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Kali Oka Plantation, also called Oak Grove Plantation, is haunted by the apparition of a dark-skinned man who is 7 feet tall. In life, he was the bodyguard and housekeeper of the home’s former resident. The ghostly guard has been seen standing on the front porch.

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Geographic Information

Near Oak Grove Road and Kali Oka Road
Saraland, Al
United States

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30.8572414, -88.18189589999997
Mobile County, Alabama
Nearest Towns:
Chunchula, AL (4.6 mi.)
Saraland, AL (7.1 mi.)
Satsuma, AL (7.5 mi.)
Creola, AL (8.8 mi.)
Chickasaw, AL (9.1 mi.)
Prichard, AL (10.2 mi.)
Axis, AL (10.5 mi.)
Wilmer, AL (10.9 mi.)
Mobile, AL (13.9 mi.)
Bucks, AL (14.1 mi.)


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  1. My family lived in Chickasaw, Al in the 1960’s and 70’s, so this story is one I do remember. Interstate 65 was being constructed during those years, so if you had business in the small towns of Chunchula, Kushla or Citronelle you had to drive on Kali Oka Road to get there. Every now and then a story would pop up about a ghost sighting at night or lights and mist in the woods near the road. One of my older brothers had a school friend who lived on Kali Oka Rd and he remembers one night seeing the mist and orbs, however his friend’s father said it was swamp gas. This road is very close to swampy marshlands, so I beleive it may be only the swamp gas.

  2. As a child I lived at 6475 oak Grove rd near the plantation. Some of our child hood friends lived in house it was really hunted. We would all be down stairs when the books off the book shelf would come flying down. We have seen the tall dark man a lot on the porch. He was the body gguardof the lady guard of the lady that lived there. She and him had an affair and she got with child from the man. They were both so scared that the lady’s husband would find out that she was with child by another man, so after she had the baby the body guard and the lady decided not to keep the baby so the man took the baby to what is called cry baby bridge and threw it off, or so the story goes nobody really knows what really happened to this day, but the man and the lady still reside at the oak Grove plantation o this day. I would really like to see someone go and get info on the plantation. As a child and a adult I would really love to know of what I experienced as a kid I true. Thanks.

  3. I’ve seen the tall dark man more than once after hearing a few stories. My sister and I love to hunt ghosts and were intrigued by the history here, so we set out toward Kali Oka. After the first sighting was a little disheveled, we visited again and saw the same tall dark man standing on the side of the road near Oak Grove Plantation.

  4. I spent many nights on Kali Oka Rd. as a teen. From the tall dark man to swamp gas lights and the Cry Baby Bridge all kinds of stories.We used to ride by the plantation but i have no experience there. We scared a lot of folks there even got scared a time of two myself. I never saw anything out of the ordinary. We did see a young deer caught in a fence one night some buddies got it loose. Those were some fun times.

    • Thanksgiving night 2019, My boyfriend and I decided to explore the bridge after reading the story. He was using an emf meter (which was giving of very high readings) and I was using a streaming spirit box and recorder. I have used the device in the past with no conclusive results so imagine my surprise when I got immediate responses to several questions/comments. I remarked about the sadness of the tragic story and heard “it was violent”, very clearly. A few minutes later I said something about passing along the tale and was told, “I’m used to it”. Walking along the bridge I got a few more unintelligible messages. I stopped the recording to regroup and take a few pics but began recording again within a few minutes. Upon asking if there were anymore messages to be shared, I was told “prepare to leave”, which we promptly did! I kept the device recording while we put on our helmets (we were on a motorcycle)and continued to record for a few more minutes. When I reviewed the entire session I heard “I died”, “not worthy”, “bye” and “died out”. This was a very active, but short investigation!

  5. Me and my wife lived at 558 Cherokee St.about 20 years ago then it was made inrto 2 appartments 1 upstairs & 1 downstairs,we lived downstairs and nobody lived upstairs,every now and then we woukd hear the front door opening ,footsteps going upstairs,and then someone walking back and forth almost like pacing.and we would walk into coldspots in the house

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