heard screaming and saw random movements. The car got very cold as we pulled near the bridge and there was a lot of commotion and cold spots on the bridge itself. I’ve been here multiple times and have heard the children from the school bus, seen the man hanging, and seen the limping man. The children will push your car safely away from the bridge if you pull close and put the car in neutral. The hanging man only shows up sometimes. The limping man is usually there because he took care of the place (meaning the cemetery, not the bridge). But be careful, legend has it if you leave a window down as you drive away, a ghost child will go home with you.

    13. Went there recently during the day. Beautiful place. Swam in the river and then did the same a week later at night. Gorgeous absolutely gorgeous. Ran across the bridge alone, hung out on the other side. Eerie, heck yea it was eerie. But at no point did I feel horrid or dreadful. Will definitely be going back.

    14. Propaganda! It’s all b.s. I grew up in the area, spent many nights under the bridge fishing. I spent days swimming (and still do). Never have I felt fear…except from all the human interference. My family and friends are buried in the cemetery so we visit often , guess what….nothing creepy happened! The only thing wrong in Maxdale are the a**holes that visit to deface our landmarks .
      Oh yes one more thing, the cemetery caretaker was my grandfather. Yes, he walked with a limp and didn’t put up with shenanigans from idiots. No ghosts linger here, let this beautiful place be.

    15. I work for a local law enforcement agency and was dispatched to a report off a suicidal subject on the bridge. It was in the summer, maybe August, and around 1100PM I was fairly new to law enforcement and knew nothing of the local folklore. When I arrived, I met with two young soldiers(Ft. Hood is nearby) who were the ones who called in to report the suicidal subject. They told me they walked out on the bridge just to check it out, and saw a white male sitting in a folding chair right in the middle off the bridge with a shotgun in his hands and a bottle of Jack Daniels next to him. The soldiers told me they tried to talk to him and asked if everything is okay, but he wouldn’t say anything and refused too even look at them or acknowledge they were there. They told me they walked back to their car to call the police, and have been waiting at their car for me to arrive. While talking with the soldiers, I hear a loud gunshot come from the bridge. I run toward the sound, and find a folding chair sitting in the middle of the bridge but no one around. I look over the side of the bridge and see a shotgun lying in about two feet off water. It took me about 20 seconds to get to the bridge after hearing the gunshot but I did not see or hear anyone leaving the area. I never found out who/ the guy was, one of the soldiers was kind enough to retrieve the shotgun out of the water for me and it was recovered as evidence. True story, and definitely an odd case.

    16. Was the guy dead or what. I have been there the place is creepy, the cemetery when your there it feels like someone is watching you something on the bridge, it is creepy feels like someone is watching you.

    17. In 2011 I was a college student at CTC. I lived in the doors. My suitemates and I decided to go see the bridge ourselves. It was night time. The bridge had already been closed off where you can’t drive on it. We followed a truck of male dorm students to the side where the cemetery is. First we walked on the bridge and there was just a very eerie feeling about it. We then went to the cemetery and walked inside. Immediately I thought I saw a figure coming towards us. Apparently I wasn’t the only one to see it because we all started running back to the road. The figure stopped at the gate as if it couldn’t leave the cemetery. I was terrified. Fast forward to 2018 my husband was doing a job nearby the bridge and was fascinated with it. He took me out there again during the day and the closer we got the worse I felt. I became sad and a weight settled on me. There were people n the bridge filming something. We just drove by and never stopped. However every time I go by whether it be day or night, I get a very settled feeling.

    18. Don’t go here. I went out there with my wife, my sister-in-law, and my niece a couple of years ago. Something definitely followed me home. I started experiencing cold spots around my sister-in-laws house and I measured it with EVP and it was off the charts. I also started having demonic nightmares and waking up in cold sweat. A couple of weeks after I visited here, I was attacked by a demon. It happened a little after 3 am and something literally grabbed my leg and started to pull me off the bed. My wife had to grab a hold of me and pull me back. She started praying and it let go of me. But it left a giant bruise on my leg and when it started to heal it looked like teeth marks. To get the activity to calm down, I had to fast and pray daily. I have a rosary blessed by the pope hanging up in my bedroom also. The paranormal activity finally calmed down about a year after I visited the bridge. I think it’s because my grandpa died and he’s protecting me from it because a lot of strange things happened right before he died. I started having the nightmares again and seeing dark shadow figures. Then after he died, everything came to a sudden stop.

      Needless to say, I believe in God, and evil now. There is no doubt in my mind.

    19. My husband and I lived on Wolfridge Rd from 2002-2004, and I worked as a bartender in Killeen. One night my husband was driving me home from work about 3AM, and we were crossing the bridge; not the iron bridge, but the part of Maxdale Rd that crosses the river. As we were crossing the bridge, what looked like a giant cargo net dropped out of the sky and over our car, but we just drove right through it. We both thought we imagined it, until we realized we both saw it. My husband insisted on turning around and going back to check it out. I was so freaked out! We went back and there was nothing there. I drove past the bridge and cemetery every day for 2 years and that was the only strange experience I had.

    20. Went there over the weekend we kept hearing what sounded like pebbles being thrown in the water, right after that we saw something run across the bridge and immediately after I took a picture my sons friend and I saw a little girl in a white floral dress at the end of the bridge! She was gone but when we were talking back to the car we could hear someone following us. It was a very eerie feeling all night. Will for sure go back and see if we experience anything else. We also saw a man standing at the end of the bridge it was different that’s for sure.

    21. I am in my 40s and I heard a lot of these stories while growing up in Florence. My family has lived in the area since the 1800s, starting with my great great grandparents. Twenty five years ago I asked my grandmother, who was born in the early 1920s about these so called ghost stories. She was a bit shocked that these old rumors are still going around. Please stop believing these stupid stories. It is leading to constant vandalism of the cemetery. Some people seem to think there is a glowing grave, but that is not true either. What people are seeing is light from bioluminescent moss. For those of you that see headlights, perhaps you should consider that people living in the area are trying to chase you away. It’s ridiculous that these stories have been going on for decades

    22. This place is literally just an abandoned bridge with graffiti and litter. We went there at night and nothing about it was eerie or scary. It was actually quite beautiful with the stars out & the sound of the river running. Idk why people really believe it’s haunted, I’d go on a picnic here.

    23. Jonathon saygidia  |  

      I’ve investigated this bridge once and swore to never go back. My experience here was really bad but very good for paranormal evidence, I swore to never go back however a 1 year later I am headed back to find more evidence and confirm this location to be haunted.

    24. So last night around 11pm, i went to that bridge with my buddies and we face so many weird things there, such as hearing someone crying and peeking at us on the end of the bridge, when we were down near the creek. The picture that i posted is the exact spot of that thing which was peeking at us… and we all got freaked out after we figured we got something on the picture.

    25. Am i the only one that has had a great Pyrenees dog walk out from the side of the bridge with red eyes, which then stood on its 2 hind feet and was taller then any of the people i was with?? We threw a big gulp cup at it to spook it away and it went right through it….. not my only story from maxdale but most def. the scariest.

    26. sophia rodriguez  |  

      me and my family had went and visited the bridge as long as the church and cemetery… when we were all putting our phones down and starting to look at the church the shack beside the church door slowly shut and there was no wind at all and no one in sight, i. a recording of us talking there is a weird scream in the truck that sounds like it’s coming form someone but nun of us remember making that noise it almost sounds like a pig squealing or a girl screaming

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