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This site is said to be very active with spirits, in part because the old bridge was the site of two hangings. Car accidents have been caused by apparitions standing in the middle of the road. Also, at the old farm house, the husband is said to have killed the maid after she had an affair. It is also reported that a spirit named Michael haunts the area, and objects will fly through the air at times.

*Note* This 14-acre forested area is a public hunting spot, so there may be hunters and guns present. Take care.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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Geographic Information

Geigel Woods
Southeast of Algona, Iowa
United States

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43.04011256004324, -94.18787426242676
Kossuth County, Iowa
Nearest Towns:
Irvington, IA (2.3 mi.)
Algona, IA (3.1 mi.)
Sexton, IA (5.8 mi.)
Saint Benedict, IA (6.2 mi.)
Saint Joseph, IA (9.0 mi.)
Wesley, IA (10.5 mi.)
Lu Verne, IA (10.8 mi.)
Burt, IA (11.0 mi.)
Livermore, IA (11.9 mi.)
Corwith, IA (12.1 mi.)


Please note: It is your responsibility to acquire appropriate permissions before investigating any location listed on this site. Private property should be respected at all times, as should all posted signs concerning trespassing, hours of operation and other local regulations. Many "ghost hunters" have been arrested because they failed to contact property owners and/or local authorities ahead of time.

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  1. This place is scary! especially at night! I have never seen anything there but am from the area and have been there several times, every time you are there you feel like you are being watched and just off, the tress surrounding the dirt road make it even the more eery!

    • Do you have to have special permission to go there? I am a member of a paranormal investigation & we are thinking of doing an investigation there.

    • Indeed it is, my name is SSGT Kaleb J. Benitez, i used to live around Algona until i moved but my family are still their, 1 year ago today i brought my friends that i met deployed over in Afghanistan ( we all but one are still on active duty) i brought them to Algona to meet my family and to stay for a while, i was talking about “Little Africa” and they wanted to check it out so at 22:30 (10:30pm) at night we drove and I was driving my brand new 2018 Ford Mustang (only saying new 2018 mustang to show its nothing wrong with the car) and we were driving through when my car started making weird noises so i thought maybe it was the AC so i stop in the middle of the road and shut the car off, and I waited to let things settle down for at least 15 seconds and then i turned the key to to start it but it acted like the battery was dead it wouldn’t start, so i even made sure i put the car in park, it would’t start so me being me i waited a minute then started making noises in the car to spook the others and i worked twice then i was caught so i stopped, then i seen like a book or a small box flew out if the trees on the right side and left a dent on the hood still there to this day, I jumped and pulled my Glock 17 out of my center console and the others thought i was messing around again but i wasn’t so i turned the inside lights on and their was a hand print on the driver side window and driver side of the windshield and I started to get spooked so I pulled the receiver and loaded a round in the chamber, and turned the key again and it slowly chugged like an ATV when its been in the cold for a while, then it started and i F**ken floored it to get the heck out of there but I got loving going 60 until i seen a person in right side of the road in front of my car and headlights as i slam on the breaks and the person disappears but the headlights of a truck got very close and as it got close the lights turned off and nothing was there so i started moving again as my car started having problems as if the car was out of gas even tho it was over half, and then eventually everything stopped and my car started moving fine so a few days passed after we returned and then we had a good idea to get out of the car this time and walk through the woods so we strapped up and put on our gear like our vests helmet and boots as we grabbed my rifles and loaded them and equipped ourselves with a walkey talky type of deal with ear pieces, extra Magazines for the rifles and clips For the our pistols and Flashlight attachments on both our rifles and pistols and holstered the pistols as we loaded up some other stuff like our Camel packs and tested the ear pieces and then set off headed back to the eery a*s road, when we got their we pulled over and got our Camel packs out and grabbed Some other stuff, we unholstered our pistols and loaded a round in chamber as we holstered them and headed down and turned The flashlights on our rifles on as we went around looking for things until. (Im gonna use friend 1 friend 2 things pike that so I don’t give their names out) Friend 1’s light dimmed like the battery dying, as we ignored it we continued wandering around as we heard loud noises around us as we backed up into a circle as we kneeled and looked around as we waited, we could hear sticks breaking and friend 1 started to call out, “if anyone is there, make yourself known.” No noise was heard for a solid minute as a squirrel runs under neath him between his legs as we all shot up and looked around on the grass as Friend 3 looks at the squirrel as it was staring at us as we stood back up thinking it was just the squirrel so we started walking more about as I seen a glare i aimed at it as it i assumed was nothing i continued to walk through as a few thing started flying towards me and i was luckily only hit by one as I dropped to the ground and Friend 2 aimed at the direction and shot off a round as i yelled at him and said, “no firing unless someone get hits again and we act im self defense not Offensive” (not exact words but i dont remember what i said) he agreed as nothin else happened for about an hour, until we heard a car horn started to blare for a few seconds as we were looking around i said to everyone, “someone broke into my car” as one of my friends asked if i locked it and i said, “yes twice and made sure of it” we started hauling a*s back as a raccoon ran across and scared Friend 4 as he unloaded an entire clip on it before we began running back as we got to the edge we raised our rifles at the car as we raced over to it as i slum my rifle over my shoulder as i unholstered my pistol and used the light as my friends looked around for anyone in the road as i noticed a crap ton of handprints all over the window as i called over my friends they looked at it then check the other windows and all of them were filled with hands as i checked the car and no forced entry and car still locked i unlocked it with the keys as we got in and i started it as it was having troubles moving as i put it into gear and started going as nothing else happened from there on out, We promised to never mention it to anyone because it was stupid to go out and search around, and the book or small box incident and the objects being thrown when i dropped to the ground to avoid getting hit, and the noises we heard, and the person in the middle of the road along with the lights that got close and disappeared. All of this was bot to be mentioned and to be forgotten until i found this page and wanted to share my poorly typed story. 🙂 {Sorry it is long and boring i didn’t want to leave anything out}

  2. I was exploring through the woods with my buddies. And it was just creepy and after we left I had a big scratch across my back but I never felt it…

  3. It is a very creepy place to go to, but I don’t think it’s haunted. Most of the time its just kids trying to scare the people that go there. I have a friend that lives by that place and he told me one time that he goes out there and hides on the side of the road and throws stuff across the road as people drive by.

  4. That place seriously scares me 2 friends and I were drove out there we were in my vehicle and sitting by the rocks looking up the hill and jus as we get ready to take off we hear a deep voice and a growl than we look in the hatch of my jeep to find my baseball bat in the air getting ready to hit one of us

  5. just went at 10:30pm friday night stayed till 12:18 trecked the woods pretty good found no bridge and no house heard some crazy sounds first one sounded like a women screaming for a split second, second sounded like i could have sworn dogs barking, third water from the river/creek splishing around.

  6. I have seen a girl in her late 20’s maybe early 30’s I use to live around there and have never heard about the flying Michael guy. But my girl friend and I were driving on an old gravel road out side of old Rolfe. It was night time and we seen a large flying thing come straight at our windshield. Haven’t been back there since. To afraid

  7. My friends and I decided to drive the pic Little Africa at night my junior year of high school. One of said friends’ dad owns a lot of the land that makes up Little Africa. I was driving, and probably speeding a little (adrenaline will do that to a person), and I could have sworn that I saw something flying alongside my car until we hit the highway again. I have not been back there at night since.

  8. I went there with some friends and we saw a ton of orbs, we also heard what sounded like a woman screaming. It was scary we haven’t been back since either.

  9. I live in algona and it’s the place to go for a good scare besides you feeling like your being a watch your hear weird noises like people talking and we all saw orbs in the trees. So then we all run out of the woods and get to our car which won’t start. And when it finally started the radio was acting crazy. The other time it was 90 degree weather and we all felt the chill in the back of our necks. And you swear you see things in the forest and when u get to the clearing there’s a weird clear g with rocks piled up. Some of this could be in our heads or just kids playing pranks but out of all the places we go to get a scare this pace freaks me out the most.

  10. Just spent some time out here and the gypsy cemetery. Little weird here. I dont know where the farm house is supposed to be. I found what looks like it may be a driveway but there was a no trespassing sign so I am assuming that if there is a farm house still it is on private property. Anyone? Got video of eyes staring at me. Pretty sure it was deer. They were pretty active just as the sun went down.

  11. I’ve been there a few times with friends. Twice my freshman year and once my sophomore year. Scary stuff happens every time. First of all when you drive on the bridge you get the chills every time. The first time I went there it was during the day and we decided to get out because we were there with senior boys and felt like they could keep us safe. We got to the part where the house, barn, and shed are and got chills instantly. We decided to go into the house since we heard that people never came out when they went to the barn or the shed. Right when we went in the house we thought we heard a mans voice but we ignored it and said it was just in our heads. The longer we were in the house the more paranoid we got and we saw a tall dark figure looking straight at us. We started running towards the door but it slammed shut. We were stuck in the house for a good 10 mins because the door wouldn’t open. Finally the door opened and we ran to the car and booked it outta there. The second time I went there I was with friends and right before we got to the bridge something ran right in front of our car and we swerved so we wouldn’t hit it. We ended up in the ditch. We tried to call our parents but our phones died out of no where. Keep in mind our phones were all above 50%. We ended up having to walk three miles to get help. The last time I went there it was actually tonight. It was about 9 pm and we were just looking for some fun in Algona. It was pitch black outside and I had never been to Little Africa in the dark before, I was curious. We drove through and we got the chills when we crossed the bridge like always. We didn’t see much but I was also explaining to a friend what everything was since they had not been there before. Once we got past the house,barn, and shed we saw a human like figure run across the road. We slammed on the breaks and then the figure was gone it was crazy. We have been very paranoid right now.

  12. I used to ride on the trails there a lot in the fall of 1970, nothing to report about ghosts. A group of us would go out there and shred on the trails. The only experience was having fun. Years later, (1979) a body was found there by two hunters.

  13. Been there a few times and the only thing I experienced was falling down a deep embankment and landing on a culvert, and some chills because it’s allegedly the location of where a young woman by the name of Nicole Berte was found. Homicide doesn’t happen often in our small county so it kind of shakes you a little.

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