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At Hillman Health Clinic, formerly Tulare County General Hospital, the elevator is said to run by itself, and heavy footsteps have been reported on the stairs.

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Geographic Information

1062 S K St
Tulare, CA
United States

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36.19566387559824, -119.34242386071321
Tulare County, California
Nearest Towns:
Tulare, CA (0.9 mi.)
Tipton, CA (9.6 mi.)
Visalia, CA (9.7 mi.)
Waukena, CA (10.1 mi.)
Farmersville, CA (10.3 mi.)
Woodville, CA (10.7 mi.)
Goshen, CA (11.6 mi.)
Plainview, CA (12.2 mi.)
Exeter, CA (13.1 mi.)
Corcoran, CA (13.9 mi.)


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  1. Derrick Despain  |  

    I worried at the hillman Healthcare center in the late 90’s early 2000’s I’ve heard at night late when no one was around in the west end of the second floor is a rounded kind of room that was the old nursery when it was a hopital. At night they say you can hear babies crying. I also now the the basement on the west side facing k street there is an old dirt tunnel I guess they used in the 40’s or 50’s to move people around. I was a delivery drive and had to sometime put my stuff up at night like 5:30 no one was around and it felt freaky.

  2. I would like to have my Paranormal Team set up there. I just need to find out where can I start to check out for our team to go there to do an investigation. I’m new in this area of Tulare and don’t know who to make contact with that is in charge of that Clinic. Anyone knows? If so contact me. Please. Thank you. T.P.I.T Paranormal Team in Tulare. Email: Madamstarn@aol.com

    • Victor Rodriguez  |  

      Hey do you really have Paranormal team? That’s awesome! I always wanted to make a pranormal team too, but my friends that I know are too scared for these kinda stuff!! But that’s awesome! My name I’d victor!! I would like to talk a little more so I can learn how it is to do paranormal hunting!!

      • Nancy Lombardi  |  

        T.P.I.T. Paranormal Team:
        We are still in the Paranormal Society Website through out the state.

        I’m seriously planning on getting my Paranormal Team back together hopefully by October. Also if they are not wanting to return because of other things going on. I will be interviewing serious people with Technology invested and know the regulations as well privacy rules of the investigations. No loudness or reporting every Investigation to the public. Serious inquiries only. Must know computer Audacity programs as well a research Guru. Has own equipment and knows how to set up.

        EVP ( Digital Recorder)
        Laptop ( Audacity Program/ SLS
        Video Equipment
        Voice Box
        Audio wiring experience

        We are technically equipped to start!
        Bring your expertise to the table.

        Thank you.

    • Tracy Navarrette  |  

      My father in law used to work at hill man health center. He did custodian work late at night by himself. He heard clots of stuff and lights turning off and on. But the craziest thing was…. He decided to start taking pics of every room after he cleaned it. He turned off light and snapped a pic of the dark room. He had a old flip phone with no flash. When he went thru the pics after his shift. Most of them black. But… there was 3 that looked like a skeleton face Apparition!!!! Scary!!!!

  3. Ashley Bittner- Garcia  |  

    I also worked at the Hillman Healthcare Clinic, from 2010-2012 I remember they were starting to do remodel but it didn’t matter, I saw the elevator go up and down on it’s own and also as you were walking towards the older area you could automatically feel a tempature drop, it had a different smell and the lighting in the older area always looked hazy even though they used the same lights in all areas it was always dimmer. I had to work late closing in the older area which became the OB/Gyn department, I was alone except for one other person and security gard, I heard children laughing and playing upstairs put no-one else was there.

    • So, I used to be in the COS RN Program. I had to do my clinicals. I literally felt like I entered another dimension once I passed the hallway doors. I was asked to take some charts to the back wing. I went back there and it was pretty lonely and very quiet. I had goosebumps as I walked alone to find this once I had never been to. I came to a T on the Hallway I looked to my right and it was dark but with little light. I saw a face staring from the inside of one of the rooms. It freaked me out bc it looked heinous and evil. So, the I went to my left and found the office and a lady there. I handed her the charts and asked what department is to the right. She told that part of the place is closed. I told her what I saw and she smiled and said ” Oh, it’s just The Baby Watcher” She told me they experience a lot of paranormal activity. I never volunteered to go to that part of the clinic ever again. Jumping to tonight… I took my niece, nephew, and my son @ 11:20 pm.. I have them a full tour of the outside area and we got to experience some pretty scary activity. I will show pictures of the area in a few hrs. Pretty freaking scary especially when the guard came out and explained he was the only one in the entire building.

  4. I’m 49 years old now, but remember this historic hospital very well. My mother “Martha”, who is still alive, used to work there for 40 years beginning at age 19. We used to visit the hospital when she worked nights as children, climbing the west end stairs to watch the fireworks. She always told us stories of heavy footsteps on the stairs, the elevator going up/down on its own, once she was on it to go to second floor and she said it ALWAYS stopped off in the basement where they used it as a morgue, cold eerie feeling. she was panicked and started to take the stairs instead. She told of one night operator who quite on the same night that she received a phone call from a deceased co-worker and call lights going off all night with no occupants in them. The medical records building next door was also a haunting experience when she went to retrieve a medical file and the door locked behind her. She pounded until security came, she was shaken and crying…he told her this place is haunted and “never, come out here by yourself”.. needless to say she did not and if workers needed to go pull a file as a night shift team…. they always went with somebody….I believe this hospital is definitely haunted! Its a historic place and many have passed away in the rooms or operating tables. In fact the small buildings around back once used as a clinic before Hillman opened…also Haunted ….the entire grounds are! I went in those clinic rooms to wait for mom to get off work and everything looked very old… the sinks, the doors , the floors…older than the hospitals settings.

  5. and oh Yeah! Mom said while waiting outside for us…her ride at 1130PM she always sensed someone watching her from the second floor window that faces Bardsley ave. and passerbyers would report a person standing there off/on beginning in evening hours to late night. We had to pass the hospital to get home…so I never wanted to look that way. And yes babies crying when no admits were present. The hospital would shut down that floor when there weren’t any current deliveries but still could hear children. One siting is a little boy in the hallway that leads from specialty clinic to the ob/peds window. Another night shift team reporting a deceased co-worker being paged overhead…. they called the operator to let her know that wasn’t funny nor appropriate…operator replying she heard the page also….but didn’t do it! Too many occurences to name!

  6. Crap, I came from Los Angeles County, and now I work here in the old Hillman building next to the dam elevator…. One morning while getting a county car key, I herd as if they were having a meeting but nobody else was in the building. The elevator still goes up and down as if someone is using it… My co worker reported being kicked and her hair was pulled…yikesssss… I still have not gone down to the basement, it is now a file storage area…

    • This place is scary I don’t sit in there my whole shift I jus get a bad vibe and it looks creepy really creepy and I’m security guard here and it’s jus one person working so that’s even scarier

  7. Kaitlyn C Chesser  |  

    My mom used to work there in 2006-2008 and she would have to go to the basement because thats where they kept their xray stuff and omg. It was creepy. I went to work with her there a lot and the basement and old area of the hospital were creepy. You could hear nurses foot steps in the basement. It was sooooo cold in the area where the morgue was. Oh and not to mention the giant flying roaches. No Thank you. If you go into the basement far enough there are still chains where they kept the t.b. patients until they died. My mom and i wandered probably too far for my liking.

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