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In the early 1900s a fire here is said to have claimed the life of a housekeeper, who was caught in the attic and could not escape the building. Her ghost lives in the attic still, most of which was saved and restored. Folks say her presence can be felt up there, and she also throws glasses and silverware in the kitchen.

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345 S Shore Rd
Quinault, WA 98575
United States

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47.46696533366566, -123.8482446668786
Grays Harbor County, Washington
Nearest Towns:
Amanda Park, WA (1.8 mi.)
Neilton, WA (4.0 mi.)
Humptulips, WA (17.0 mi.)
Taholah, WA (22.4 mi.)
Queets, WA (23.1 mi.)
Moclips, WA (23.4 mi.)
Pacific Beach, WA (24.4 mi.)
Aberdeen Gardens, WA (28.1 mi.)
Copalis Beach, WA (28.8 mi.)
Ocean City, WA (31.2 mi.)

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  1. Hi my name is KyLee im 10 years old and I live in Lake Quinalt. I live across the lake and many people I know have told me about this lady. Im in my second house in California right now but maybe when I get back to Lake Quinalt I will investigate.

  2. We stayed there in July. It became cold at night. The room heater went on at two o’clock in the morning, making a big noise that woke me up. The thermometer is not automatic. The nob on the wall had to be rotated physically to turn on the heat. My husband and daughter were sound asleep. My five year old daughter was not covered with any blanket. I covered her, rotated the heat that was making too much noise to off position and said to the air “thank you for telling me my daughter was cold” and went back to sleep. Neither of them knew what went on at night but I knew there was a spirit there looking after the property and people.

  3. A friend of mine’s daughter said she had taken a picture of the fireplace area. She said one of the pictures had an anomaly which looked like a shadowy figure. I have been to that lodge many times in my life and it “feels” like there is a presence at times, but not an evil one. I have never felt uncomfortable there on any of my visits.Quite the opposite, actually, as it feels welcoming.

  4. I currently work at the Lake Quinault Lodge as Line cook, and i’ve only started nearly a month ago. I’ve noticed that when we are closing up, while everyone is on their breaks I am still closing up the kitchen and I feel an earie presence. The other night, all of our sauté pans fell from the rack. Sliverwear had fallen after the dishwashers had washed and put them away.

  5. My wife and I stayed there last weekend. I woke up in the middle of the night and the bathroom light was on. That’s odd, because neither of us use a light at night. We don’t want to wake up more than we already are. I thought my wife was in there though because I surely wasn’t. In the am, I asked if she had gotten up and turned on the light. She thought I had done it. Neither one of us turned it off, but it was off when we woke up. Later that am, we heard the story about the place potentially being haunted.

  6. I was between the age of 13 and 14 when my father took me and my sister on a road trip from Olympia down to the Sanfran bay area. I believe on our first few nights we stayed at the lodge. I at the time was an young teen with Athiestic beliefs. I was thinking more about girls and video games at the time not whether or not places were “haunted” Off of the Lodge are more rooms somewhat set up like a drive in motel where the room were stacked on each other and accessed via these stairs that went up. We were on the second floor i believe. it was the last night of our stay and my father was taking my sister and i up to the lodge for dinner. it was a beautiful, calm evening. Just after dusk and we were walking up to the Lodge from the rooms. About halfway i decided i needed something from the room (pretty sure it was my extra key) as well, whether i was trying to just be independent or responsible, i don’t know. I took my dads room I walked up the stairs and remember feeling uneasy. I got to the door, slipped the keycard and walked in. I walked passed the bathroom to find a shadowy figure standing in the corner besides the bed. My first instinct was to run which is exactly what i did. I did not get a good glance, but from memory she was dress in black. almost in a gown or dress of some sort. i remember panicking down the stairs, i remember the lights in the stairwell flickering violently. as soon as i got away from that area the energy in the air was back to normal. everyone was enjoying there evening up at the lodge, i met my family for dinner and tried to forget about it, although i was terrified. we returned to the room and nothing was there of course, i’d didn’t tell anyone of this and we left the next morning. I later looked online for any similar accounts. heard something of a lady in the attic of the lodge but not sure if this is related or not. since the occurrence my beliefs on the paranormal has altered and i’m still left to wonder about what it was in that room.

  7. Joanna Flanigan  |  

    My husband, and I decided to stay Lake Quinault Lodge for our first wedding anniversary, however my husband left early morning for a meeting, I went back to sleep all the sudden I was deep asleep and I felt some seating in the border of the bed I was facing down, it was very hard for me to turn around went I was able to manage to turn around to see who was seating next to me no body was there for a second I thought that was my husband. I went back to sleep and the same thing happened this time I though my husband was playing games with me so I turned around again no body was there , I looked underneath the bed and nothing, 5 minutes later my husband opened the door with breakfast for me. Was very spooky However this place is so beautiful and I highly recommend to stay there.

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