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People claim to hear screaming, footsteps and the sound of something being dragged across the ground into the mountains.

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Geographic Information

Menaul Blvd. E.
Albuquerque, NM
United States

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35.10498684275709, -106.48850011406466
Bernalillo County, New Mexico
Nearest Towns:
Carnuel, NM (3.3 mi.)
Sandia Heights, NM (5.0 mi.)
Tijeras, NM (5.9 mi.)
Cedar Crest, NM (6.5 mi.)
Sandia Park, NM (8.2 mi.)
San Antonito, NM (8.9 mi.)
North Valley, NM (9.0 mi.)
Albuquerque, NM (9.3 mi.)
Lee Acres, NM (9.4 mi.)
Cedro, NM (9.5 mi.)


Please note: It is your responsibility to acquire appropriate permissions before investigating any location listed on this site. Private property should be respected at all times, as should all posted signs concerning trespassing, hours of operation and other local regulations. Many "ghost hunters" have been arrested because they failed to contact property owners and/or local authorities ahead of time.

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  1. Preston Killingsowrth  |  

    This place is definitely weird! A few friends and I went ghost hunting here one night after hearing rumors of a hermit who killed prostitutes in a cave somwhere in the foothills. During our investigation, we heard objects being thrown at us from multiple directions, unexplained sounds coming from bushes that we checked for animals in, and other spooky activity, we felt the presence of a skinwalker was a possibility.

    • Michael Fletcher  |  

      Hello, I am a lead investigator of a local paranormal group here in Albuquerque, and I was wondering if you would like to be interviewed and a part of the investigation, if you don’t wanna be a part of investigation that is totally fine. You can reach me at fletcherm1998@gmail.com

  2. This place scared the crap out of me. My half brother, some friends, and I were going to go there to smoke and talk without having to worry about people, but even driving up there I felt uneasy and wanted to go somewhere else. When we got to the lot I didn’t want to get out of the car. It was dark, probably darker than it should have been. I felt like we were being watched by multiple things. My brother decided we should walk up the hill, and I reluctantly followed because I didn’t want to be left alone there. Some of my other friends were getting creeped out, and we kept hearing rustling. Finally, I heard a growl right behind me. I’ve always been a very anxious person, so I flipped out. I started running to the car and one of my friends, who heard it too, was right next to me. We got in the car and as soon as the others caught up we got out of there. I couldn’t help but feel we were being followed for miles after we left.

    • This is not true. I am 40 years old and i have been hearing about the this hill being haunted for over 20 years. I am a advid hiker and have hiked 90% of then Sandia Mountains, i have hiked day and night through out the mountains and i one thing i can say on any giving night you can see and hear many stranges objects and sounds.

      • B4 hearing any rumors of ghosts I experienced 2 sightings on 2 diff nights. 1st night-I saw, 1 sihloutte of a human form moving thru the open space at eye level. Where it would be impossible for a mortal human to travel over this terrain 2nd night I saw-2 silhouettes in the exact same area. I clearly saw these ghostly beings and it scared the shit out of me. My dog was barking viciously and grawling in the direction of the spirits!!

      • Back in the late 80s I was going up the La Luz trail. At the halfway point I heard a very loud growl. Sounded like a bear maybe a mtn lion. I went no further.

  3. My boyfriend told me that the hill was haunted and as a skeptic i did not believe him. It wasn’t until i heard rustling sounds and a noise as if something was dragged across the gravel that i got a little freaked out. I got really scared when we both admitted to seeing an orange-ish glow fading in and out of sight.

  4. This story has been around since before they found the dead hookers on the Mesa. Some friends and I went up there one night and we saw multiple small lights on the hill that would blink, disappear, then reapear on another spot on the hill. They reappeared to far apart and to quickly for it to have been someone with a light, unless it was half a dozen people all working togethor in unison to scare people (which I highly doubt) because there were no other cars up there

  5. Went up there more than once, and every time it’s a new experience. The first time I saw a blink of a a lantern or could have been a reflection. Second time, didn’t see anything, 3 or 4 times down the line, you get nights where nothing happens.

    The weirdest thing was when a gf of mine and a couple of friends heard rustling in the bushes and the signs where you first walk in starting banging on their own, like someone was throwing rocks at them or hitting them, the a crackle laugh.

    The last time I went up there, I heard a woman say “help me.” But it could have been from the houses below…

  6. This area is extremely eerie. One morning a few months ago I was hiking near this hill with my daughter. There were dozens of vultures circling the top of the hill and there were thick clouds of insects everywhere. I avidly hike in the foothills east of Albuquerque and have never seen this many vultures, or insects for that matter, in one place at one time. Granted, there could have been a freshly dead animal up there (we didn’t check it out) but I could not shake the feeling that we were being watched and were not welcome there.

  7. I have been up there hiking in the day spent nights out there and explored alot of the foothills more than most people for the last 17 years since moved here and have run into alot of bums, bobcats, kids throwing stuff and trying to scare people haha ya I was one. And never never have seen or heard anything that was not explainable. I do alot of climbing so I do go in alot of places most people can not even access unless you have gear to do so.

  8. You can also see the apparition of the old man swinging a lanturn back and forth and hear screams I went their today I’m off central and tramway

  9. I live near Lomas/Tramway and frequent the area on daily runs. After hearing the legends of “Haunted Hill” for over 20 years, I staked out the place a few nights back. I saw nothing; hear nothing. Thus, still curios, my wife and I hiked up the hill about 9pm last weekend. The scariest thing we encountered was APD checking the parking lot. In my opinion, you are at greater risk of getting shot by our trigger happy cops here than seeing a spooky old man or having a paranormal encounter. I will return again soon and see if I can gather any data about said haunting.

  10. Me and my buddies went up there last night to check it out when we parked outside the parking lot we kept seeing flashing lights me and two of my friends decided to walk up towards the lot and out of nowhere i heard a rock land next to me and one of my friends so i ran back to my vehicle maybe thinking of going back.

  11. Are there ghost or just bumps that stray up there? I think this where the cops shot that lunatic bumb a few years ago. Hmm… If it wasn’t haunted then, it is now,LOL. I wonder if you can smell the fresh aroma of bumb urine and fecis like all the alleys of downtown as Boyd ghost leaves his scent while annoying people.

  12. My gf and I decided to give a late night hike on the area a try. We didn’t see a damn thing while exploring all the trials leading to gazebos and the hill itself. However, on our way back, an orange reflection from a metallic sign caught my attention to area directly forward of the entry park signs. So from there to the start of base of the mountain there was a faint blue flicker, almost like a star in the sky. We proceeded to go until we heard a few coyotes howling from a distance–but hell, we’re convinced it was a lantern of the old man or something.

  13. Me n my girl n her friend went up here one night n they said they saw a figure with uh black big coat n yea thatz all but soon when me n my girl getz another car were gonna go give it uh try n set up cameraz n videoz to see if we catch anything suspicious, creepy or any figures. N weird noises so yea hope there is some kind of ghost man that stayz up there that’ll be cool to experience

  14. Joker and Harley Q  |  

    My boyfriend and I went up there earlier this evening at night. We took the trail to the right. As we got closer to the side of the mountain we both felt weird vibes periodically in certain areas. We saw a trail that went up to the top of the hill. My boyfriend saw a couple of glowing orbs. As we got halfway up we heard a sound in the bushes that sounded like a rock was thrown and landed in those bushes. We immediately headed back down and about four more times we heard rocks being thrown. The last one was really close to us. On the way back I briefly saw a glowing orb of light.

  15. A couple friends and I went there tonight. We barely made it a couple yards in when a light appeared on the hill. It was rocking back and forth and was flickering, dim then bright. It was an orange glow you couldn’t miss. All of us saw it. Around the same time we heard growling. My friend and I got this sinking feeling and I was afraid for my life out of nowhere. A rock had been thrown at us. I was in tears for no reason. We headed back to the car and watched the hill as the light disappeared and another one on the other side of the hill appeared. This light was the same flickering swinging orange. Only this time it was coming down the mountain, and fast. We left and reviewed our footage and we managed to catch a female scream and some deep male groans as well as other unexplainable howls. I absolutely refuse to ever go back there. It felt as if something was watching me the entire time there and even a while after. I couldn’t even begin to explain the feeling I had at the hills, all I can say is that I felt devastated and knew I was going to die. This place is not a safe place.

    • Where is the actual hill? Me and a couple friends went and didn’t come across anything, not sure if we went to the right spot.

  16. I went there one night and was just hanging out with friends. We started talking about ghosts knowing nothing about this area being haunted. I started talking a bunch of crap about ghosts like F them and I don’t believe. Within about 5 minuets my back started burning,took off my shirt and my friends said I had 3 long scratches down my back. My friend took a picture to show me and It made me believer.

  17. Went to check out this location with my cousin. We went with digital recorders in hand and only stayed about an hour. Nothing happened for awhile, but I did hear loud banging noises that sounded like a drum off in the distance followed by a voice that sounded like someone speaking through an old speaker (think about how they used to sound in schools back in the day). My cousin didn’t hear this at all, but it was very clear to me. I ended up catching the sounds on my recorder. On the recorder the voice was very weird and Mechanical sounding.

  18. There is an air force base back there, extremely top secret. People could be scared off because of this. The screaming and moaning sounds could be very real coming from the vents of the underground lab experiments and so forth. Messing with the air force is very dangerous, use caution if investigating.

    • There’s a lot more than just an Air Force base but it’s miles to the south and is heavily fortified. If you even get too close to the areathe government will definitely let you know. It’s literally impossible to get close enough to hear voices coming from underground vents at some of the most top secret labs in the country.

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