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This bridge is the scene of 2 events. On Nov. 3, 1863. There was a union campground just east of it, then it was attacked by the Confederacy. This is called ” The Battle of Bayou Bourbeau” The Confederates were victorious, and manage to capture an artillery piece. Young Corporal Marland then fought off 7 confederates and took his gun back, charging over the bridge back to Lafayette La. He was given a Medal of Honor for his actions there, and the bridge was named for him.

The actual haunting of the bridge has nothing to do with that though. In the early 1900s, a woman was on her way to meet her fiance’ to get married at the nearby church. The congregation waited for hours until they went looking for her. Traveling back to her house, they had to cross Marland’s bridge and found her horse and buggy there. After searching around for her, they discovered her body in Bayou Bourbeau near the bridge.

Years later, people passing over the bridge complain of their radios going on and off, and there are some eyewitness accounts of a girl in a white dress hovering over it. Sometimes, if you park near the bridge at night and turn your car off. She will not hesitate for a visit….

Submitted by Shane M.

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Geographic Information

Near Robert Dailey Road and Bourbeaux Dr
Sunset, LA
United States

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30.412667867042746, -92.09004620370484
St. Landry Parish, Louisiana
Nearest Towns:
Sunset, LA (1.3 mi.)
Grand Coteau, LA (2.6 mi.)
Cankton, LA (4.7 mi.)
Carencro, LA (7.0 mi.)
Church Point, LA (7.5 mi.)
Leonville, LA (7.8 mi.)
Opelousas, LA (8.4 mi.)
Lawtell, LA (9.2 mi.)
Arnaudville, LA (9.5 mi.)
Ossun, LA (9.5 mi.)


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  1. I’ve seen the lady in white appear out of thin air on the plantation grounds by the pond and disappear when another car turned around the corner. I’ve also been on the bridge and whistled a tune and had the exact tune whistled back to me from the other side of the tree line by chretien point

    • Yes, Robert Dailey Rd turns into MLK 2+ miles south of the bridge when it becomes Sunset city-limits. I bought the property on the NE side of the bridge. My front porch faces the bridge <250' away. I have seen and heard many peculiar things of a night sitting on the porch. My dogs have exhibited strange behavior numerous times since we moved here. Beside the young Lady in white there is also a mass grave of 800 soldiers buried in the area that has never been located.
      I have been more at peace and comfortable since moving here than any other time in my 58 years . I have never sensed evil or any negative vibes. I have seen unexplained lights and movement down in the woods next to the bridge. I have heard many strange noises numerous times. (The woods are full of rabbits, squirrels, owls, raccoons, opossums etc. though}.
      I have heard children's voices several times coming from the woods down there at times and places no childwould be.
      I am going to build a gazebo with netting and a firepit down towards the bridge and rent it to campers who want to see if they experience unusual happenings.

      • I would be very interested in discussing permission for camping and filming. For a fair rate if need be.

        This would be for a fledgling Youtube channel. We would be very courteous, professional, and pick up after ourselves. We would also be very interested in your experiences and observations.

        We are not ghost hunters but explorers and investigators of southern Louisiana legends. We’re aiming for a more documentary approach but we will try to capture any strange occurrences if they present themselves. You never know what’s out there.

        If you’re interested in our offer you can contact Phil at Louisiana Legend Seekers on Facebook and me, Aaron, at

      • This message might seem random or outdated, but I am fascinated with this battle. I teach American history in Lafayette Parish and when I teach the civil war I like to design activities related to the war in Louisiana so students gain a more relevant understanding of both history and their backyards. I live just down the road in Carencro and would love the opportunity to metal detect where the battle occured. I have never metal detected on a battleground, but the idea of connecting with the past and being able to share these experiences with my students is something I’ve always wanted to do. From your messages here on this website I understand that your property is on the location where th ebattle took place. Would you consider allowing me the opportunity metal detect in the near future.? Also, would you know if any of the nearby locals would be opposed to this? Thank you in advance and I look forward to hearing from you.

    • Mechelle Black  |  

      What, the mist beside him? Residual spirit manifesting. It’s all good. These things are around us much more than we’ll ever know. They’re here, just in another realm.

  2. It was 1 in the morning on new year’s .this was our third night in a row we went out there we caught this and seven more.i was so scared!

  3. Melanie Trappey  |  

    This picture is a lot creepier on “live iPhoto” we saw nothing while we were there but took a lot of pics and looked after and saw this

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