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A shaded apparition and ghostly voices and noises have been reported in several of the bungalows at this 1920’s resort.

(Submitted by Callum Swift)

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Geographic Information

49499 Eisenhower Dr
La Quinta, CA 92253
United States

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33.6886944, -116.31040430000002
Riverside County, California
Nearest Towns:
La Quinta, CA (1.8 mi.)
Indian Wells, CA (2.1 mi.)
Bermuda Dunes, CA (3.9 mi.)
Palm Desert, CA (4.4 mi.)
Indio, CA (5.9 mi.)
Vista Santa Rosa, CA (6.8 mi.)
Rancho Mirage, CA (6.9 mi.)
Coachella, CA (7.9 mi.)
Thousand Palms, CA (10.2 mi.)
Thermal, CA (10.4 mi.)


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  1. I recently stayed at the hotel for a wedding. About 2am I started seeing a man running at me in my room. My wife couldn’t see this man I was talking about. He was shirt less and was running scared/mad. I was so scared I left the hotel at 3am.

    • That same night, we were there for a business meeting and in one of the rooms, there was loud running across the ceiling and banging noises in the middle of the night. Everything on the bathroom countertops fell in someone else’s room!

    • Just heard my wife mention that a church member sae a naked old man run across the room during a married couples retreat hosted by Calvary Chapel. I once woke at the resort up more emotional sad than Im use to crying while I prayed for my co worker. And Im a black man! Strange just heard of this encounter a day ago.

  2. Staying at la quinta resort in a starlight casita, About 4 am I felt a heavy presence sit on my bed. The air felt heavy and the room felt like a dark cloud had entered it. It was so heavy I couldn’t move in bed. It lasted a few minutes and then it lifted and I threw off the covers. It did freak me out a bit…

  3. I stayed recently for 3 days looking for a relaxing experience. I had no information on history or age of resort.
    I experienced gruesome nightmares repeatedly every time I tried to sleep.
    the last night, I was hoping for some rest before the trip back home in the morning. I felt a first tug in the blanket by my feet, I tried to think it was my muscle moving, however, a second tug as if something was at the feet of the bed. I was sleeping by myself on the bed.
    we left the room at 1 am to sleep at another local hotel, and retrieved our things in the morning. I did not see anything, but what I experienced was not from this world.

    • Would any of the people who have experienced strange things at the La Quinta Resort, whether you saw something or just felt something strange, be willing to be interviewed?, or at least tell me your story?

  4. While working as a security guard at the resort late at night in the tennis courts at the back of property I’ve seen the ghost of a woman walking across the courts.

  5. I was there about a week ago for a school meeting (only 3 days) and our experience happened on the first night from 1am to 5am. The first time started around 1:15 and it started with footsteps outside our door, loud knocks, and scratches from the top to the bottom of the door. My friend had saw a man at our door wearing a hat, and seconds after he ran away. Throughout the night, we hadn’t seen anyone again, but every 10 minutes everything we heard from the beginning of the night would progressively get worse and worse. This resort is haunted.

  6. I worked as a freelance A1 and V1 for the in-house Av department in the fall and winter of 2010-11. I was told one of the storage rooms inside the main kitchen was haunted and should not go at it alone.I just had him point out where it was and I would be right back with fear we needed. Opening the door to this tiny store room I was shocked about the size and mess, in this small place, that scared me the most. When I returned, I will call him “Marty” asked if I felt dizzy or felt a cold presence and said yes I did feel dizzy because of the horrible mess and lack of organization. Marty preceded to tell me that they did clean up in the summer during the day. Marty also stated they only used that room a few times a month.
    At break he told me wild stories about the room, which I could not believe. I asked why they just try to find another storage area and he sounded vague at best. I do believe Marty thinks he has witnessed weird things a few times but for me I guess I must not be sensitive enough to experience the other side.

    Post Script 2018
    I ran into a old Tech that had worked with many a time at Las Vegas convention and as we we were catching up I had told home about this old haunted storage room at the La Quinta Resort. I remember his saying he heard the same stories and he researched it and found out that at one time many events were held outside near that room, so the in-house Av company asked if they could build a mall area for storage near this event area for staging.The hotel told them yes but they had to pay for it and to receive the necessary permits the room in question would have to fit the 1920’ exterior and (interior) that’s odd I must admit The project and storage was opened in the mid 1990s. Marty did have some TALL tales who knows.

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