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It is said that Betsy Ward, who lived here in the late 1800s, died in room 505 of this hotel, although how she died is uncertain. One story says she committed suicide in the bathtub; another that there was foul play. Both guests and staff have heard unexplained voices, seen shadows, and heard doors open and close by themselves in the vicinity of Room 505. There have been many other strange occurrences here as well: Some reported a feeling of being watched and followed on the second floor where a restaurant manager was allegedly stabbed to death by the dishwashers in 1990. There have also been clear EVPs and pictures that showed orbs and apparitions. Some have seen a little girl in Victorian clothing on the fourth floor. Also, the elevator often gets stuck on the fourth floor, or else it will send passengers to the sixth instead when they push the fourth floor button.

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219 W 9th St
Kansas City, MO 64105
United States

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39.103444, -94.586454
Jackson County, Missouri
Nearest Towns:
Kansas City, MO (0.5 mi.)
North Kansas City, MO (2.2 mi.)
Kansas City, KS (2.3 mi.)
Avondale, MO (4.1 mi.)
Westwood Hills, KS (4.6 mi.)
Westwood, KS (4.6 mi.)
Mission Woods, KS (4.9 mi.)
Roeland Park, KS (5.2 mi.)
Riverside, MO (5.3 mi.)
Northmoor, MO (5.5 mi.)

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  1. If you are looking to spend $139/night in a dusty, probably “demonic” infested hotel, this is your place. This place is an infestation of negative energies-at least on the 4th Floor where my fiance and I stayed. If people have seen a “little girl” on the 4th Floor I would caution you, it is probably not a child but something taking the form of a child to appear innocent/harmless. I have been traveling across the US to haunted locations and this is by far the WORST (or BEST depending on what you’re looking for) place I’ve been to so far…

    As soon as we stepped in the Hotel I automatically felt this severe sense of danger, which I have never felt anywhere in my life. I did not even venture to the 2nd or 3rd floor, when I looked around the 4th floor part of it was almost in complete ruins on one side of the remodeled part of the floor-on the other side it was not remodeled at all. The creepier side where all* of the doors were sealed gave me the feeling I needed to run back into my room; there were little square storage spaces everywhere-even in the bathroom in the hotel room. It was also dirty inside of the room, which is scary in itself if you are OCD about germs. I felt like something was brushing my bum and tugging on my clothes (including my bra) numerous times. There was a closet in the room that had an awful stench of cigar smoke; I tried to spray some smelly good stuff for science to make the place smell better and 10 minutes later opened the closet again/it was as if I had never sprayed anything and still smelled of cigars-only in the closet. They give you a brochure that tells you the history of the place-they have found artifacts recently stored in the walls (which made all of the numerous storage places even more weird), including an antique .32 caliber pistol. After the depression 120 of the 200 rooms were used to house transients, so no telling what happened here. Before that it was used during the prohibition and was a frequent stop for travelers during this time.

    Now, after I sprayed the air freshener, I felt a chill like I was freezing to death. If you believe in orbs I captured red, yellow, and the regular clear/white orbs. I was standing up organizing the room because I felt so restless and felt a burning sensation as if something had stung me, there was a pretty large red spot that is hard to explain, but I have pics of it. My skin felt like it was on fire. This is when I decided to leave ASAP, and the first time I have checked out of a hotel in the middle of the night because I did not feel comfortable with the amount of what I felt was evil in this establishment. If you stay here you might want to bring an exorcist. Cheers.

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