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According to reports, a haunting incident occurred in one of the rooms here at night. The apparition of a girl appeared walking around inside the room, until she walked through a wall and disappeared.

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Geographic Information

604 Station Rd.
Grantville, PA 17028
United States

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40.3804489299466, -76.66478143914793
Dauphin County, Pennsylvania
Nearest Towns:
Skyline View, PA (4.3 mi.)
Fort Indiantown Gap, PA (5.4 mi.)
Palmdale, PA (6.2 mi.)
Palmyra, PA (6.2 mi.)
Union Deposit, PA (6.3 mi.)
Hershey, PA (6.6 mi.)
Linglestown, PA (7.3 mi.)
Lawrence Park, PA (7.6 mi.)
Paxtonia, PA (8.1 mi.)
Campbelltown, PA (8.2 mi.)

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  1. I don’t know of a haunting, but for the record. When I was staying at that holiday inn July 22nd-July,27th 2015 there was a women staying there with three young kids who drowned in the indoor pool. Now that itself is a horrible accident, but the odd thing is that I’ve looked on the internet since we left and came home and I can’t find not one article on the web about the incident. That makes no sense to me at all…….cover up?

  2. I am not sure if this was the place, if it is right next to a cemetery it is. Probably 5 or 8 years ago I was staying with my girl scout troop at this hotel on a trip to Hershey Park. We were sharing two hotel rooms so some of us, including me, had to sleep on the floor. We had all gone to sleep. I woke up in the middle of the night and saw a figure with bright red eyes looking at me from across the room. I shut my eyes and hid under the blanket. I then heard this growling sound that might have been a fan. After a while I checked again and it was still there, but in a different area. I looked around the room for anything that could have caused a red light like an alarm clock or something but I couldn’t find anything. I was so scared I had trouble sleeping. I would keep waking up and seeing the eyes somewhere else, sometimes multiple at once. Finally morning came and I woke up to find blood stains on my pillow. There wasn’t any blood on my face so it couldn’t have been a nosebleed. I immediately told the other girls what happened and was shocked to hear many of them also saw the red eyed shadow. This would have been completely unexpected if there hadn’t been a cemetery right next to the hotel.

  3. In 1982-83 I was in high school/vo tech and we attended a DECA conference at this hotel. We were having our last big meeting/dinner in one of the conference rooms and someone had an instant Polaroid camera. A few of us leaned in while another one took our picture. As it developed slowly on the table the way they did…a little boy appeared right in the middle open space between us. He had short dark hair and a white tshirt with red stripes…We were frozen! There were no children in the room and he was clear as day! My friend Maureen went to Potsgrove High School and went to tech with me. She swore to keep the picture. I lost touch with her but I’m sure, tucked in a drawer somewhere, she still has it!! I’ll never forget that experience and often wonder who he was and what keeps him there…

  4. I stayed at the Holiday Inn Express in Harrisburg, PA, on Pfeiffer Lane and I don’t think I’ll ever return. The staff was great and the room was beautiful but I won’t forgot the woman who woke me up in the middle of the night. It was around 4am when I woke from a deep sleep. I was still out of it but I knew for a fact that I was awake. For some reason it felt as if I was not alone in Room 102. Before I knew it, I felt the need right side of my bed concave and a dark humanoid figure rest beside me. I couldn’t see a single feature but I knew the figure was female. She held onto me as my hand lifted to the nape of her neck. I was paralyzed at this moment, unable to move or speak. I was panicking. I tried to remove my hand from her neck but I couldn’t. I had to wait for what felt like forever until she vanished. I quickly turned my light on and I am unable to fall back asleep. Room 102 has someone living in it already so I advise you to pick another room.

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