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Lawrence Cemetery, aka Cady Cemetery, is said to be haunted. Witnesses have seen orbs, eerie lights and a strange fog and heard growling and other unexplained noises.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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Geographic Information

1639 Sand Acres Dr
Lawrence, WI
United States

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44.4347657, -88.12013910000002
Brown County, Wisconsin
Nearest Towns:
De Pere, WI (3.1 mi.)
Ashwaubenon, WI (4.1 mi.)
Oneida, WI (5.4 mi.)
Allouez, WI (5.9 mi.)
Green Bay, WI (7.6 mi.)
Howard, WI (7.7 mi.)
Wrightstown, WI (7.8 mi.)
Greenleaf, WI (8.5 mi.)
Bellevue, WI (9.9 mi.)
Seymour, WI (11.8 mi.)


Please note: It is your responsibility to acquire appropriate permissions before investigating any location listed on this site. Private property should be respected at all times, as should all posted signs concerning trespassing, hours of operation and other local regulations. Many "ghost hunters" have been arrested because they failed to contact property owners and/or local authorities ahead of time.

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  1. I was walking back to the Vehicles with my friends and this White Cloaked figure started staring at me stumbling towards me. I tried to keep to myself but had to tell my girlfriend. I still have chills and and spiritually afraid to be there. The living are not wanted there at night.

  2. I grew up in De Pere and have heard a few different things and had one experience of my own. Rumors of this place being haunted would come up from time to time, especially around Halloween. Different people heard voices or saw lights/orbs and some even had photos of these orbs. I never believed in ghosts but one day I got on the topic of the Lawrence Cemetary with my mom and she told me that one of her co-workers lived in the subdivision directly behind the cemetary and would go for morning walks and often would pass the cemetary. She stopped taking this route after one morning while walking by the cemetary, she saw the ghost of a man riding his bike through the cemetary. She swears she is not crazy, that there was a mist and ghost of a man on his bike. After hearing this story me and my friends decided we would drive through late one night in September. We stopped in the cemetary and rolled down all the car windows and listened. Nothing. Our friend Jake was driving and was not at all scared and started honking the horn and yelling things like Hello?! Is anyone there?! Seconds later my friend Molly and I that were in the back seat looked at each other with huge blinking eyes. I had felt this cold drop of temperature and the feeling of being watched was very present. “Did you feel that too?” She asked me. I said yeah and we started screaming to get the hell out of there. Whatever spirit or presence I felt was definitely not happy we were there and definitely not happy we were disturbing anyone’s peace. I won’t go back again, the whole thing still scares me and is the most paranormal experience that I’ve had do date.

  3. Went here a couple days ago with a few friends, we turned the car off and waited for sounds and looked around and saw nothing. Some people from the car walked around and said they saw nothing and felt nothing of a presence. This is definiality a bunch of bogus and a waste of time going here.

  4. Dmitri Shankinov  |  

    Me and my friends went to the cemetery after chugging a bottle of vodka. Not sure if these sightings were my PTSD or the ghosts here. Anyways, we saw a man in a white cloak with “KKK” across the chest. We had our Mexican friend Josè with us. After we walked in the woods Josè went and grabbed some tortillas but never came back. We eventually found one tortilla, with only one bite out of it and not a sign of Josè. To this day, Josè has not been found. We went back with more tortillas to try and lure him out of hiding from the cloaked man, but no sign still. RIP

  5. In the summer of 2016 my brother and two other friends decided to check out the cemetery around 3:15 am. It was the worst experience of my life and there is now way in hell I’ll ever go back.

    We biked to the cemetery and left them towards the entrance and walked into the cemetery. About 20 minutes in we were all just looking straight ahead and I said “do you guys see that”? Everyone just started building up fear and we wear swearing but whispering contemplating if it was real. The figure appeared to be around 6 feet 4 inches tall and was pitch black. It had these weird shiny snakeskin looking shoes on that were curly and looked oversized. We heard some low-pitched moaning type like “EEEGHHHHHHHHHHH” and went on for a couple seconds then started sprinting right towards us. The figure appeared 50 yards away but seemed to close distance on us about 40 yards before we turned around to run but after a few seconds of running we noticed it was gone.

    After the incident when we all were questioning what happened my friends name beginning with the letter “L” said he felt like someone grabbed him by the throat and said it burns. I shined my light from my cellphone and noticed what seemed to be a handprint around his throat appearing to be a circulation mark sort of but was very clear.

    We knew that we had to leave after the situation. Whatever was there that night made us realize we were not wanted there or ever allowed there again. I am forever shook from this situation and I will forever be terrified by it. I cannot ever get it off my mind. If you ever go there however I would recommend not to but you really really got to watch yourself.

  6. I lived a block away from the cemetery and some kid my brother went to school with, that kids dad killed hisself in that cemetery. He blew his head off in his truck in the cemetery. Very sad.

  7. A lot of my family is buried here from both sides, aunts, uncles, grandparents, great grandparents, ect. I would go with my grandma often to clear head stones and put out flowers, pray, and listen to many stories about loved ones that are there. I have never heard of anything bad happening there, not saying that it hasn’t. The only thing I ever felt there is sadness, mostly my own. It’s a cemetery, so it’s safe to assume none of the restless spirits are happy to be there and it’s probably not a good idea to provoke them. I’ve dealt with many unexplained experiences in my life and I’ve usually found that if you have a decent reason for invading their space and don’t irritate them, they will not harm or purposely frighten you.

  8. Alec Gillespie  |  

    I went there with 4 friends, we all felt a colder eerie feeling stepping into the cemetery around midnight. As we walked about 5 feet in 2 of us heard leaves rustling like someone was walking. We turned around and started walking out. The 2 other heard nothing and said to keep coming we said we heard something but kept walking about a minute later all of us heard the noise loud. We all booked it out of there. We drove past and listened and watched 2 people on the side of the car in which the cemetery was saw a man standing in a hoodie and sweats in the middle of the cemetery

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