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Bowden Road is called Demon’s Road by some locals, because of all the hauntings that have been reported here. It leads to Martha Chapel Cemetery. Locals warn visitors here not to provoke the spirits, as ghosts have been known to follow visitors home. A hand reportedly came up out of a grave, grasping for someone to pull down. Large handprints have been left on their vehicles. Red lights have been seen. Some stories claim a KKK cult holds ritual ceremonies nearby. The apparition of a child with glowing eyes riding a tricycle and a faceless creature also have been reported.

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Martha Chapel Cemetery Rd
Huntsville, TX
United States

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30.648822087079896, -95.63437879074627
Walker County, Texas
Nearest Towns:
Huntsville, TX (7.2 mi.)
New Waverly, TX (11.8 mi.)
Willis, TX (18.0 mi.)
Montgomery, TX (18.4 mi.)
Riverside, TX (19.7 mi.)
Oakhurst, TX (19.9 mi.)
Panorama Village, TX (20.3 mi.)
Bedias, TX (20.7 mi.)
Anderson, TX (23.8 mi.)
Conroe, TX (25.6 mi.)


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  1. When I was in college some friends and I went out to the cemetery. We explored around for a bit but didn’t experience anything until we decided to leave. I put my hand on the hood and it was hot. We laughed at it until we got in the truck and started it up. Some how we were out their for 3 hours, and the hood was still harm!

  2. I was out at Martha Chapel Cemetery with a paranormal investigation team a few years ago. My personal experience was when my EMF reader went off in the middle of the cemetery. Since there is no electricity in that area, it was very strange. I also heard what sounded to be a pack of howling animals (wolves, coyotes, or something like that) coming toward our group right before we left. Other members stated that they saw shadow figures darting from gravestone to gravestone and around our cars.

  3. A grave stone was grey when we walk in the cemetery. when we came out it was black. when driving down the road in the middle of summer ( 90 plus degrees) it was very cold. very creepy place.

  4. We went to Bowden rd and went to the cemetery…. Turned the car off and the lights, nothing happend so we returned to Bowden rd, upon returning to the road I suggested trying it again, we turned the car off and while in the car I saw a hand next to my face but no one in the car was near my face, then as we turned the car back on there were HUGE hand prints all over my car. Two of the people in the car with me reported seeing 2 lights getting closer to the car in the large field next to us. We started the car before the lights got to close.

    • That ghost hand appears to be holding an iPhone to me… notice the gray trim that rounds nicely at the top? And you can see the hint of the Apple logo between the index and middle finger. Looks like these ghosts are getting high tech.

      • We have been there several times. Most definitely one of our favorite places to investigate. We have heard voices, heard a car start up and drive down the road and nothing was there. Not lights, not a single car in sight besides ours. We have seen a big white body figured and scared us so bad. It must of been like 8 ft tall. There is definitely something back there in the woods too. And especially on Demons Road. The road that leads to the cemetery. If you would like to check our videos out go to The Ghostly Realm on YouTube. I have a few videos from the place and it is by far spooky but a very fun adventurous place!!

  5. Traveled a few hours to this location with two friends whom I should have left home. I’m very familiar with such and they aren’t, as they ended up “pissing the spirits off”. The female friend was walking along the graves and all of a sudden felt hands around her neck choking her. The male had the flashlight jerked out of his hands and something started chasing him. I could hear the footsteps and see the horror and tears in their eyes. Why it didn’t affect me? Not too sure.

  6. Went there yesterday, well worth the trip. We almost turned around when we saw the small dark gravel road leading back into the woods, but I’m glad we didn’t. Have a video about 2 minutes long (taken just after sunset), about 3/4 the way thru the video, children’s laughter can be heard… there were no children around. Quite spooky (and I’m a bit jaded by all this stuff). Seen a lot of disappointing “ghost sites”, this one restored my faith. We left before it got too dark.

  7. Charlie Bogart  |  

    I went there a few months ago with my at the time GF Jessica and college friend Joe. What I saw is true and it scared me so bad my entire perspective about ghosts was altered… I was once a very devout non-believer until June 6, 2015, I remember the exact date because that was the night I decided to play with a Ouija board. I have tried everything to forget about this but I hope in sharing it, light will be shed and my fears maybe eased, I don’t know.

    It all started at about 8:30 PM. The sun was setting and the night approaching so we quickly chose a spot on the ground next to this large eerie pyramid gravestone. It had an odd creepy feeling about it and we all noticed it so naturally we had to set up there. Joe was like me, a nonbeliever he kind of chuckled and placed his index and middle finger on the monocle and jokingly spoke out loud asking to be in contact with whoever was out there.

    My girlfriend Jessica along with my fingers feeling like magnets shot towards the monocle and started smoking! Joe was trying his hardest to fight whatever force was pulling his fingers in but the amount of blood pouring from his hands and the smell of burning skin was a challenge he didn’t seem up to.

    All of the sudden, we heard something hitting the board. Looking down Joe’s fingernails were falling straight off his fingers. He yelled and the force that kept pulling our hands towards the monocle stopped.
    It left my girl and myself with 3rd-degree burns on our hands and Joe the worst having at the least 4th-degree burns. He was crying and strangely his fingers looked as though they had melted together and fused at the bone. His fingernails were all missing and he lay sobbing in shock.

    We knew we had to get him to the hospital. I kicked the game away from us but my foot felt as if I had kicked a boulder and the game lay there as if nothing had happened. Out of the silence a painful ringing in my ear filled my head. The eye of the board started moving. We sat there shocked until I heard what sounded like a tree branch breaking coming from Jessicas corner. I looked over and tears started rolling from her face. What I saw horrified me, as she lifted her right arm, only half of the arm came up bending in half, she screamed and I panicked. What I thought was a branch cracking was my gf’s brittle bone.
    That’s about the time I knew I had to get out of there. Both Joe and Jessica fainted hitting their heads on the tombstones leaving yet another puddle of blood and what was left sounded like a rocket getting closer and closer…

    Up from the Oijia board rose a young girl who muttered the name “Niki Sky”… “Nikkkkiii Skyyyyyy”. The girl had what looked like torn clothes from the hippie generation and a face of pure white. I could barely make out her eyes as they sunk in and were all black. She has little wrinkles but many cuts all around her face and down her arms. Starting from her head down to her feet she grew transparent to the point you could barely make out her feet. Her long black hair hung down her back with blotches missing from her bloody head. She had a face I will never forget…

    Everything went to black…

    I awoke in my car right as the morning sun was coming up. Somehow I ended up in my car alone. I was never more happy to be in daylight and waited another hour for full sun before I went to look for my friends. I spent about 3 hours looking for them, when not even a trace was found I called the cops. There parents met us later on around noon to aid in the search. Nothing was ever found.

    I decided to head home and get some sleep, I just couldn’t handle one more second in that graveyard.
    I accessed the highway when I saw the name “Niki Sky” spelled out on my rear view window I pulled to the shoulder to collect my nerves when I saw what looked like the top of a head moving in the back seat…

  8. I went there back in the 80’s with a large group we did not stay too long after we all seen the two red lights that looked like eyes that were getting closer we hauled ass after that

  9. My daughter had friends over and we decided after an afternoon of spooky stories we would drive down Demons Road to the cemetary just for a quick drive around. I was near dusk and I did not want the kids to be there alone.As we made our drive around the girls noticed red lights following us. As we drove on we felt something shake the car.When we arrived home we noticed several claw like prints on the back of the car. Don’t go out there and make jokes about wanting something to happen.

    • The red lights you saw was the “cherry” glowing from the funny cigarette you all were smoking. The thing that shook your car were potholes you ran over as you fled “pellmell” for your lives. Nice try,but no dice.

  10. I’ve been there four times I am 52 and grew up in an actual haunted place in Tatum Texas. Absolutely nothing has ever happened each time I visited the cemetery! Bowden road however is a different story. While driving for a delivery service each time I went down the road in broad daylight I’d see men walking then as soon as I meet and pass they would vanish. I stopped once by slamming the brakes thinking I’d see the individual. The second I blinked or lost quick sight momentarily they’d be gone. The last time I had three flats by trying to catch a walker in broad daylight on bowden road, there I sat in a yellow DH& van with just one space and 3 flats, I search for foot prints while waiting for rescue and found none. I even ask a local about seeing people walking the road, especially an older Caucasian dressed in overalls and T-shirt, she just laughed. Ghosts or someone jacking with me, you drive the rode daily or 2-4 times a week for 6 months and you decide.

  11. I went out there a couple of weeks ago, May 2016. It was a Thursday evening around 7. It wasn’t dark, but overcast. As soon as I got there, a car pulled up behind mine. I motioned for the guy to get out and join me, but he rolled down his window and said he didn’t want to get muddy, so he left.
    I had to park about 200 yards from the cemetery due to the mud. And before I lgot out of my car, I said a prayer asking for protection while I was there. I walked up to the historical sign in the front. As I was walking up, I heard gunshots and howling. It was weird, but I didn’t think much of it because this is Texas. I had my crucifix in one hand and my knife in the other. After I read the sign, I said another prayer for the restless souls. I asked God to give them peace. As soon as I finished, I i was going to walk towards the back of the cemetery. Something told me not to. Then I heard rustling in the woods that sounded like something was coming. At that point, I decided to call it a day and ran back to my car. As I ran back, I felt like something was watching me leave. I got in my car and scanned the cemetery, but i didn’t see anything. Next time, I’m taking a gun and I’m going to take some relics and do my best to pray and bring peace to all the unsettled souls there.

  12. My husband and I went out there last Saturday afternoon. The sun was out, it had just rained that day so the dirt was wet. We both looked around and took plenty of photos. After we returned home this is what happened. My Shetland sheepdog Sasha took a sniff of my shoes upon entering our home, and later that night she started acting strange. She was pacing the floor in the living room and would not sit or lie down at all. At first it was alright but then she kept on looking down our long entry hall at something or someone. She would not come near me at all. Strange. I hope nothing attached to me that day at the cemetary. I guess we will wait to see. My dog is fine now though, not acting weird anymore thank God.

  13. Also want to add, there are a lot of faces in our photos and they are scary looking. It appears that the ghosts were on the outside of the fence looking at us walking around. I felt like I was being watched all the time too. We are planning another trip in the fall. I hope to see more at that time.

    • Hey Lorraine —
      I took some photos and found some disturbing entities as well…
      I would love to see what you captured to see if we came across the same “beings”.
      Let’s exchange emails?

  14. First off i am 48 years old and take the super natural very seriously. After hearing about this place for a while, i decided to go with my two older sons (both in the military and dont scare easily) and two of their friends. There are 2 separate cemeteries separated by a small field and fence. After exploring the first cemetery with nothing of interest to report we headed to the second cemetery. In the second cemetery there is a large above ground casket. We proceeded to check it out. As we got closer all of us began to hear what sounded like a whispering but could not make out the words. The closer to the casket we got the louder the whispering became. Naturally we are all on high alert. The second we got about foot from the casket the whispering became loud screams and yelping. Needless to say we immediately turned and began running to the cars that were parked on the road about a half mile from us. As we ran the screams seemed to be getting closer and closer. As soon as we saw our parked cars with the headlights on the screams stopped immediately. This place is the real deal. Do not provoke and you should be fine. Be respectful and enjoy!!!

  15. Investigated this cemetery 4 times. Always gotten clear evp ‘s. Always had strange occurrences in my home for a few days after visiting.

  16. I am very sensitive and I take stuff like this very seriously. We were being watched the whole time by multiple spirits and entities alike. The first part of the cemetery was alright. As soon as you get to the black side of the cemetery because it is a segregated cemetery. It starts to get very intense. Thats where the entity seems to roam is on the second half. We came across some very wierd things. We saw three bags and on each bag had someone’s name. Inside each bag was a single saddle. I don’t know what that was about but very wierd. It did make me feel uneasy though. There were 11 of us out there aside from the 4 that weren’t looking were the rest of us were looking saw the orbs. We saw the red orbs, the blue orvs, the white orbs, and i saw the yellow orb twice. We also saw plenty of shadow movement. Plus I didn’t notice at the time but upon arrival back to my place. When I got out of my car I saw that I had a long new scratch. I was attacked by something. I had some side effects on the drive home as well… pain in my shoulders and upper back, pain just below my rib and pain in my lower abdomen. Those systems left, however when I got out of the car there was a pin in my thigh as if someone punched me in my thigh really hard while I was sitting. It sucks because I am sensitive and it seems that I bring attention to myself. Not because I want to but just because of who I am. Please be very careful if you go out here. Be smart and don’t get complacent. This cemetery is definitely a very negative cemetery. That entity is very strong! Just be smart and don’t be disrespectful if you must go out there. When you leave make sure you tell the spirits to stay and not follow you. And at every stop you make on the trip home say it again. Not aggressively but firmly and you must believe it! So that you don’t have a spirt follow you home. Upon your arrival at your home at the door tell the spirts you are not allowed to follow me into my home, you are not allowed to stay and that they need to go back were they came from. Also mention they are not allowed to attach and harm you in anyway. Best of luck. Again please be safe if you must go out there.

  17. We have been there several times. Most definitely one of our favorite places to investigate. We have heard voices, heard a car start up and drive down the road and nothing was there. Not lights, not a single car in sight besides ours. We have seen a big white body figured and scared us so bad. It must of been like 8 ft tall. There is definitely something back there in the woods too. And especially on Demons Road. The road that leads to the cemetery. If you would like to check our videos out go to The Ghostly Realm on YouTube. I have a few videos from the place and it is by far spooky but a very fun adventurous place!!

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