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Reported to be closed, the Manor was known to be haunted by the ghosts of a woman and her child who drowned in the nearby Connecticut River. Renovations are said to awaken the woman’s ghost, who appears as a smiling lady in a candy-striped dress. She is apparently happy when improvements are made and has welcomed the workers. She has been seen on or floating up the stairs, and her child has been seen on the cellar steps.

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Geographic Information

Old Silo Road
East Barnet, VT
United States

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44.32912149578431, -72.03591728208266
Caledonia County, Vermont
Nearest Towns:
Barnet, VT (2.3 mi.)
Monroe, NH (4.8 mi.)
Saint Johnsbury, VT (6.3 mi.)
St Johnsbury, VT (6.7 mi.)
Danville, VT (7.6 mi.)
Concord, VT (10.0 mi.)
Lisbon, NH (10.1 mi.)
Groton, VT (11.4 mi.)
Bath, NH (11.7 mi.)
Wells River, VT (12.1 mi.)


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  1. I lived at Innwood Manor from November of 1991 until March of 1992. This place was very haunted. And it is ultimately what made me leave the place. I used to have pictures but threw them away when cleaning ut papers from that time. Peter is who I knew, my husband and brother set up a rental agreement where we were to live there and run the bed and breakfast. Peter was not upfront about a lot of things. I have always wondered what happened to the place and if anyone has made anything of it. It was a beautiful old house that Peter and his partner had put a lot of time and effort in. Anyway, if anyone is actually interested I am happy to relate my experiences.

    • Oct 8, 2020
      My name is Mark and I own the Inwood Manor. What I will write here may spark interest in the house and that’s fine, but I don’t want any unnecessary company, for obvious reasons, it is 2020 after all!

      No one reading this should think they can just come visit. You will be turned away. This is now a private home, not apartments or an Inn. There are no rooms for rent and no tours given for any reason. And visitors at the door with cameras are a definite no! Please be respectful of our home and privacy.

      That said, here’s the story so far:

      In January 2020, my wife and I purchased and soon after, moved into, the Inwood Manor. We were joined by our adult son, and then beginning in July, our adult daughter and her partner due to Covid concerns.

      There has been some very unusual things happening, especially since June when I began work on a second floor apartment for the girls. Nothing malicious has occurred so we’ve ceased being uncomfortable. More of things like practical jokes, noises and funny stuff go on here. The following are just some of the strange occurances since we’ve been here.

      My daughter found rusty old nails laying under her fitted sheet. Not so that they’d hurt but so they’d be annoying. She removed them and then found more in the same location the following night.

      Another time, I was working on the kitchen upstairs and I said out loud in frustration “damn it! I forgot my tape measure!” because I had left it in another room and a few seconds later it came sliding across the kitchen floor. I was the only one in the house at the time.

      Another time, my daughter was in bed and she heard footsteps in the hall and what she described as the sound of a child playing with a toy on the wood floor of the hallway.

      Yet another, I was in the upstairs bathroom in the back section and I heard someone come up the stairs, turn left and go through the door into the master bedroom. I thought nothing of it until I went downstairs and my wife and kids were in the kitchen area. They said no one had been up the stairs recently. When they convinced me that they were serious, a search turned up nothing and no evidence that anyone had been up there but me. But I clearly heard the creak of footsteps on the steps and then the boards and the scuff of shoes outside the bathroom door as they passed by. There’s no carpet to silence the old floors.

      It seems like there’s an adult male, maybe a female and a probably a toddler here that are occasionally making themselves known. There is no evil here.
      We are not all fearless, but we are not scared to live here. I regularly walk around the house and go search for the source of noises and voices, wether in the attic, the basement anywhere inside or out, at any hour. I would love to see what I’ve been hearing! And sometimes things have a perfectly good explanation and sometimes they don’t, but it isn’t always ghosts.

      I’ll update when there’s something to share.

      Have a safe and fun Halloween everyone!

  2. I currently own the Inwood Manor. As we would like our peace, privacy and security, we’d appreciate that visitors do their viewing from along the river. Its not an open house for thrill seekers.
    That said, yes, it’s very haunted. There are at least 3 or 4 ghosts here. We believe the most active ones to be Larry, a mischievous spirit but never evil and a toddler that regularly plays with toys on the upstairs hallway floor.
    Door knocking and knob turning, humming, bangs, lights and other unusual things are common here.
    If you’d like more info, research the internet and get the Barnet Vermont history book recently released.

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