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A woman wearing a red scarf fell onto the track and was electrocuted to death in the 1950’s. People have reported seeing her here, recognizing her by her scarf.

Submitted by Chris Berglund

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Geographic Information

Ickenham Underground
London UK

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51.56211163458094, -0.4418672024985426
Greater London
Nearest Towns:
Ickenham, UK (0.9 mi.)
Ruislip, UK (1.1 mi.)
London Borough Of Hillingdon, UK (1.5 mi.)
Uxbridge, UK (2.0 mi.)
Eastcote, UK (2.3 mi.)
Denham, UK (2.5 mi.)
Pinner, UK (2.9 mi.)
Hillingdon, UK (3.2 mi.)
Harefield, UK (3.2 mi.)
Yiewsley, UK (3.3 mi.)


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  1. I was on the tube train travelling to Uxbridge by myself in the late summer of 1983 around 1230hrs. I was travelling alone and was seated on the second carriage from the front. The carriage was mostly empty of other passengers.
    As the train pulled into the station ,I noticed a woman standing alone close to the end of the platform just before it drops onto the track. I thought this was odd at the time as the platform was mostly empty of passengers.
    I had a good view of her as the carriage that I was sat in stopped approximately 10 feet or so short of where she was standing.
    She appeared to be staring into the distance, smiling. She was wearing what I would describe as smartly dressed clothes that a woman would wear in the1950’s fashion. Beige coloured rain jacket, red silk type neck scarf, red just below knee length pleated skirt and red heeled shoes. Height approximately 5,6″ Strawberry blonde shoulder length hair.
    She remained in my sight in the same position until the train departed the platform to continue to Hillingdon and then Uxbridge stations. She didn’t get on the train.
    I didn’t think anymore about the sighting subsequently other than that I thought that where she was standing was unusual bearing in mind that the rest of the platform was virtually empty at the time and the fact that she didn’t board the train.
    Around 20 years later I read an article in a publication mentioning about the Ickenham Tube Station Ghost. The article went on to describe the EXACT woman that I had seen many years previously, exactly as I have described. The article mentioned that a woman in the1950’s had committed suicide at Ickenham Station by jumping in front of a train.
    So I have spent many years wondering if I had seen a Ghost back in 1983?

  2. This would have been in the late 70s if I remember right but I went to catch a train from Ickenham Station one evening after drinks with a friend as I had done many times before but this was later than usual, around 11:30. No one was in sight when I got there, the lights were on but ticket booth was empty as were the 2 platforms. It was quite cold but I hung around for someone to appear but as it got closer to midnight I started to think that I’d missed the last train and everyone had gone home. With that, to the platform stairwell to my left, I heard what sounded like footsteps coming up with that familiar scuffing sound on the concrete. Thinking it was a station employee coming back to the ticket office, I approached the top of the stairs and the sound stopped but there was no one there. Needless to say the shock of this sent icy needles through my veins and I hightailed it out of there pronto and walked home. It’s possible that what I heard was steam escaping from a pipe or something else, who knows but I remember this quite clearly and I was convinced it was footsteps I heard. It was only much later I had found out about the poor lady who died there.

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