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A ghost dog is said to roam the shore here. He is said to be a Siberian Husky type with three legs, and he has a phosphorescent glow, and can be seen around midnight or 1 a.m.

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Geographic Information

Loon Pond
Acton, ME 04001 ‎
United States

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43.5086277, -70.87618179999998
York County, Maine
Nearest Towns:
Acton, ME (2.4 mi.)
Shapleigh, ME (2.6 mi.)
Milton Mills, NH (4.4 mi.)
Springvale, ME (5.0 mi.)
Sanford, ME (7.0 mi.)
Union, NH (7.5 mi.)
Lebanon, ME (8.0 mi.)
Alfred, ME (8.2 mi.)
Waterboro, ME (8.3 mi.)
Sanbornville, NH (8.4 mi.)


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  1. This is a figment of someone’s imagination. Lived here for 10.5 years and never heard this “tall tale”. We have some adult males who live in this town who have nothing better to do than put posts like this on the internet. I think you’ve been had!!!!!

    • You said u never heard of the story about Loon Pond and the Ghost Dog just because u havent heard about or seen the dog it doesnt mean it don’t exist. I am ghost hunter and I tell people who are skeptic like yourself i tell them can you see the air you breath can you see germs in the air no just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean they don’t exist

  2. Its actually a german shepherd, Her name is Heidi and she started roaming the shores in the late 60’s or early 70’s. She was killed by an angry old one legged man after, it is told, that she dug up the remains of one of his ex-wives!!

  3. I need help getting the ghost’s out off my home! I just got this house 2 months ago,,; and it’s definitely haunted! I can’t sleep at night,=I sleep during the day!they walk upstairs. Open drawers, open cabinet, open faces of the wall clocks, ring my bells on the doors every night…O researched the history of this home=and was told there is a 99 yr old man still residing here=along with the others from the family graveyard across the street! Please help me find or locate a ghost hunter??? Thank you! Karen in Shapleigh, Maine! (207) 651-898two

    • Tell them they can stay in your home as long as they behave, they love the house too but tell them to please stop keeping you awake at night and to not ring the bells etc. I saw a ghost in my house and i went to a Psychiatrist that said that they love my home so they are there. So i said since you love my home which was your home at one time you can stay but be nice and do not scare me. It has been good since then i still see the ghost once and awhile and now a man and boy and know there is a little girl a visitor that was visiting our tenants and slept over told me the ghost girl told him to leave. He has not been back since. I just think they love their home so much that i love too so lets just share it , it has been great since i told them it is okay to be here but not to scare me.

  4. Bethany Matthews  |  

    My family has been on Loon Pond since 1959. We have had so many over nights in tents and swimming at night and sitting on the dock to watch the stars. Had campfires, cookouts, huge family. 10 kids and our parents and grandmother and grandchildren and no one has ever seen any kind of ghost. Not a three legged dog, nothing lit up and moving. I think someone had one to many and they were seeing things alright. Things that aren’t there. Also, someone said you can’t see the air or germs but they are there. Well you can’t see the Angels or the Holy Spirit or Jesus Christ but oh they are there! They are most definitely there.

  5. My Dad told me about to Goast story at Camp Nutter. Our Troop went Camping there around 2010 and my was a scoot in the area and he went Camping there around 1950. The story was about a Crazy Man with axe my dad told the name but I didn’t write it down . oOr Troop came up from Niantic Ct.. My Dad has past on . The Troop disband do to member ship.

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