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Manhattan Bistro is rumored to be haunted because of a murder and a well. It was near here that in 1799, Gulielma Elmore Sands left to elope with her secret lover, Levi Weeks, but her body was found strangled in a nearby well. Weeks was accused of the crime, but was acquitted. The well was found on the premises after some excavating; reports are uncertain as to whether the bistro is still in operation.

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129 Spring Street
New York, NY
United States

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40.72404700000001, -74.00039900000002
New York County, New York
Nearest Towns:
New York City, NY (0.7 mi.)
Hoboken, NJ (2.2 mi.)
Long Island City, NY (3.1 mi.)
Weehawken, NJ (3.3 mi.)
Union City, NJ (4.0 mi.)
Jersey City, NJ (4.1 mi.)
West New York, NJ (4.5 mi.)
Manhattan, NY (4.5 mi.)
Guttenberg, NJ (4.7 mi.)
North Bergen, NJ (5.6 mi.)


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  1. Back in 2008-2009 I worked across the street from the Manhattan Bistro and had befriended the (then) Restaurant Manager, Thomas King. Sadly, Thomas has since passed from stomach cancer, but he shared a myriad of first hand experiences in the restaurant/building and he officed in the basement next to the famous well.

    The building was once a boarding house. In addition to the famous well, where “Emla’s” (Thomas’ affectionate name for the ghost) body was discovered, Thomas reported a former boarder had hung himself on the 3rd floor.

    Thomas described multiple poltergeist experiences that occurred on the main floor of the restaurant (particularly at the location of the bar). Glasses lifting up and shattering on the floor. Utinsels at table place settings mysteriously missing. Waiters being touched by invisible means at closing. Thomas also said at night, when he was alone in the basement, he would hear someone walking in an irregular pattern on the floors above him.

    He once opened the door to the basement and heard “Elma” politely say “excuse me”.
    He felt she was a friendly spirit and that the activity in the restaurant could be unrelated.

    i have a friend who is a gifted clairvoyant on the West Coast. I shared the stories, reports and information from Thomas with her. She told me to let Thomas know that restaurant activity was a male entity. Bit was the man who had hung himself on the 3rd floor. She said the “irregular” walking pattern he would hear at night was that of an “intoxicated” individual. That the restaurant spirit was a former, troubled alcoholic who ended his life on the premises.

    Thomas, from that day forward, left a shot of whisky out on the bar at night, and the footsteps and poltergeist activity significantly diminished

    He was delighted to have the validation he always believed that “Elma” was a separate and peaceful entity he co-existed with in that spooky basement. He showed it to me. It was an awful and sad site of a murder where the accused unjustly was acquitted.

    Thomas was a gentle, understanding soul. I often wonder if in his own afterlife his first stop was at the Manhattan Bistro to guide the restless soul of his ghostly friend Elma into the light. But with Thomas’ passing, the unhappy ghost of the man who took his own life must exist without libation.

    I believe the restaurant is now a clothing store. I wonder if irregular patterns of footsteps still walk the floor in the middle of the night among other poltergeist activity ?

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