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The square stone house just off the Trans Canada highway, known as the Screaming House, was built in the 1800s for a family. So the local legend goes, one of the children was playing on the railroad tracks and was hit and killed by a train as the helpless mother looked on from the window. The mother was so upset that the father blocked up the window. Now, the ghostly mother is said to relive the event, screaming when a train goes by on the tracks.

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Geographic Information

Trans-Canada Hwy
3 Miles East of Indian Head, SK

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50.52110205553311, -103.57902145377011
Division No. 6
Nearest Towns:
Indian Head, SK (3.9 mi.)
Sintaluta, SK (6.9 mi.)
Qu'appelle, SK (12.7 mi.)
Wolseley, SK (15.5 mi.)
Fort Qu'appelle, SK (19.2 mi.)
Balcarres, SK (19.3 mi.)
Montmartre, SK (21.8 mi.)
Lemberg, SK (22.2 mi.)
Lipton, SK (28.7 mi.)
Neudorf, SK (28.8 mi.)


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  1. Not one word of a lie. This summer in early June a friend and I hopped off a train in Broadview. Got a ride to Wolseley and decided to rest up for the night. Bastard was snoring soooo loud so I grabbed my shit and moved to the side of the visitor center building. Like by the water fountain. I have no idea if its related to the screaming house thing. But. I was dead frozen scared shitless. Watching. Like an orb type thing witch inwas saying to myself. Its a motorcycle light. Nope. Like a translucent orb thingy went down the sorta windy road from the gas station to the highway. Stopped and a car drove through it.yeah sounds made up. Hovered between the intersection for a good 5 minutes. Then hovered to the other side of the highway where theres like an old bug parked in a ditch or something. Than. Cam rolling down the highway going west. And im godsmacked still standing still losing my shit. When it came by im standing halfway between the water fountain and the visitor dome type building. Plain as day. No noise. Just a hovering almost pulsating orb. And like smokey trails of what looked like a man in a scooter.. Like a fat person scooter. If ibwas gonna make this up I woudnt say fat guy scooter. Anyways. Freakiest shit I have ever first hand witnessed.

  2. was at the screaming house with a school trip and saw a childs bare foot print in the dust
    it was not there when we got there . there is also a grave yard in the back

  3. I heard this story from friends as a kid in grade 5.
    We drive by this house often and always think of that tormented, heartbroken mother.
    The windows on the whole south facing side are sealed with stone and mortar.
    I believe this story to my core

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