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Claims of strange noises and objects being moved cause some people to say that the MMI is haunted.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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1101 Washington St
Marion, AL 36756
United States

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32.623789983162226, -87.32087051509706
Perry County, Alabama
Nearest Towns:
Marion, AL (0.6 mi.)
Newbern, AL (12.5 mi.)
Uniontown, AL (16.5 mi.)
Greensboro, AL (16.9 mi.)
Faunsdale, AL (19.5 mi.)
Valley Grande, AL (21.0 mi.)
Orrville, AL (22.4 mi.)
Selma, AL (23.0 mi.)
Brent, AL (23.5 mi.)
Centreville, AL (24.6 mi.)


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  1. I went to school here back in 2000. We lived in the back dorm that has since been condemed. It is haunted, period. Ive never experienced so much ghost and demonic activity. I was so glad to have only been there a year!

    • You mean Murfee? It’s still very much in use. Johnson, on the other hand, is not. Although, sometimes faculty members will stay there overnight if they have to be on campus early the next morning.

    • I am currently a Cadet here and I am in Wilkerson Hall. I have had very eerie happenings occur while ive been here from objects moving around, to feeling like im being watched, to hearing people call my name in the middle of the night. Every night i sleep with my phone beside me and the charger connected to it. The wall outlet sits just under neath the bed so to unplug it or plug it i have to reach my hand between the bed and the wall to get to it. One night i woke up and felt something wrapped tightly around my neck. I reached up and realized that it was my charger. The end of the charger had been unplugged from the wall and wrapped around my neck two or three times while the other end was still connected to my phone!! Also, a lot of us tend to wake up at 3:00 am a lot. I’ve shared this with some friends here and a lot of them have the same experience. 3:00 AM seems to have some significance, but I do not know why. The last thing i can think of is late at night you can sometimes hear footsteps, dragging, and banging on the abandoned floor above my floor. Very creepy stuff

  2. His name is Pete, wrote his name on the wall when a Sgt major stayed there. Would dump his clothes out of the dressers and jump on his bed in middle of the night. He isn’t demonic, just a bit mischievous.

  3. I attended MMI from, 1995-1997 and I experienced some strange things around campus. I was a boarding student and didn’t have a car so I mostly stayed there on the weekends and it was very boring. We would go explore the campus at night and frequently got under the Chapel where there are some old abandoned rooms. There were some tunnels throughout the city that were used by the Confederate Army during the Civil War to fortify the town but we were too scared to venture very far into them because they looked unsafe.

    Since we weren’t allowed to smoke on campus, we were constantly on the lookout for faculty and staff walking around whenever we would try to sneak a smoke. We would sometimes hear the DISTINCT sound of footsteps coming close to us and we would immediately stomp out our cigarettes so we wouldn’t get caught, only to find that no one was there. This happened on numerous occasions during my time at MMI.

    The Chapel (the oldest building on campus) was used as an Army hospital to treat wounded soldiers during the Battle of Selma and many succumbed to their wounds. Once they died they were immediately buried in a makeshift cemetery behind the chapel. Some Cadets said that they would randomly smell ether (which was used in hospitals) for no reason at all.

    • I attend MMI right now and have found the awesome tunnels you are talking about! I am yet to find the tunnels leading into the town but the rooms are pretty cool.

    • I attended MMI around 99-00 and dealt with everything you described. It got crazy, the footsteps, tunnels, strange smells etc… My roommate would wake up screaming every night and describing soldiers walking around blown up and shot to pieces, wearing like burlap hospital gowns and they all had oranges for some reason… A lot of crazy things happened that year… But we did the same on the weekends… But yeah that place is very haunted…

  4. Hi, I attended here in Fall of 2014 in Lovelace (the oldest dorms on campus still and original from 1800’s) I can attest to the second floor because at 0300 every night doors would rattle and we would hear bootsteps (mind you it is a tile floor). It is also said that you can hear cavalry charging across the parade field from time to time

  5. I tried out for a organization, we had to stay in the chapel, in which was a hospital during the civil war era, over night. The project would flicker on and off throughout the night. I went to school here between 2013-2015 and that was the only possible paranormal thing that I can recall. The project was unplug also.

  6. I lived in Lovelace Hall for two years. I lived on the second floor in the little closet with two rooms. I am going to tell two stories that I believe are connected. I am not as familiar with the first story as that happened a few years before I went to school there.
    First story goes like this, Lovelace used to be the girls dorm. One of the girls who lived on the first floor close to the stairs started becoming possessed or acting crazy and for a few weeks she really scared the girls. Until she committed suicide in her room. Supposedly the night she died all the girls moved out of Lovelace and ever since it has been a boys dorm. No one would live in her room and it was used for storage for years until my first year when someone who did not believe in ghosts was promoted to PLT SGT and got his own room. So that is all I know about that, I am sure someone could clear up what actually happened to her whoever she was.
    My last story is one I believe is directly connected to whatever happened to that girl. There was this really hot shot guy, he excelled in everything he did, he was sent to Mountain Warfare School, he was Bravos 1stSGT, Honor Roll, you name it. During his second year he changed. It was said to me by the swamp fox commander and future battalion commander that it started with a program on his computer that would type what you spoke into the microphone. He knew his microphone was picking up weird text and one night while they were hanging out in the his room with him something talked to them through the laptop microphone. I remember how they told me the conversation went, “Ghost: Hello… Cadets type: Hello who is this? Ghost: (some old southern woman name I cannot remember)… Ghost: I’m scared… Cadets: What are you scared of? … Ghost: The girl in the corner of the room is looking at me … Ghost: I’m terrified” That is all the conversation I am aware of. However the subject of this story (Bravos 1stSgt) became obsessed with the ghost legends of the school. He began acting oddly and became reclusive. His grades dropped, he stopped going to formations, he gave up on his army commission. He was kicked out in December for his bizarre behavior and the day he left he did really strange things like throwing a large 100 pound trunk perfectly into his tiny car trunk from 20 yards away. Even the way he drove off campus scared people. For his closer friends, his transformation made them fear the building and whatever was there with us. The next semester someone next moved into his room and took over his duties as 1stSgt, nothing out of the ordinary happened to that person, he lived in the room for 4 months then moved out. When the next years 1stSgt went to that room when he arrived for school in the fall he went to check his new room with the swamp fox commander and future battalion commander. When they opened the door to the room, on the bed, in dress right dress, were items that had belonged to the previous 1stSgt who had been kicked out two semesters ago! Those items could not have been left there because someone had lived in the room after him for a semester and the room stays locked all summer until the new 1stSgt arrives. That 1stSgt would NEVER sleep in that room. He stayed in the swamp fox commanders room across the hall every night even though he had his own room. The swamp fox commander never complained about the 1stSgt sleeping in his room because he knew exactly what had happened. I told this story to the new Cadets my second year and was awoken by a “SSHHH!!!” in my ear the following mourning.
    If anyone from Marion could add to or correct this story, that would be great.

    • I have now learned that my first story is not true at all. My second story was nothing out of the ordinary. However there are lots of odd stories that I am sure people have to share

      • Sounds like the time I was there. If I’m correct the time for the 1sg losing his mind was around 2010? I was in his company a few doors down from him. The school is trying to sweep it under the rug. All sites like these were blocked if using their internet. I would toss the cadets name but that’s a lil too much info. But his last name was a type of fish and he was definitely a swamp fox. I knew about the deal with the computer and I knew he acted weird afterwards and he indeed did get kicked out. It was all very hush hush. But the time frame lines up with when I was there. Lovelace was a female barracks but bravo company switched to lovelace and they went to wilkerson. Wish I could remember the name the computer gave out. Me and a few others joked openly about the name saying it was gunna get us. I had a few strange noises in my room and went searching for things like this at night around campus. We walked out to the ball field to smoke and I started asking questions in a joking manner. After a while of hearing nothing and recording audio I yelled out f@$! Ghosts ain’t s@!+ when me and the group I was with all heard something loud just in the tree line. It sounded like something falling from a tree and a huge thud on the ground. It was something very big and heavy sounding and most the guys took off running. May not have been paranormal but it freaked us out. Later going over the audio there was a clear sound of an old steam train with the chugga chugga sound and metal on metal sound of a train rolling down the tracks. We didnt hear it in person and there are no train tracks near by, except for the abandoned one thru campus. Many many cadets would make claims of this or that it was just hard to prove if they were just lying or what. But the strangest thing to happen to me would be around the time the cadet 1sgt was experiencing the deal with his computer. We had a random fire drill while everyone was still in bed. I heard the yelling out in the halls and was walking towards the door to go outside with everyone else. Heard the knock on my door like a few others did, opened the door and the cadet 1sgt was saying everyone go outside for the drill. He turned and just walked towards the next room blending into the crowd in the halls. I went outside only to see my 1sgt standing with his list of names ready for roll call. How he got outside so fast I’ll never know but he claimed to not be the one knocking on doors. I asked around and none would take credit for knocking on my door. A few others backed me by saying the 1sgt knocked on theirs too. Still not sure what exactly was going on but there was no way he made it outside before I did since he moved down the hall in the opposite direction of the field we had to gather in.

  7. My dad went to MMI in the 80’s he always told me it was a civil war hospital and they had alot of things happen when he went to school there.

  8. Caleb Brailsford  |  

    I currently am a C-2 at MMI, with nothing out of the ordinary happening so far this year. However, last year, a few weeks after cresting, I started waking up every morning at 0300, as did many other cadets here in Wilkerson(Delta) barracks. Every night it was something different. One night I’d wake up to banging on my door, then hearing heavy boot steps walk away. Another night it would be banging and scraping from the third floor which is very haunted. One day I heard banging coming from the third floor which remains locked pretty much all the time unless work is being done up there. I was an idiot and decided I’d see what was going on so I walked toward the stairwell. I felt heavier and heavier as I approached, but as soon as my foot hit the first step, it felt like my heart fell out of my chest, and that’s as far as I got. All this happened for about half a week straight until Sunday when it was found out that cadets were using ouija boards in the barracks. My friend found one in the hallway and thought it would be funny to kick it under the door of the room next to me. For at least a week the guy in the room started looking pale, with his eyes dark like he hadn’t slept for days. In the middle of the night I heard things constantly being shifted around and dropped in his room. One day on my way to class I walked past his room(which is usually very shabby), and the entire room looked like it was put together by a Colonel. His clothes were perfectly folded in his closet, his bed was perfectly made, his shoes were perfectly lined up, everything. When I looked in the top corner of his room, I saw an irregular shaped shadow that could not have possibly been there because the whole room was bright except for that one spot. All these I have personally witnessed and I am very sure MMI is haunted both by demons and ghosts alike.

  9. I went to school here in the late nineties into the early aughts. Two suicides took place on campus in those years. Found out later there were three or four more in the mid nineties. The place was suicide city. No wonder it’s haunted.
    Keep your gig line straight and hide your cigarettes in your sock. 🙂

  10. I went to school there around 2013 for 1 year. I have a few interesting stories to share. The first story was one night me and a few friends were walking up the east road if your looking at marion. Dont know the name of the road but it is behind alpha barracks and leads directly to the main road, walking down the road MMI as a whole is on your right hand side. It was late, probably 8 Pm in the middle of winter. As me and 3 friends were walking down the road we see someone probably 30 yards in front of us walk across the road, Didnt think tooo much of it but it was a very odd path. What made it even more weird was that it was winter time and we all had on heavy coats, this particular gentleman had very light clothing, it wasn’t pronounced and mainly just a silhouette. You could tell it wasn’t a large puffy class jacket, which are distinct. We figured there was a door through the vine wrapped gate wall that runs along side the campus. As we got to the location just a minute later, he was completely gone- Not only that there were no openings in the brick wall, solid as a rock and about 7 feet high to my memory. Needless to say we walked a little quicker after this.

    Another story I had is one of my good buddies i still keep in contact with. He was a 3rd generation Cadet. When I was there and i guess even for some time before some intermural sports were held on the parade field directly in front of the chapel, for those that went there it is a staple for the campus. While playing flag football, his dad fell and scraped his knee ever so lightly, the kind of scrape you think nothing of. Fast forward a week later and he is battling some severe flu like symptoms and leg is swollen. After rounds and rounds of tests over the next weeks they found that he had contracted a Virus that hasn’t been seen since the civil war. Doctors agreed there is no logical way this virus could stay active on a parade field that was exposed to Alabama elements over 150 years- nothing added up scientifically. He ended up recovering but i remember him saying it was a very long and harsh recovery. Maybe not directly paranormal – but what else?

    Finally, the chapel had cold spots very cold spots that would kind of rush through you while you were sitting on hot days. Lights Flickers, and just general weird activity. This place is no joke when it comes to being haunted.

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