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Orbs and unexplained sounds have been reported in the woods around this lake, where rumor has it that a child drowns every year. Bubbles also have been seen rising to the surface.

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Geographic Information

Lake Linganore
New Market, MD
United States

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39.415518, -77.3058772
Frederick County, Maryland
Nearest Towns:
Spring Ridge, MD (2.7 mi.)
New Market, MD (3.0 mi.)
Bartonsville, MD (3.2 mi.)
Monrovia, MD (3.5 mi.)
Walkersville, MD (5.5 mi.)
Linganore, MD (5.5 mi.)
Frederick, MD (5.6 mi.)
Libertytown, MD (5.9 mi.)
Urbana, MD (6.6 mi.)
Clover Hill, MD (7.1 mi.)


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  1. I’ve been living here for about 5 years now, I’m an outdoors kind of person so I try to go hiking out as far as I can on the days I’m free. The woods get creepy, the forest gets thick and can actually block out the sun in the most dense parts. After walking and hiking most summers I never saw much around my area but last summer my friend and I ventured out pretty far maybe about 12 miles, it was late morning about 11 a.m. and we had been hiking for a while following a unkempt, mostly overgrown trail. We climbed up this rocky hill with some flat ground on the top for us to have lunch. When we got to the top we both noticed about a half mile through the forest, there was a large (fresh painted) red house, kind of spooky right? The story doesn’t end there…the house was visibly a smaller size than a regular house not like a shed because the house looked like an average ranch but a ranch built for small people… I’m 6 feet tall and I estimate that all the doors were about 4 feet in height so I had to duck in order to get into the house as well as my friend, the interior was just empty, no furniture, nothing. There was a chimney and a bathroom, possibly what looked like an old kitchen but it had been gutted. The ceiling was barely above my height so I hit my head a lot. The second floor had nothing in it either except some crude carpet. All the 2×3 windows were busted out. When we crouched out of the little house we noticed that in the trees about 12 feet up there were 6 trees with a large rusted chain connecting 1 tree to the other. 3 chains suspended very high in the trees, If the people that lived in these houses were as small as the house made them seem.. how did they secure these visibly heavy chains that high up? I’m not adding this in to make this story spooky and creepier but there were more houses a lot further down this old dirt road we followed away from the red house but thats a different story that I will update in the future. On our walk down the dirt road my friend spotted something… and hanging off a tree was a small creature’s skeleton (rabbit maybe?) fitted to a noose. We felt uneasy but we decided to go exploring a little further till we saw these 2 very run down houses. I have to get to work now but I will type up the rest of our “adventure” later. Stay safe and whatever you do, Don’t go into the woods alone. I’m a bit of a geek when it comes to the paranormal but I’ve honestly seen things in the woods that make me wish I had never delved into paranormal phenomena. Lights dancing in the forest, large and dark holes that just suck up water in the middle of the lake, and people crying in the distance any time of day. Bring a friend if you ever want to explore this area.

      • No behind lake linganore there used to be a place to hike end if you followed the path to hike on it would lead to a bunch of abandoned houses, but Bcs of construction they were torn down

  2. They most likely walked around the lake and through the woods. I’ve not explored the woods, but have been to the lake a number of times. There are a LOT of vultures near the lake which adds to the creepy “vibe” of the place. I always reconnoiter a place before going into any area using Google Earth & recommend it to all explorers; paranormal, or otherwise as it’s always good to know multiple ways in and out of any area. Happy hunting!

  3. MY cousin and I were walking around and we heard a little boy yelling so on the way back we started running trying to figure out what was wrong or if we could help we’ll my cousin tripped(later found out she broke 2 toes) she said we need to continue so we could help we started running again but slower for my cousins sake the yelling got louder as we neared the lake. We got there’s and there was a little boy airing by the edge of the late bubble these two older women and me being the bubbly obnoxiously loud friend I decided it would be smart to see what happened so I start walking over and see the little boy crying and shaking his head no. They still didn’t notice me. The boy was now screaming no the one lady looked around but didn’t see me by the trees so instead of calling 911 or anything I yelled over “hey is he ok” there awnser scared me shitless “oh he’s fine, I think he’s in shock. He said something grabbed his foot in the water” I looked at the little boy and I called the omen women over and I said I so what if we see if he’s lying she agreed I said “ hey buddy so what didn’t this thing feel like?” I remember His answer as clear as it was said that day. “ it was his hand he said to help him I told him I couldnt bc I cant swim so he tried to pull me with him” needless to say we calmed him down and walked back to the card and left. The little boy is actually now one of my favorite people. His name is Chester. Only thing that scares me what if we weren’t there??

  4. Maryland paranormal society  |  

    I use the app Randonautica and it gave me GPS coordinates to the lake it took me on the back side of the lake into the woods about a quarter mile when my friends and I got there there was definitely a creepy vibe a pentagram done up on the ground made out of sticks melted wax all around baby doll heads hanging from the trees and what appeared to be a skinned cat in the middle of the pentagram my fiance thought it was a joke that I set it up and she started kicking dirt over the pentagram she ripped down one of the doll heads from the trees and we heard the loudest screen that was so blood curdling it gave us the chills and it was over a hundred degrees out yesterday we took off out of the woodsand the scream happened again only this time it sounded like it was 10 ft from us it was the scariest experience I’ve ever had in my life and I’ll never go back to this lake as long as I live

  5. Most of the locals know, but in case youre visiting from farther away, just know that someone dies in that lake just about every year. If you don’t believe me you can look it up.

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