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A woman is reported to haunt the Tavern. Don’t get suckered into all the balderdash of “human remains found bricked up behind the wall”…that’s just a nice invention to entertain the thrill seekers as no such evidence exists. But still there are those who claim to have seen and felt a ghostly presence there and it’s worth a stop and see, dubious history aside.

If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know!

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    Geographic Information

    619 Jefferson St
    Natchez, MS 39120
    United States

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    31.5601589, -91.39921700000002
    Adams County, Mississippi
    Nearest Towns:
    Natchez, MS (0.2 mi.)
    Vidalia, LA (1.6 mi.)
    Morgantown, MS (3.2 mi.)
    Cloverdale, MS (4.5 mi.)
    Minorca, LA (5.0 mi.)
    Ridgecrest, LA (8.1 mi.)
    Spokane, LA (10.3 mi.)
    Ferriday, LA (10.3 mi.)
    West Ferriday, LA (11.6 mi.)
    Clayton, LA (14.1 mi.)


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    1. Now this place is really haunted the ghost adventures crew went there and they got a lot of evps and other stuff. This place is on my bucket list

    2. I also watched episode of ‘ghost adventures’ which is trully what inspired me to try to visit King’s Tavern in near future. Hopefully, I will not be disappointed by such sound spirits considering The Tavern has its own Mixologist!

    3. I’ve been there for dinner several times since 1997. I was allowed to go upstairs to the top bedroom, which I’ve done about 3 or 4 times.
      No ghosts, but in 1997, a metal plate sort of jumped off the brick wall it was hanging on in the main ground floor dining room, just AFTER a young couple laughingly disclaimed the idea of hauntings .
      The plate was the thing that intrigued me – it just jumped right over the couple sitting at a small table for 2 against the wall, to the floor beyond the table.
      Another time, a baby was crying somewhere, but I didn’t see a baby around. But, I don’t know about that one.

    4. I lived and worked in Natchez for several years. As a tour guide in nearly every home in Natchez as well as hostess in King’s Tavern for more than three years , I never repeated what others said regarding any home or business. I made a point of researching each place in order to share factual information with visitors .
      Regarding King’s Tavern , The comments posted at the head of this site are thoroughly inaccurate. There was no wall that collapsed . In the main dining room there is a large fireplace. Quite some decades ago a portion of the fireplace chimney collapsed into the grounds outside. Among the brick rubble were three skeletons. Sent for forensic examination , the report revealed that two of the skeletons were those of African American males. The third was that of a teenaged girl approximately sixteen years old. The jeweled Spanish dagger removed from her remains was displayed on the wall of King’s Tavern for many years until it simply disappeared . No one has ever been able to disclose the identity of the person who took possession of the dagger . perhaps it will be returned to the tavern one day .
      As regards the crying infant , it is said that anyone who opens the attic will soon hear the cry of the baby a vicious outlaw known widely as Big Harp murdered when the narrow dining room beside the main room was a mail room. Annoyed by the crying of the baby , Harp snatched it from its Mother’s arms and slung its head against the wall . There are two other versions of the incident. Today , no one can be certain which version is correct , but the fact remains that Big Harp did kill the baby . He and his brother were among the worst of the worst along the Natchez Trace and had no conscience . There were many they robbed and murdered , among them children and babies. They both met their own terrible ends.
      I regret that tour guides in Natchez will tell visitors just anything instead of following actual historical , readily obtainable records. Even so , Natchez is a beautiful place to visit and well worth as much time as you can possibly spend there. Please do go and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere!

      • Before my husband and I got married we went to kings tavern with some friends to eat out.. We took lots of pictures and every picture with me in it had orbs all around me .. So weird I took many pictures of our friends and not even 1 orb around them but when they took pictures of me they would be everywhere around me

    5. Upstairs bed and breakfast room has a very errie feeling while being in there. You can sense the feeling of there being something else there with you. It truly did scare me! I don’t scare easily!

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