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It is said that in the original part of the civic center building, strange events occur. Radios and other electronic equipment operate by themselves, doors slam, and disembodied voices and Native American drums are heard.

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710 East Garfield Street
Laramie, WY
United States

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41.30956346428737, -105.58808456359657
Albany County, Wyoming
Nearest Towns:
Laramie, WY (0.2 mi.)
Woods Landing-Jelm, WY (27.2 mi.)
Centennial, WY (28.7 mi.)
Albany, WY (29.6 mi.)
Foxpark, WY (33.4 mi.)
Red Feather Lakes, CO (35.0 mi.)
Rock River, WY (35.9 mi.)
Arlington, WY (37.7 mi.)
Warren Air Force Base, WY (39.3 mi.)
Cheyenne, WY (41.6 mi.)

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  1. My mother & best friend work for the same company inside of the Laramie plains civic center. My mom worked there the longest of the two of them. She would find children’s books out on the floor in her office like someone had been sitting there & reading them. She experienced many things that could just not be explained. Lots of people have seen or heard a little childs voice or foot steps following them.
    This place gives me the creeps even in the daylight!

  2. I actually live in Laramie and this building is very haunted. I’ve seen little kids running into the basement pool room after hours. It’s crazy.

  3. Dave Rhinehart  |  

    I was in the building multiple times back in 2004. It was always kinda unnerving. We went exploring after a intermural soccer/basketball games a couple times. Down in the basement with the pool it got really weird and creepy down there. Our group then went into an adjoining room that had a working light. We turned in the light and about 5-10 seconds later it started flickering and went out with nobody touching it. Not sure if it’s haunted but I felt like it probably was. Wish I could go back.

  4. Cheyenne E Williamson  |  

    I used to work here as the cook for head start…this bldg was the original school of the town, and on wall was pics of students from early 1900s..there was a little girl I used to see that was in the picture. And I hated going to bathroom when nobody was around, bc I would hear things.

  5. My son and his friend were given permission to play basketball at the civic center after hours. When they were playing in the gym one night by themselves, they heard a little girl screaming and crying. My son recorded it when they couldn’t find her anywhere. They called for the police, but they didn’t find anyone. My son said it sounded like the screams were coming from the basement pool area, which isn’t open to anyone and no one could’ve gotten down there.

  6. My nephew and his friend were given permission to play basketball there by themselves one night a couple of months ago and they recorded a little girl screaming in the basement in the pool area. They called the police, who then called for back up because they didn’t want to go down to the basement alone! Of course they didn’t find anyone down there. It won’t let me attach the video he recorded. Sorry!

  7. My wife works there every day. She’s found doors open that were previously locked. Walked into her room and the music player was on. She texted me one day and said the lights in the hallway were going on and off. Other girls have said that stuff falls of shelves. Some of the toddlers will point at the wall and say “Hello”. When outside, they’ll point up at the windows and say “Hello”. One girl took a video of a door moving on it’s own (No drafts). When I saw it, I noticed kids voices in the background. I came to find out that there were no kids in the room. That’s not the first time either.

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