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Exelis, located two blocks off of State, and one south of Best Buy and Central Pointe station, is an old factory which has stood on the site since sometime in the early 1950’s. Prior to that, local legend holds that the site was previously occupied by a large funeral home and crematorium. Though records do not confirm this, the fact that most of, if not all of the employees have verified the legend (some going far as to name the funeral home) seems to suggest that there may be some truth to the story.

Spirit wise, the plant is said to host several entities, though for the most part they are harmless. Two specific ones stand out, those being a young woman in her 30’s, and a young girl between 8 and 12 years of age. These spirits are some of the more active ones, with the woman making a showing regularly on the over night shift. The little girl is more mischievous, prone to moving objects around, or turning machines on or off. Other spirits sighted are men in coveralls, as well as a tall man in a suit which looks to date from the 20’s or 30’s.

The exact cause of the spirits is unknown, though the company history (and employees) note that until sometime in the mid 1980’s, the plant had two ovens (used for ceramics) on the property which had previously been used as crematoriums. It’s believed they may have been original to the funeral home, though once again no data supports this.

Access to the location is SEVERELY limited, due in part to the company’s position as a Department of Defense contractor. Furthermore, getting someone to even speak about their sightings proves difficult, with employees either afraid to admit what they have sighted, or fearing punishment from the company for divulging too much.

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2645 S 300 W
South Salt Lake, UT 84115
United States

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40.71341899999999, -111.89872300000002
Salt Lake County, Utah
Nearest Towns:
West Valley City, UT (6.1 mi.)
Salt Lake City, UT (6.5 mi.)
Magna, UT (6.7 mi.)
North Salt Lake, UT (7.3 mi.)
South Salt Lake, UT (7.8 mi.)
Kearns, UT (8.3 mi.)
Centerfield, UT (8.6 mi.)
Taylorsville, UT (8.7 mi.)
Woods Cross, UT (9.0 mi.)
Millcreek, UT (9.7 mi.)


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  1. Yes this place is defiantly haunted. I worked here for two and a half years. I was called in on a regular basis on the night shift. I have seen things fly off of desks seen cabinets open and close even heard typing on a keyboard that had no one in it. The second day I worked there I was in the change room getting my work clothes on and one of the stall doors opened up slowly and then slammed very hard like someone was angry. On two separate occasions I was touched one in mid day and the other I was brushed up against at night. The two ovens that were used for cremation were really there but are now gone. These two ovens were the main reason that the company bought the building. I contribute all the activity due to the large use of electric kilns and also that the day to day operation is the same in a way as a funeral home would operate in the fact that they are rolling tables around with product on them as they would have done with bodies and all the use of the ovens. I have heard many stories of apparitions and many things being moved or people just feeling like they are being watched all the time, and not to mention there was a young man in the 80’s that was killed in the parking lot while he was messing around on a moving car. I know that he has been seen in his department in his work cloths like he never left. There have been many night kiln department employees that have not stayed working there because of all the activity. It did come and go but it seemed winter was more active than the warmer months? It was a great experience to work there but I left when the layoffs started.

    I have a good friend who is a brick mason who keeps the kilns in good shape and he remembers the original ovens, if I remember right they were number 8 and 9. Yes this place is active! I know if you go to the Salt Lake Library and look up the address you can get the info on the funeral home.

  2. I worked there from 2000 to 2013 and this place is crazy with stories. I remember crucibles falling off shelves. When I first started I worked in a area with a high temp kiln and a tunnel kiln both reaching Temps over 1200 degrees. Even in high Temps you would get cold chills. The little girl showed regularly. The kilns dept. Was the area with the old cremation kilns. I also had friends that worked in that area. Out of the building that specific area had the highest turn around as far as employees went. The most activity was really during weekends and nights. The story of the death in parking lot 100% true. The guy was riding on the hood of a car and fell off. He bleed to death before ambulance made it.

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