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This historic theatre was built in 1932, and is rumoured to be haunted by the apparition of a young girl in a white dress who fell to her death from the theatre balcony. Other staff and visitors claimed to have seen doors opening and closing by themselves and have heard ghostly laughter. The projectionist booth is also allegedly haunted, as staff working there claim to have been hugged by an unseen presence.

(Submitted by Callum Swift)

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Geographic Information

668 South Main Street
Lebanon, OR
United States

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44.5394533, -122.90732220000001
Linn County, Oregon
Nearest Towns:
Lebanon, OR (0.2 mi.)
South Lebanon, OR (2.3 mi.)
Sodaville, OR (4.2 mi.)
Waterloo, OR (5.1 mi.)
Crabtree, OR (6.6 mi.)
Lacomb, OR (8.7 mi.)
Tangent, OR (9.9 mi.)
Brownsville, OR (10.8 mi.)
Shedd, OR (11.4 mi.)
Scio, OR (11.8 mi.)


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      • You are probably confusing the Kuhn with one of the other theaters that Lebanon had in the 1930’s, there were at least 5 of them. There was a live action one and as few movie theaters. The Kuhn was fully restored in 2005 and no, there is no balcony and never was one.

  1. well I have not been there since they refurbished it but it did have. please don’t take what you know nothing about as fake. I understand you negative response but just because you have never experience anything others have.

  2. I was there watching a movie a couple years ago (I don’t remember which one), and all of the lights in the building went off, and the movie switched to a horror film. I just remember it wasn’t a horror film before this. They called it a “technical difficulty”.

  3. the origonal theater is next store with the arch, it is now the barside , it has the orginal balcony an u can go eat up there. The history is amazing an beautiful in there.

  4. I worked at the Kuhn in the early ’90s. During week days, I cleaned the theater. I would place my key ring on top of the glass top of the snack bar, in the same place, upon arrival. I lost count of how many times my keys disappeared. Sometimes they reappeared in the same place, and sometimes they reappeared elsewhere. While vacuuming, in the lobby or on the mezzanine, lights on the left or right stairways turned on or off. The mens or womens bathroom lights came on or off, too. There was a coat closet in the lobby, hangers would swing in opposite directions, back and forth so forcefully they could be heard hitting the wall. An employee saw a tall, thin, blonde man walk out of the film booth. One worker saw a fashionably dressed woman, in 1940s attire, wearing a hat with a large brim that covered most of her face, walking down the stairway, only to disappear at the bottom. He said he smelled a floral perfume, too.

  5. i was watching IT2 with a friend and they saw a shadow fly past where we were going to sit and then later through the movie i saw a shadow flicker right next to me. not sure if it was just our imaginations from watching pennywise, or if it was real, but that was the only time i got scared the entire time i was there. i also felt like someone was in the bathroom with me even though i was alone.

  6. Another Lebanon Resident  |  

    Been to the Kuhn many. many times to see movies. The first commenter is correct, there is no balcony and as far as I know, there never was one. The building is not engineered to hold a balcony.

  7. Reading these comments I noted that several people commented on the existence or non -existence of the balcony. I’d have to remind people that although things are now very standardized, the 30s were a much different time period. Building laws were probably much more lax, and a building which today would not be permitted to have a balcony, may well have had one that was later removed during renovations. Please remember that lack of existence is not proof of non-existence.

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