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Apparitions and unexplained noises have been seen and heard throughout the cemetery, including a woman who appeared to be lost. When staff members approached her trying to help, she vanished.

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720 E Florence Ave
Inglewood, CA 90302
United States

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33.9703771597289, -118.34252795573775
Los Angeles County, California
Nearest Towns:
Inglewood, CA (0.9 mi.)
View Park-Windsor Hills, CA (1.8 mi.)
Lennox, CA (2.3 mi.)
Ladera Heights, CA (2.5 mi.)
Westmont, CA (3.1 mi.)
Hawthorne, CA (3.8 mi.)
West Athens, CA (3.9 mi.)
Del Aire, CA (4.1 mi.)
Culver City, CA (4.7 mi.)
El Segundo, CA (5.5 mi.)

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  1. Being that several of my family members have crossed over, I spend a fair amount of time at Inglewood Cemetery. And yes it is very haunted. While I have not seen the apparition mentioned, I have seen the apparition of two older ladies (they appear to be sisters) as well as what appears to be white smoke near several graves.

  2. My father worked at the cemetery at night and I would often stay at night with him to keep him company at times. My father and I would here walking in the main offices when no one was there. My dad would tell me not to be afraid, that it was just the a lady who used to be the Vice president of the company. He had seen the lost lady in search for the chapel and he and his partner both talk to her, told her that the chapel was closed and not to go in that direction. When they called the security guard and told him they could not stop this lady from going to go check it out, the security guard later replied to them that there was no lady. The security guard told them they must of seen the mysterious lady of the chapel. They have report to have seen a man hanging from a the big tree in the main entrance. They have seen little kids playing in the garden of children towards the back. I love visiting there at night with him even though I would often get the chills from being there.

    • Hi I know you don’t know me but i live near the cemetery and I have a group that would like to check this out. We would be no trouble and have the utmost respect for all that are there. Being i live t=in the area (Within a block) I would like to know how to go about getting arrangements to actually be able to experience this first hand with video and pictures. Can you please point me in the right direction. My Email is please contact me with the details

  3. When I was about 9 years ago , so about 8 years ago I remember going to the Inglewood Cemetery, we were visiting my grandmas, friends, daughter who died in a car accident at the age of 20. She was buried in a Mortuary , but we were lost in there and couldn’t find where she was buried. There was another family who was also lost. So then this really old man with a cane walked up to us and said he was going to show us way. So we were following him, and he made a right turn. we made the right turn RIGHT AFTER him, and guess what… HE DISSAPEARD and it was a dead end ! but we turned our heads and we were right where we needed to be. I remember everyone freaking out even the other family saying “WHERE DID HE GO ?!?!” and I remember me just being in tears since I was so scared. Ghost ? or did he just blend in with the wall ? I thought that it was a ghost. till this day I still think it’s a ghost. I haven’t been to that cemetery since then.

  4. I live very close to the cemetery within one block actually. And I have seen many things that were and remain unexplained not only through out the Cemetery but in the radius of about 1/2 mile around it. I have got many photos of orbs and lights from the cemetery as well. My cousin and I went on a covert ghost hunt and have gotten a video of one of the buildings that use to be the original crematorium, now a work shed, where the doors have actually started shaking violently. We asked a nice grounds keeper what was there. He was nice enough to open the shed up and we got loads of pics and video of the shed with numerous unexplained anomalies in it. Not orbs actual shadows and faces. So yeah it is definitely haunted there.

  5. Jessica Nazareth  |  

    my friend’s friend had walked by here at midnight by himself awhile back not knowing this place has so many and I do emphasize on so many demons here.
    after that walk, he became very ill and ended up at the hospital immediately.
    it is till this day that my friend finds out that demons aka pretending to be ghosts sucked his friend’s energy and blood as much as they could in the spiritual realm that he collapsed out of energy, being so tired, weak, and ill. that is why he got so sick and ended up at the hospital.
    so I really don’t advise anyone to go here and any park for that matter since there are so many evil demons that pretend to be nice ghosts but they’re really not nice here and at parks.
    being the demons’ playground and all.
    coming here is like opening a big can of worms. no pun intended.
    if anyone is bored and wants to hunt demons, don’t even bother because it isn’t worth it to get possessed and get sucked life out of by demons at this place.

  6. I live near by and drive down Praire and I’ll take multiple quick pics while driving. When I looked over my pics one stood out and it was a large white misty object but more solid with somewhat of a face. It blew my mind because it’s so clear.

  7. I have been there at “ALL TIMES” of the day and night and have yet to see ANYTHING! I think these people are letting there imagination run away with them! I have been to cemeteries across the country at times from 4am to 1am always by myself and have yet to see to see a ghost. I was always told that only tbe good come back to visit!

  8. Many years ago, I live less than 10 houses from that cemetery and I can honestly say that there are spirits/demons wondering around in that area. I lived on Manchester Terrace which is next to the cemetery for 2 years. I must say, 2 very troubled years. I saw spirits/demons in my house every single night and day. Those demons invaded my surroundings and harassed me causing me to have many sleepless and terrified nights. When I told my family they didn’t believe me. As hard as it may to believe, there are demons and unsettled spirits in our surroundings.

  9. Christian Hernandez  |  

    I worked at Inglewood Park Cemetery in 2006-2008 and did not see or hear anything out of ordinary for the most part. I had access to most areas and buildings on the premises including the structure that housed the crematory. On one early evening before closing an office co-worker asked me and another worker if we could retrieve some documents from the crematory and bring it back to the main office. We were instructed to ask for the guy in charge of this department as he would be the only person present since the rest of the crew had already left for the day. Myself and the other person agreed to take the company van down to the crematory and knock out this easy task before going home for the day. As we arrived we did not see any vehicles parked outside which was weird since one person was supposed to be there closing up. As we walk in through the main entrance we were met by complete silence due to a lack of activity. This building had multiple rooms and areas with doors of various types. Me and the other person went looking for the guy who was supposed to be there and found nothing. We knew the building well and did not miss any rooms which were only a couple extra rooms from what I remember. The only room we did not check was the one that was the service area of the actual cremation chamber which was only accessible to employees and looked somewhat like a workshop. In other words, we were in a area where deceased bodies were cremated on a daily basis for the most part. This room or area of the building has a heavy-duty spring loaded door, the kind that cannot be opened unless you apply a good amount of pressure and this is probably to avoid the possibility of the door being left open since visitors could accidently walk in during service events so you understand the reason why the door has to be heavy-duty. As me and the other associate are about to head back with the news that we found no one we are in the main hallway walking past this door when suddenly it opened briefly and slammed shut – keep in mind that it is so quiet in this building you could hear a pin drop if it had happened. Startled by this, we both agreed that this guy must still be in there working late so I proceed to open the door and as we turn the handle and push it in we called his name as we walk in but there was no one. The room is not that big and there are no other outlets or places to hide. It took just a few seconds to realize what just happened – a spirit was the only possibility of explaining the door opening and slamming shut before our very eyes. This was the first time I witnessed a supernatural event and made me a believer in the after-life. It is not hard to understand since human bodies have been burning in this crematory for for decades and maybe some of those were simply in a long-term coma and not dead at all. We scurried out of there very quickly and said nothing of what we witnessed. I tried very hard to avoid being alone when it was getting dark during the winter days after this incident. This is a true story from an ex-employee at this old cemetery.

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