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According to staff and guests at this historic boutique hotel, sightings of the apparition of a man in period clothing on the upper floors of the hotel aren’t uncommon; and neither are the legends surrounding his appearance. Some believe this spectre is Al Capone, who frequently stayed in the hotel and is even rumoured to have owned it at various points in time.

(Submitted by Callum Swift)

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Geographic Information

200 Main Street
Dubuque, Iowa
United States

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42.4962406, -90.66425979999997
Dubuque County, Iowa
Nearest Towns:
Dubuque, IA (0.3 mi.)
East Dubuque, IL (1.1 mi.)
Sandy Hook, WI (4.3 mi.)
Sageville, IA (4.5 mi.)
Asbury, IA (4.6 mi.)
Kieler, WI (6.7 mi.)
Menominee, IL (6.7 mi.)
Durango, IA (7.2 mi.)
Centralia, IA (9.0 mi.)
Sherrill, IA (9.6 mi.)


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  1. Years ago while staying at the Julien Inn my husband sat BOLT UPRIGHT in bed about 3 in the morning and said in a very strange and low ranged voice “You Just Wait” then he promptly laid back and fell asleep. I tried to ask him what he was talking about and when I got him awake he had no idea what I was talking about. P.S. 31 years later I’m still waiting!!!

  2. I stayed in the hotel about 5 months ago. I was touring with a headlining band playing at a venue down the street. Right as we were supposed to head over to the venue I remembered I forgot something that I needed in our room. The rest of the band headed down the elevator and as soon as the doors closed i looked down the long hallways as I was going to my room and all the way at the end was a dark figure in the shape of a stocky man with an old style hat. I froze and proceeded to walk down the hallway after him and noticed he very quickly turned the corner. As I got about halfway down the hallway I realized it was only one hallway and there was no where for this person to go. Hearing no doors close, I tried to gather what I had just witnessed. As calmly as I could I walked passed my room and headed to the elevator not even remembering what I needed from my room. I head down the elevator and Immediately went to the front desk and after a talk with the women at the desk I realized this hotel has had some seriously history. I then ask her if there’s any activity here and if so what floor. She hesitantly then begins to tell me about sightings on the 5th floor a lot. Now I’m shaking because we were staying on the 5th floor. I told her what I saw and apparently al Capone stayed at the hotel a lot and at some points was believed to own it. I looked him up on Google and as soon as the image loaded I couldn’t believe what I saw. It was him… I’m a firm believer in the afterlife and this solidified it for me. stay at this place if you’re ever in the area. Extremely Great hotel with great people and yes… A shit ton of history.

  3. I stayed at the hotel (Dec. 2015) 4th or 5th floor. Took some pics in the room; most showed cool orbs, not much else…..but…. about 3:50 a.m., I woke for some reason and just sat up in bed, propped on my right elbow. After about 3 mins., I felt an intense burning sensation on my left rear shoulder, like a spatula that had been heated red hot. For some reason, I did not move. This lasted about a full minute, then slowly faded away. I went right back to sleep. In the morning, I was looking for a shirt, when my girlfriend said: “what’s on your back?” Turns out there were three really red scratches. I never felt a scratching sensation, only the intense burning. Took some pics of these. Just like you see on many paranormal shows. I was surprised that I did not feel a presence at the time. Anyway, I know there are some type of entities there.

    • I worked there for a WEEK back in 2014. The first night there, a door at the end of the hall in the spa slammed shut, no windows. No air blowing and the doors are heavy… Ok I was spooked. 2 nights later while bringing up extra pillows to a room, there were heavy footsteps right behind me. Nobody there. A few nights later while cleaning the restaurant, a tall lady in a short black dress with black hair walked thru. I said you can’t be in here we’re closed.. the entrance was already locked and the only way someone would have gotten in there was where I was vacuuming. I followed to where she was walking. Nothing there but a wall. I called security, they checked it out and nobody was there. Needless to say I quit.

  4. Thought Inshould share our experience… My husband and I were recently married in Dubuque and stayed at Hotel Julien. Room 515. (Sorry in advance for the details… it might be hard to believe, but we have nothing to gain from making something like this up) On our last night, the lights were off and we were having some pretty amazing sex… keep in mind, we were in the middle of a king size bed and not at all in arms reach of the bedside lamps. Literally right as I orgasmed, the bedside lamp flipped on. At the time, we were both like, “Holy Sh!t” but didn’t think much of it. It wasn’t until the next day that we were talking about it that we thought to look into it. Is it really haunted? Or do our bodies somehow have the electrical energy in them that they would have the ability to turn a lamp on during the peak of an orgasm? We still don’t have a clue as to how it happened… maybe Al Capone was enjoying the show… 🙂

  5. 12-29-19. my husband and i stayer in rm 310 as our christmas gift to each other. during our last night, i woke up around 2:30, freezing and hearing footsteps pacing back and forth, from the foot of bed to the jacuzzi, ( about 14 paces) then back again. this went on for over 1/2 hour. at first, i thought my husband was up, but he was asleep. he said he heard nothing.

  6. My husband and I just returned home after 2 nights at the Hotel Julien. On our 2nd night as we were asleep, around 2:30 a.m I woke up and I thought my husband scooted up right behind me with his head laying by my neck and ear. Then it felt like a finger was put in my ear!! I turned over quickly and my husband was asleep facing the other direction!! Needless to say I couldn’t fall asleep after that. We were in room 625.

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