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The 1848 Indiana Hospital for the Insane turned into the Central State Hospital in 1926. It is said to be haunted by many patients who suffered abuse here in the hospital’s dark past. Witnesses have described shadows, apparitions, women’s screams, electrical devices that turn on and off by themselves, unexplained noises, footsteps and moans.

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Geographic Information

Warmand and Vermont
Indianapolis, IN
United States

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39.769654693370235, -86.20882415823871
Marion County, Indiana
Nearest Towns:
Indianapolis, IN (2.7 mi.)
Speedway, IN (3.8 mi.)
Wynnedale, IN (4.3 mi.)
Spring Hills, IN (4.7 mi.)
Rocky Ripple, IN (5.8 mi.)
Crows Nest, IN (6.5 mi.)
Clermont, IN (6.6 mi.)
North Crows Nest, IN (7.1 mi.)
Beech Grove, IN (7.1 mi.)
Broad Ripple, IN (7.6 mi.)


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  1. Sherry Hansell  |  

    My father, Harold Thomas Boswell worked at Central State Hospital for over thirty years.The patients who were allowed out onto the grounds loved him and he brought many home with him on weekends or during holidays who did not have families or whose family did not visit them. He worked there as head mechanic and later as head electrician. We visited him there all the time. I remember many times riding around in the hearse after he had done work on it and playing around in the morgue while he checked wiring or unlocked for a deceased patient to be brought in. Many people don’t know this but there are tunnels running all underneath Central State many going from one building to another and my father knew them all. When Central State closed my Dad was put in charge of tearing down the cemetery a job that bothered him for many years after. Thanks for listening

  2. So tonight is September 15, 2015 at approximately 1201 am. Me and my roommate TJ are at the old asylum again to record another visit to these grounds. Last night we caught several unidentifiable statements on our EVP readings, along with the spirits repeating my name specifically, and my name isn’t common at all, and asking us to please come back. This facility is located on West Drive after you turn from W Vermont Street. You will see a small abandoned building on a creepy road with an open field to the left, then shortly after you pass this building you will notice an IMPD station hidden in the back behind the mill and asylum. This place is boarded up however there are ways in. These spirits appear to be in agony and are very very friendly. We are still investigating this area. If you have any questions email me at

  3. no idea if I was being pranked, but upon entering the medical wing of the buildings, my group of 4 people all heard the exact same sound, resembling a flatline of a heart monitor. we investigated further to find no other people and no evidence of people being there recently.

  4. How hard is it to gain access to the ground for a night? Myself and some others are very interested in investigating here one night. Any information would be helpful. Thank you.

  5. Took this in one of the offices. Taken around 1am last winter. Maybe it’s something, maybe not. I definitely thought it was a face of some sort. I think I see fangs in the photo, but maybe I’m just seeing what I WANT to see and not what I actually see.

    • What equipment was used to take this? What were your settings? That just looks like a double exposure (if it was analog film) or a camera that moved during exposure (if it was digital). Or, it looks like a double exposure filter done digitally, after the fact. I’m not trying to shoot you down, but without more data, with just a pic like that, there’s no proof you captured anything supernatural. I’ve got one similar taken in Crawfordsville, IN, in an abandoned hospital. No one ever believed I didn’t fake mine, either. In mine, a skeletal, glowing blue torso is clearly evident, complete with ribcage.

  6. Im looking for some place near Indianapolis to take my 11 year old grandson, hes very interested in ghosts . Just a day trip. Any suggestions?

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