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Our office building is directly in front of the Claybank Church & Cemetery in Ozark, AL. Unusual and unexplained things occur frequently in our building. This has been going on for several years. A large lab book flies off shelf, splatters in floor, breaking the spine of the book, when 20 minutes before, it was securely on the shelf. We have had unexplained tinkling bells only in one clinic room, a door that stayed open for over an hour without a door stop, when the door will not stay open without a door stop. Something also made the hair on your arms stand up, with a weird feeling that something was there. The very next day, a coffin was left unattended, practically in our back door………we think it was a spirit who was curious about us. We hear strange noises, unintelligible mumbling, and one of us has had her name called, clearly and distinctly, and no source could be determined. Two employees have had some psychic abilities, and both have seen & felt spirits in the building. The prior occupant of the other suite, caught an apparition on their security tapes.

(Submitted by Carol Gilmer)

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Geographic Information

1566 Andrews Ave
Ozark, AL
United States

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31.44729526908296, -85.66023105391645
Dale County, Alabama
Nearest Towns:
Ozark, AL (1.4 mi.)
Fort Rucker, AL (7.9 mi.)
Newton, AL (8.4 mi.)
Daleville, AL (10.0 mi.)
Ariton, AL (11.1 mi.)
Pinckard, AL (11.3 mi.)
Level Plains, AL (12.3 mi.)
Midland City, AL (13.2 mi.)
Enterprise, AL (14.7 mi.)
Clayhatchee, AL (15.1 mi.)


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  1. There are several spirit’s in the actual graveyard that both me and many have witnessed first hand. We also have photos of the spirits. The most prominent spirit we have seen is a lady in a white early 1900’s dresswalking amongst the grave yard, and we obviously call her “the lady in white”. And if you take a picture of the tallest statue in the middle of the graveyard we have captured several large orbs around it. The other prominent spirit is what we call the “grave digger” there is a single grave in the very back by the tree line by the church. If you’re standing at the front of the graveyard at night you’ll see a dark apparition with a cane walking back and forth by said grave marker. There is also a little girl spirit that we have seen sitting on the bench near the back of the graveyard.

  2. Are your experiences in the Claybank cemetery? I have pictures of orbs in the church. Could you share your experiences for a potential ghosts of Dale County Book? My book,The Ghosts of Claybank, is on amazon.com & Kindle eBooks about the office experiences.

    Carol Gilmer cgilmer2898@gmail.com

  3. I have a paranormal team in Enterprise, and we work with other teams across the state of Alabama. If you would like for us to come by and talk and do a investigation we could. Please contact us on Facebook or on here. Are group is RIP investigation

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