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Up in the hills of corona on a dead end street there is an old signal tower. Past that, a small trail leads you to a walkway and a burn site. The story is… there was a house that stood there in the 80’s. Two parents lived there along with two children. One weekend the parents decided to go on vacation and hire a nanny to watch the kids. It is said that Satan possessed the nanny to lock the children in the basement. Later that night, the house burned down with all three people in it. Strange happenings occur such as cold spots, items moving from the time you travel up the trail to the time you travel back, and toys appearing and disappearing in the basement.

(Submitted by Christian)

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Geographic Information

4000 S Main St
Corona, CA
United States

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33.824517345943164, -117.57967445252689
Riverside County, California
Nearest Towns:
El Cerrito, CA (3.4 mi.)
Corona, CA (3.6 mi.)
Home Gardens, CA (5.0 mi.)
Norco, CA (7.6 mi.)
Portola Hills, CA (10.5 mi.)
Foothill Ranch, CA (10.6 mi.)
Trabuco Canyon, CA (11.3 mi.)
Pedley, CA (12.0 mi.)
Mira Loma, CA (12.2 mi.)
Los Serranos, CA (12.6 mi.)


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  1. Barbara Andrews  |  

    I took this picture up there when I first moved here 14 years ago. I live right by there. Took another strange one this past Thanksgiving. I took this picture with my Nikon digital.

    • it was actually a blind person that was in the house during the fire, & they made it out okay. I lived in that neighborhood for years. but a lot of kkk & satanic rituals no joke. look further and find a midget hideout nicknamed “midgetville”. but don’t actually looked because they are indeed armed, & you’d be trespassing. I am not bullshitting anything

  2. This was the Ganahl ranch, the story told about this place is B.S., the old man, suffering from the onset of dementia accidentally set the house on fire while trying to light his fireplace with kerosine. no one died. he past away a few years later in a senior living facility. i used to hang out up there and talk with Mr Ganahl back in the late 70’s early 80’s. You can see our investigation @ cspar.org

    • This is totally correct. This was my family’s ranch and my great uncle lived there. He lived there alone and the fire completely accidental. No deaths no creepy story. Just a fire accidentally set by an old man.

  3. There is also legend that the burn site was heavy with satanic activity/worship and apparently a ghost carrying a headless cat has been seen?

    Can anyone confirm they have heard this/know this from experience?

    • We found a pagan altar (wiccan) once on site; not the inverted pentacle (a pentagram). No signs of satanic / luciferian activity that we saw.

    • Yes it is private property. If you continue down the road to the left there is 1 home down there. Going above the burned home site and walking across the field you can look over the edge and see the home I’m talking about. Be careful though. 2 targets set up for bows, I’m guessing. The new homes at Ibby (sp) street has taken away a little of the creepy ambience.

  4. I read that the house was burned by the owner on accident in the late 70s. I called the Corona museum and talked to an old timer who has been living in Corona for over 50 years. He said ( I’ve never heard of any kids burning in that house ever, but I know the fire was an accident) Debunked! As far as that picture goes???? Who knows ??? Urban Legends are for kids

  5. I was walking up the trail once with a buddy and as we were walking down the trail. This red truck comes speeding through. The path is narrow with about two feet of space on each side and we moved to the side and the truck driver didn’t bother to slow down. He got to a bend (about 40ft from us) in the trail and pulled a U turn so he was facing us then stopped the car. I don’t remember too well what the driver looked like just that he was about high school age. The passenger also looked about high school age and had blond hair and blue eyes, Caucasian. He looked strong but not overly so. Skinny. When they parked the passenger picked up his phone and started talking to someone. We hung around for about a minute and a half. Keeping our distance from the truck. I told my friend let’s turn bag because we didn’t want to meet those guys. He agreed. As soon as we turned the car took off again. Again towards us in the direction in came from (keep in mind this all happened in the span of two minutes). They stared at us the whole time we were there. My friend and I are both 13. (Well, I’m 14 now). This was actually about a month ago. Not exactly Supernatural, but still creepy and weird and I think it deserves a spot on here. I have a picture of the road that leads up to the trail, but.someone already posted a very similar one

  6. Me and my friend Logan ,he also commented, we went up there and found lots of clay statues rabbits, turtles, birds, and babies. We went up there and there were lots of empty beer bottles and parts to air soft guns. It did give us a weird vibe though and it stunk in certain parts for no reason that we could see. There are also 2 drainage ditches that are filled with toys and stuff. It’s mostly just a place for teenagers to scare their friends and go drinking n

  7. I just visited this place few hours ago at 12:20am midnight and there was no activity of paranormal. No cold energy or winds. No signs of anything. It just appeared eerie due to abandonment of the area and crumbled ruins of house.

  8. Some friends and myself visited this spot last night at midnight. There wasn’t any activity found. No paranormal. No cold spots. No anything. I was disappointed.

    We regularly go to local paranormal spots all over IE. and there wasn’t any here at shells Gate. It just appears and looks eerie that’s it.

    We are known as Fearful Sights Group.

  9. My Paranormal Team “Fearful Sights” of Inland Empire visited this place last night at midnight. Yes it was eerie by its appearance but we didn’t witness any activity. No cold spots or energy. No paranormal activity. We were disappointed.

    • I’ve been inside the house when it was up. Sketchy as fuck! Found this place jogging with a buddy back in 2001-2002ish? I was a senior at Corona High. Came across the house and we decided to follow that path. If it’s still there, the shed might still be in the far back of that field, off the path quite a bit. Took some friends there Friday night the next week. Trashed inside I’m most areas.

      One room had hanging chains(3) and one room in there was extremely cold! Rest of the house hot as hell! After that night I want back about two weeks later for pics and the house was already burned down. I took pics of the pillars that were marked Keep Out in red, some of the hole where the house burnt and off the creepy path. Have them somewhere but it’s been so long since I even thought of that place. I heard there was an old man who set himself on fire. Who knows what the truth.

  10. Chris

    Ok, so I was a senior in high school and I use to run with a buddy from time to time around Mountain Gate Park. One day we decided to run up Main Street from Ontario street. We kept going up and saw the satalite tower/building and decided to keep going around that bend. That’s when we saw the gate that was closed. I do remember the stone pillar and was naked in red “Keep Out”. We wanted to go further in.

    As we walked at this time the house was still there. Old and creepy as shit! We walked slowly past it not knowing if some sletchy person, homeless or other wise might be in there. As we kept walking I remember consistently looking back and I saw one of the curtain from the window crack open, just a bit. Not enough to see anyone but then it was as if they let go of it and you could see it wave back and close just slightly!

    I was freaked out! My buddy David wasn’t. He was a big, scrappy guy so he assured me not to worry and to keep going.

    If you decide and have the guts to keep going the path is sketchy! Trees overhang and block out the sun as you go deeper in.

    We kept going and further down the bend. I don’t know if it’s still there but there is a creepy shed further down that we went to check out. We didn’t go in but close enough. My fear was about the possible person(s) in the house. This is the first time in a very long time I’m talking about this.

    We then made out walk back out towards the path, the shed was off the path a bit. We came walking past that sketchy house and didn’t see any signs of people or activity.

    I was intrigued with this place! The next week, I told my cousin anout it. Well word spread to her friends and they wanted to check it out!

    So, Friday night rolls around and we took some flash lights and headed back. 6 of us in tow and we wanted to go inside!

    I remember going up those stairs to the house and we opened the door. We walked in a line, guys on the ends and girls in the middle lol!

    It was crazy hot in there, super humid. We looked around and walked through 3 rooms. I remember two things that I won’t forget:

    One room for some odd reason, had 3 chains hanging from the ceiling! Pretty long ones just dangling there! Room was trashed and who knows maybe some homeless people had stayed in there before cause it was for the most part abandoned.

    The second thing, was the next room we went in was cold! Remember, the rest of the house was hot as hell! But that one room was scary cold, we couldn’t explain that!

    The other room or and the kitchen we went in was weird cause they had stuff in it? A couple appliances, a hand towel and some normal stuff people would have. I don’t recall a bed or anything. Just chair, desk that type of stuff but nothing personal that you could identify who lived there if they did.

    Not but 5 min later one of the girls was ready to leave this place. So we got back to the car and left for the night.

    After that, I realized I wanted to get some pics! I was in photo shop at Corona High and I knew this would be awesome! This was about 2 1/2 weeks later I returned to the place by myself. I wasn’t on planning to go in the house but I wanted to pics of the outside. I first took some pics of the pillars where the gate was and I wanted to snag a pic of the path where the trees were covering over and blocking the sun as well as the shed(which my friends and I checked out from the outside as well on that night.)

    As I went past that gate, something was missing……. The House! I went up to the stairs and was left was a hole of nothing but burned wood! That house within 2 weeks burned down!!!

    I told my friends what I just discovered when I got back home. I did take some pics of what was left of that creepy house then I headed home.

    Some friends went back to confirm it was true that the house burned down.

    After that I never went back. That was around 2001-2002 ish

    I still have those pics somewhere, for sure the pillars and that pathway

    I just saw the YouTube video of Hell’s Gate Corona and that was the first time I saw and remembered about that place.

  11. Ive been in that house. Found it one day jogging with a buddy, sketchy thing happened which I’ll explain later.

    I week later me and some friends went through the house and a couple other creepy things were experienced.

    About two-three weeks later I went back to take pics and it was burnt to the ground.

  12. I went there recently this past weekend. Me and a friend I hadn’t seen in a while decided to go up there at around 9 at night. We walked down the black concrete trail next to the house. We decided to walk all the way down the little trail because I had never been down there before. As we got close to the end there was a sudden change in temperature. Mind you it was a cold windy night, so the sudden change in warmer temperature freaked me out. The temperature changed by at least 10 or more degrees warmer! As we started to walk away, I felt that warm sensation following us but then subsided as we approached the gate. I also remember hearing something in the bushes when we encountered the warm spot as we were leaving. I still don’t know what that was, but I’m definitely not going there at night again. I’ve been there before at night many times, but have only ever encountered one other weird event 3 years back when I saw some flashing green lights in the trees behind whatever is left of that burnt house.

  13. In 1989, a small plane travelling from Las Vegas to OC crashed on the ridge just 2 miles up from this “Hell’s Gate” location in Corona. 10 people were killed on impact; the Cranson family and 3 others. They were on their way to Disneyland for a family vacation. Look up “Cranson plane crash corona california” on Google. You’ll get the story there. As for paranormal vibes, sensitive people might be connecting with the emotion energy from that very sad, unexpected event. From my research, they sounded like very decent people, a family… I think of them every time I am hiking along that ridge. You should too.

  14. In 1989 nine family members and a pilot were killed in a tragic plane crash just 2 miles up the ridge from Hell’s Gate… They were the Cranson family, flying in for a Disneyland vacation from Las Vegas. The residual energy of a beautiful young family lost in an instant might still be present in this area. Something to consider.

  15. BS story. This was my family’s ranch and was caused by my great uncle who had dementia. No other family there, no young couple, no deaths, nothing creepy ever. No children Just a family home that was accidentally set by an old man. Actually, no children have even lived there since 1950s and I can assure you they all survived well into old age.

  16. Me and my sister just went up there. We found a shoe box half buried in the middle of a clearing. Feathers were everywhere. The box had a towel draped over something in it. I used a stick to lift the towel (I know not the best idea) underneath was clearly something wrapped in a plastic bag. There were tons of maggots crawling all over. Obviously, I didn’t touch the bag to see what was inside. But we both got a really eerie feeling and immediately left. Strange thing is, if it was someone’s pet why didn’t they fully bury it? And if some animal had dug it up, why wasn’t the towel or bag disturbed? Idk kinda seems like a weird ritual thing…would love to know if anyone has any theories!

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